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    love this! (10 April 2012)

    perfect size for tags too! if you have enjoyed any of the old Club Scrap stencils in the past this one will become a favorite!

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    very good quality! big stamps! (10 April 2012)

    I buy from this line of cling mounted stamps whenever I find something I think I might use because the quality is so good for the price!! I love their green cling mounting!! nice foam cushion on red rubber stamps and a tacky cling too for a fraction of the price of the competitors stamps (hello tim! ;) too bad you don't work for Inkadinkado!)

    don't let the price fool you into thinking these are dinky stamps either! they are good sized stamps! love em!

  • LOVE IT! (03 May 2010)

    It does EXACTLY what it says it will. the motor is definitely sufficient too & has a bit of a "kick" when you turn it on :)

    a little messy and noisy but DEFINETLY is on my top tools list now!!

    This is a MUST HAVE if you like to do a lot of heavy distressing on your projects!

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    AWESOME material, good value! (02 May 2010)

    The images for this just don't do it justice at all! even the video didn't really show how cool this product is. the page is probably 8x8 so you get a lot for $4.99. I thought it was a really good deal when I got it in the mail. it could easily sell for a dollar or two more. I will certainly look for more styles of these elements.

    I recommended it to friends immediately after receiving it.

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    very nice! (02 May 2010)

    I think this thing could withstand a 2nd story drop! made very sturdy and pretty heavy. I just wish it had a hanger on it already.

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    Cool but a lost a bit of detail in the mini??? (10 April 2012)

    I don't have the 12x12 of this style but the script seems to lose a bit of the detail at this smaller size. I suspect it could be that the lines would be too fine in detail to hold up. without seeing the full size it's hard to tell if this one is altered or if the full sized one is the same way. Sure it is supposed to be grungy but something is lost in this one and it was my favorite pic of the CHA release. still up there but was more impressed with the woodgrain they released once they were delivered. Still worthy of 4 stars though :)