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Jessica_'s Reviews

  • Perfect Colors to go with Outdoor/Beach/Hiking/Mexico Photos - ALL look good (20 June 2019)

    At first I thought these travel cards and this Easy Album Kit would only look good w/ my Puerto Rico photos (Beach and City), but then, I realized it seamlessly worked with my Alaska photos (Pine trees and Lakes), it also goes amazingly well with our Mexico photos (Jungle and Ocean) from Christmas. It really is SO versatile. :)

  • Sleek Design - Perfect/Simple Storage for my Stickles (14 March 2019)

    I use stickles on practically every card I hand make - and sometimes gift tags. I have acquired quite the collection...and often they are misplaced and strewn around my drawers and shelves. I know have a sleek, crystal clear and modern storage solution for my beloved stickles bottles! Also, love that they are stored DOWN, to always be ready to use (and not clog up!)

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    Simple Little Tool - Great to Have on Hand (08 November 2018)

    I love when crafting tools help me out in my regular life. This handy tool folds up, and I have it in one of my cubbies in the office - I get packages regularly, and I reach for this tool to quickly slice open the box, as well as break-down the boxes for recycling. :) Thanks for making this sleek little tool WE R! :)

  • Good Traditional Red Christmas Stack. (02 November 2018)

    I am old-fashioned when it comes to Christmas, so I appreciate the traditional RED (Deep red) and classic patterns. It is good to have on hand for any/all last minute Christmas tags, projects and other little things around the holidays. love the bonus sticker sheet. :) DCWV always has such a great selection of stacks each year. :)

  • so amazing and FREE is the best part (25 June 2015)

    It has been a while since I held a PRINTED Scrapbook magazine in my hands. This magazine is one of the last around. It is amazing! High Quality - thick paper, bright colorful pages...tons of inspiration, how tos and interesting articles with LIMITED ads. just perfect. This is a must.

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    So Convenient.... (24 April 2014)

    So - I know that you can die cut photos...or punch photos. But sometimes I'm too lazy to actually measure...these are SO perfect, and SO convenient! Now I can scrapbook all those trendy fun sizes with very little effort!

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    SO MANY possibilities! (19 March 2012)

    This kit is expertly designed. SO many themes possible as well... I didn't feel limited at all. ACTUALLY, I really like just opening the kit and creating just with the kit, instead of trying to search my stash for other coordinating pieces. EVERYTHING you need is right here. I made 2 layouts and 2 cards - and have a BUNCH leftover. :)

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    This is a Great Little Tool - (30 April 2010)

    I had a chance to use this tool on a few of my layouts this weekend. Although it is quite loud... it does an excellent and FAST job!

    I love that by pulling the cardstock or paper through different directions you get a rougher or lighter distressed look.!!

    I feel like a handyman working w/ wood out in his 'shop'... Only, I'm a woman, with a bright pink tool...working w/ my scrappy creations!!! LOL

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    This is Perfect for Adding a Personal Touch if you are Giving a Gift Card (27 October 2009)

    A gift card fits perfectly in here with room for a pop-up adhesive square, or tissue paper, or a few candies for fun!

    Also great as personalized favors for holiday parties, baby showers, or bridal showers. AND so easy/fun to decorate with your favorite scrapbooking/crafting products. (i used zip dry to adhere my paper to the tin - and it worked great!)

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    I love these Bamboo Alphas! (27 August 2009)

    I love these Bamboo Alphabets!
    They are the perfect touch for Retro 70's Layouts OR Tropical Vacation Layouts!!!

    (they are not self adhesive - so i just used a few drops of Glossy Accents (or Diamond Glaze) and they stuck perfectly!)

    I also loved how there was 2 of each consonant and 3 of each vowel!

  • holy scrap (13 July 2009)

    holy scrap - this kit is amazing! it is such a good deal! i'm set with brads now! woo hoo!

  • very well made - beautiful album (19 May 2009)

    This album is so cool! it really has a nice metallic sheen to it!

  • works really great - another amazing tool from we r (06 April 2009)

    This hand-held corner rounder (chomper) is super smooth and almost silent! I like that it is 1 tool...but 2 different sizes of corner punches.

    If you had one of those AH!WOW! moments when you first held/or used the will be "love at first chomp" with this amazing tool!!!! I had so much fun using it, i kept trying to find more and more things to corner round!

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    GREAT VALUE!!! BEAUTIFUL! (07 November 2008)

    this is a STEAL, especially with bargain sale price!!! i loved this calendar kit, and it made a great gift calendar for my mom,,,, she LOVED it!!!

  • LOVE these AlbumS ---so fun.... so simple!!!! (23 June 2008)

    I reaLLy and TrulY do LoVe thEsE ALBUMS!!!! ALL of them!!!!

    just a note... in the video, the demonstrator states that you can use 84 photos... but REALLY there is only room for 82 photos...

    She is SO silly.

    notice any resemblance??

    :) hehe.

  • This Trimmer is Awesome! (27 March 2008)

    I recently got a chance to PLAY with this amazing trimmer .. i would have given it 5 stars.. but i thought it wasn't fair, since i don't actually own it.

    This is a super heavy duty industrial trimmer and it makes the absolute SMOOTHEST cuts.!! great for cutting cardstock or patterned paper.... i haven't tried it for digital pictures though...

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    I use this for EVERY project!! (09 January 2008)

    I use this for every project!! I love it... the ruler is great, and i love using an exacto knife to cut paper on the self-healing mat!! Mine has so much glue, paint and adhesive on it, that soon i will have to buy another to replace it!! I never start a project without laying out my EK mat, ruler an knife first!

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    oF cOuRSE I LIke It fOr 99 CEntS!!!!! (14 December 2007)

    I edge distressed every single one of my 3-peice -wedding invitations and they turned out beautiful!!! Yes, it is just razor blade protected with a peice of plastic to run along side the edge of your cardstock,,, but for 99 CENTS, thank you for doing the work Heidi! :)

  • love that it is spiral bound (10 September 2007)

    :) Love that it is Spiral Bound this year!!! great job!!!

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    cute idea, but not easy to work with (19 July 2007)

    too small, and they started to fall apart after a few uses. :(

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    Good for certain things (19 July 2007)

    I used this to quickly glue shut all of my wedding invitations. :) super extra sticky! nothing popped back up! :)

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    Favorite Ink Shade... (10 July 2007)

    Not too dark, not too light, the perfect brown ink for the perfect 'aged and distressed' look...

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    I Don't even need to explain... (10 July 2007)

    TRY IT>..... thats all i have to say. --- you WILL love it. -----

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    I Finally Found My Favorite!!!!! (10 July 2007)

    After being involved with scrapbooking for 2 years, and trying many different adhesives, I finally found my FAVORITE!!!

    I LOVE that it is 82 feet long, so I don't have to stop and refill very often. It also has a sturdy design that fits great in my hand. :)