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Karen.W's Reviews

  • Zva bling (04 November 2010)

    I was sooo ecstatic to see they carried pearls in Olive color! Myfave green..so of course I ordered bunches of it. Its a gorgeous color. Love all their new bling!

  • Gorgeous flowers... (04 November 2010)

    The newest Petaloo flowers are sooo pretty. The pictures truly do not do them justice!! This pack was my fave!

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    Wow Thank the scrapping lords that invented this! (11 May 2010)

    If you are into distressing then this is a MUST have tool! It's so fast at distressing, I love this little thing! And it's pink so it's cute too! =) Only downside is, it's LOUD but I don't care because the end result is awsome! highly recommend buying this!

  • Photo does this no justice! (07 May 2010)

    These knobs are beautiful in real life! I am so glad to have bought a pack, I will be using one of the front of my wedding mini album. If you're a TH fan, you MUST have a pack of these in your stash!

  • A jam packed book of geniosity! (22 April 2010)

    Just bought this book and oh my! The step by step techniques are awesome! All techniques are shown in 1-6 steps! Its a great little book! A must have for every scrapper!

  • Most clever little tool! (12 April 2010)

    No more poking yourself under your nail when you're trying to spread the back of brads! I love this thing! Its a genius tool! Pierce with one end, stick brad thru, and spread with the other. tada! Completely painless! Love it!

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    Stunning! (25 March 2010)

    Nothing from TH ceases to amaze me! These metal feets are the absolute most gorgeous things I have seem to display a layout with. I will be using mine on a 12x12 fabric canvas with a wedding layout of mine! Theyre beautiful! The detail is stunning.

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    Such pretty colors! (25 March 2010)

    The colors and patterns on these flowers are absolutely beautiful! It's a MUST to get the matching papers!

  • God send scissors (18 March 2010)

    I read many many reviews on these little scissors. I wanted a pair that would allow me to cut detailed work. And wow, these do the job! They tip is fine and sharp and it cuts like butter! =) Love them! So glad I invested in this little guy.

  • More space!!! (26 December 2009)

    Dh got me this mat w/ the slice. I love the spaceof this larger mat. the small one it comes with, u have to rotate ur paper or move it over to get ur next cut..painful. but this one u dont have to do that! U can cut whereever on ur 12x12 paper!

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    Noteworthy (25 December 2009)

    This card has a great selection of shapes AND flowers. the alphas are some of my favorite too! I dont think any of the design cards can really let me down lol.

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    Awesome word selection (25 December 2009)

    This little card has so many words, you are also covered for every single holiday thru out the year! I love this card because the words ar "welded" as opposed to single letters. Love it!

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    Flourishes gallore!!!!!!! (25 December 2009)

    I am a flourish lover!! With this card, you get soooo many choices! Its great! I'll never have a problem finding a flourish that matches my LO ever again. This will definitely be on eof my FAV cards!

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    I ABSOLUTELY love this little machine! (25 December 2009)

    I got this today for christmas from my hubby! It's my first die cutting machine. I didn't want a big ol bulky thing, so this is PERFECT! Its light, portable and cuts great! You do have to hold it down to make sure the blade doesnt skip. Other than that I am soooo in love. I definitely will be using this ALOT especially on my titles!=) yay!

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    OMG U HAVE TO HAVE IT!! (17 December 2009)

    This butterfly punch is awesome!!! It is large and has great detail in it! They also have a smaller one to match(of which I own as well!!) If u dont want the detail u can simply use it as a stencil for a solid butterfly!!! Its a great punch ...u have to add this to ur punch collection!

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    Gorgeous pp! (11 December 2009)

    Absolutely gorgeous pp, I got the coordinating pps as well. I love them! Very pretty for holiday LOs!

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    Yes and No (11 December 2009)

    I ordered these thinking oooh theres a combo of flowers and leaves and ric rac. The ric rac is great! The leaves are too! BUT ...big fat BUT, the flowers are cute(well the gold and red are not the other funky color) BUT there are bunched up and dont lay flat on a page. The bottom of them are little clusters and the petals stay stuck upwards. Kind of irritating. Luckily I got them as part of the 12 days of Xmas so I didnt pay full pop. But still let down!

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    Stunning pp pack! (03 December 2009)

    I was inspired to order this pack because I saw the very talented GabrielleP use it on an LO and I LOVED the look. Once you get it and open it, it takes some time to grow fond of it. Lots of mixed colors but in the end u fall in love. I am so itching to use it!

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    Really cool! (03 December 2009)

    This pp canhave several purposes for its use, not just Halloween. Love the look to it and how it looks so textured.

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    Beautiful Colors! (03 December 2009)

    The pink in the photo shows it to be a bit more light, IRL the pink is a deep pink, LOVE it! Gorgeous flowers! They're going to be so much to work with.

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    Prima Rocks! (03 December 2009)

    This flower is so pretty! I also have the rest of the Homespun collection, they're just beautiful!

  • Why didnt I buy this sooner! (03 December 2009)

    I always saw this mat used in videos and demos and always thought some day I'll pick one. Well I did and I love this thing! Makes all my inking and blending and misting a piece of cake to clean up! Its generous in its size. Gotta have this as a part of ur SB supplies.

  • Verified Buyer

    Takes getting used to... (03 December 2009)

    This craft knife is great once you get the hang of it. the fact that you have to put ur finger thru the loop to hold it makes it hard at first. I received this for free w/ one of my orders, I recommend u try it!

  • I love these pens! (02 December 2009)

    I have the gold and silver and they are the best marker pens I have ever used! They flow so well! I used mine to outline blac kchipboard letters...great effect!

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    VERY BRIGHT WHITE (18 November 2009)

    From the picture, I imagined this flower to be more off white, but when I got it, i was disappointed. Its a very bright white. Maybe it was my fault for thinking it'd be off white, but thats what the photo shows. The flower is pretty just not what I was anticipating.

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    The pic differs from the actual page (18 November 2009)

    The page in real life is more subtle. The grey does not stick out as much as it does online. Very pretty paper non the less.

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    Vibrant orange! (18 November 2009)

    I got this flower for my Halloween LO. And I am so stoked i chose this one. Its soooo pretty!

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    Fab Bling (12 November 2009)

    Great price for this sheet of pearls and rhinestones. I really like how it gives you the combo. and the colors are very pretty!

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    Glimmer Mist addict! (05 November 2009)

    I am a self proclaimed glimmer mist addict. I have a weakness for olive greens and so i HAD to get the mist. Gorgeous! It has a gold underlying subtle tone.

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    Awesome for Halloween! (05 November 2009)

    I got this for a Halloween LO! Its so pretty for being all black!

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    So versatile (05 November 2009)

    You can ink these, spray them with glimmer mist, do just about anything to alter the color to match your LO. Love them! And there are 6 in a pack! Yes! prima makes such pretty flowers!

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    Great color (05 November 2009)

    I love hot pink! And when I got these I was in love. they are so vivid!

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    Lovely (05 November 2009)

    A girl can never have too much bling! You dont even have to use these as brackets you can cut them in half and VOILA you have 4 flourishes!!

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    SO pretty! (05 November 2009)

    I just received my order today! Woo! And its my 1st time ordering a branch of this sort or simply using this on an LO and it is sooooo pretty! The color is more subtle in person.

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    Really cute.... (28 October 2009)

    I got this punch because it punches THREE butterflies and I thought oooh thats neat and it'd look cute on an LO/PROJECT where they trail off each other. It is very cute. Everyone has to have at LEAST ONE butterfly punch in their collection...I suggest it be this one!

  • PROUD OWNER! (28 October 2009)

    This is currently my favorite M.S. punch. Its super cute!

  • cute punch (28 October 2009)

    I bought this a few days ago with a few other ones(punches are my new addiction) =) anyway, this punch is cute. I like the scallop WITH the several dots. M.S border punches in MY opinion are alittle stiff when you squeeze them, but the end result is clean. Just gotta give it a MANLY squeeze=)

  • Verified Buyer

    Great for matting pics (28 October 2009)

    I had seen this punch on sooooo many LOs and I liked it and decided I HAD to have it, so i got it and its wonderful! Its a punch you can use on both girly AND masculine pages!

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    My very first border punch (28 October 2009)

    This was the very first border punch that I bought and I Loved it! It punches very easily and it has a guide on it to line it up so you dont miss a spot while punching. GREAT INVESTMENT!

  • LOVE IT (20 October 2009)

    I bought this because prior to this I had all my stamp pads in a drawer and it was a pain to go thru it to find what color I wanted to use. Now that I have this, theyre are so organized and I can see them all! It doesnt take up alot of room and it has rubber thingys on the bottom so it doesnt slide off. I will def be buying a few more because my Ink pad collection is always growing.=)

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    Very elegant (20 October 2009)

    These little stamps are small but carry lots of elegance and can easily sice up an LO. All the new Prima clear stamps are really pretty.

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    My first bottle of Glimmer Mist... (20 October 2009)

    I am totally new to this Glimmer Mist stuff, but I always read in the forums and in peoples galleries how its wonderful and it adds a beautiful touch to ur LOs so I HAD to buy some! To try it out. and I used it on scrap paper and holy cow its sooo pretty! I got the Deep Plum also, now I am itching to get so many other colors.

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    So cute! (20 October 2009)

    I got these for the matching paper I got, and they are very cute! I like how they are copper rimmed, I love using that color on LOs but seldom get to do it. Now I have one more LO i can have with using these brads! pretty designs on them.

  • Verified Buyer

    Exceptional Pack (20 October 2009)

    This pack is sooo pretty, far more than I thought it'd be. I love the color combinations in it! Its my first BasicGrey paper pack, and I will fo sure buy more!

  • Verified Buyer

    BEAUTIFUL BLING (17 October 2009)

    These flower centers are the cutest. They are the perfect bling for flowers! Cant wait to order more! They look cute in the pic but in person soooo much cuter!

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    GREAT PRODUCT! (17 October 2009)

    I got this little book for my Wedding album, it is so cute with all the different edges! And its long enough, it gives you enough room on each page to deco really nicely! Will def order in more colors!

  • Verified Buyer

    LOVE LOVE LOVE (15 October 2009)

    I am absolutely itching to use this paper! I received it in the mail and havent had time to sit down and do anything with it. It just jumps out at u with all the color. Awesome!

  • Awesome texture!!!!!!!! (13 October 2009)

    I own this little paint and was hesitant at first because I had never used crackle paint. After I used it, wow, it looked great. The texture is awesome! you do have to apply a very thick coat to get the best result.

  • Verified Buyer

    Awesome depth to this color (13 October 2009)

    I recently purchased this for my mini wedding album and I love the color just have to be careful how much I put on my blending tool. Alot comes off the pad with one rub. But love the color and result when done right!

  • Verified Buyer

    Vivid (13 October 2009)

    I own the ink pad and I got the matching stickles, I love this color!...says alot when I normally dont care for bright colors on my distressing techniques.=)

  • Verified Buyer

    Beautiful result (13 October 2009)

    I first fell absolutely in love with regular stickles, then I introduced myself to the distressed line of stickles. This color is so nice against its matching crackle paint and ink pad! A Must buy!

  • Verified Buyer

    Beautiful colors (13 October 2009)

    I was attracted to this tube of flowers because the colors were just so vivid, I received them and wow cant wait to use them! I am definitely a flower addict!=)

  • Verified Buyer

    Pretty but LITTLE (13 October 2009)

    I ordered these thinking they'd be a bit bigger, at least big enough to write something in the space. When I got them I was alittle let down. They're VERY little. Pretty detail but too small for what I intended to do with them.

  • Verified Buyer

    BANG FOR YOUR BUCK=) (09 October 2009)

    I ordered this paper pack because in Galleries, it looked sooo pretty. EXCEPT in person this pack is soooooo much more! For 6 bucks, you can't pass up this gorgeous paper!

  • Verified Buyer

    GORGEOUS! (07 October 2009)

    I just received my SB order! And I got this flower. Let me tell you...It is soooo pretty! The picture does not do it justice.

  • Verified Buyer

    Another great ink! (13 September 2009)

    I have no problem investng in these inks! They are great! I sound like a broken record being I leave a review for almost every shade I buy recently. This is another exceptionally great color!

  • Verified Buyer

    Great color! (11 September 2009)

    My distress ink color collection is growing and growing. I recently got this and I used it on some scrap and the color is vibrant.
    Everyone should have at least a couple of these inks in their stash!

  • BEAUTIFUL! (08 September 2009)

    I have this flourish in CREAM and I absolutely adore it. It was my 1st time using one of these on my LOs and I will def keep on buying them!

  • Verified Buyer

    Very good quality rub ons (05 September 2009)

    These rub ons are so nice paired with the matching line. They rub off very easily and can barely tell they are rub ons. They look like they are actually on the page. I love these!

  • Verified Buyer

    awesome masks!! (05 September 2009)

    Tim Holtz masks are awesome! I highly reccomend investing in these! Just have to make sure when you initially take it off the backing sheet that you pop out all the little pieces before you start blending.

  • Verified Buyer

    Beautiful paper (04 September 2009)

    I had my eye on the Blue Awning line for a while than caved and got it. It is beautiful!! Very elegant.

  • Verified Buyer

    Pretty! (04 September 2009)

    I have the 24 color pack and this glitter pack is soooo pretty. It has so many colors to choose from and it adds so much to an LO. Alittle messy I must admit, but its worth it!

  • First Paper trimmer (31 August 2009)

    I bought this trimmer, my first one EVER and OMG I would be lost without it! It cuts nicely and the replacement blades are inexpensive too=)

  • Verified Buyer

    Pretty neat but.... (31 August 2009)

    I bought myself this tag maker and the rims and I like it, but I have to be VERY VERY careful when I squeeze down after putting my rim in there. It has a tendency to bend the rim. Thats my only complaint about this tool. Other than that it's the easy way of making a tag.=)

  • Verified Buyer

    Blends smoothly! (31 August 2009)

    I finally bought myself one, it took forever for my town to carry this! I had been using makeup wedges, and lol yeah it didnt work very well. This blending tool is a god send. It blends my distress inks so smoothly! Its my fav tool right now!

  • I love these masks!!! (31 August 2009)

    I have this one along side the Time gears masks, and I absolutely love them. They give a stunning effect on your LO. I highly recommend them!

  • Stickles!! (31 August 2009)

    I just bought this one and a couple others, and I LOOOOOVE them! The sleek tip makes controlling where you put it so easy. And I love the amount of sparkle it gives a layout. I will definitely buy other colors!!