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    Glue Glider Pro - Must Have Tool (08 December 2010)

    Love my little glue gun. Glue Glider Pro give me great coverage and so much smaller than the ATG 700. But... I love to have both. Could not do without having a couple of these GGPs at my ready hand. Product was delivered as promised and I like to keep one in my gun and a back up so when I run out,, it's right there.

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    EZzzzzMount (08 December 2010)

    Only thing that would make this product better is someone to cut my stamps and cling out for me. Works like a charm. Finally got all my loose stamps mounted and use them like I need to. Using this product allows me to add to my stamp collection so EZzzzy and affordable.

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    ATG 700 Adhesive Refill (08 December 2010)

    Love the ATG 700 adhesive refill shipped to me. Loaded up in the gun perfectly. It began rolling out perfectly with the first attempt to run my next line for a project I was working on.