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Gingergargoyle's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Not Quite As Shown, BETTER (13 July 2021)

    the images for this product shows sets of 2 of colors included - there are in tact ONE of 16 DIFFERENT colors! So you are likely to have the perfect binding for whatever you are using it for!
    Would love to see this set offered in larger binding sizes as well

  • Verified Buyer

    Convert Pattern Books at Home (01 April 2021)

    These come in a TWO pack, as shown in one photo. They are larger than I thought. I bought them to convert some pattern books into a more flexible binding so the books will more easily stay open while I'm trying to read them. I also like to make my own journals and give as gifts ... I like these bindings very much. Some sort of hole punch machine is a must as well - I have a Cinch machine, but they will also work with the Bind It All or the like as well.

  • Verified Buyer

    Convert Your Books At Home (01 April 2021)

    There are TWO bindings to the pack, even though only one is shown, first of all, you need to understand that unless you want a LOT of these binders. I have had a Cinch machine for about a decade now, but found there are simply some items I wanted a spiral binding for instead of the C-Binding ... Recipe books, items I've printed up, binders, map books, etc. - items I want to have lay flat. I also like to combine school notebooks and this are perfect for that, make your own multi subject notebooks

  • Verified Buyer

    Keep A Bunch At the Ready! (01 April 2021)

    I LOVE these cutting dies from Elizabeth Craft Designs -- I use adhesive vinyl to cut/make a variety of reinforcers to keep a variety on hand. You can use for ANY standard punched hole as well, not just the ECD planner items ... Decorate tags, cookbooks, photo albums, and Kids notebooks! I wish I had had these in school instead of the nasty lick'em type. All the designs on the tabs have punched holes - the image shown must be of a demo set, the larger hole at the end is so you can put them on a binder ring so you won't have to hunt for them (sold separately)

  • Verified Buyer

    Get Ready For A MESS (21 January 2021)

    I purchased this in a 6 pack because I had heard such great things about the tape, I have tried the 1/8 inch tape from another company and experienced the same issue so size is likely the problem -- the cardboard center pops OUT/OFF and you have a load of sticky tape trying to fall every which way!!!! To me this is so bad I will NEVER buy it again, mean while I have 5 rolls of tape I'm leery to use!

  • Not As Shown (03 February 2010)

    This is not an issue with the seller, it is with Cropper Hopper itself - the sellers are simply using the image given by Cropper Hopper. This is an EMPTY binder - no folders as shown ... I think people can figure that the stickers shown wouldn't be included, but there is nothing ever said that it is an empty binder. with out the sticker holders inside it is NOT worth the money Cropper Hopper wants for it.
    If you want the truth it is about the size of a cd/dvd holder and it is cheaper, just replace the cd pages with the sticker pages.