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Ann Low's Reviews

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    Measuring decal not straight (20 June 2018)

    I was really excited about this mat and have happily used it for about four months. I recently got companion tool set with the scraper and edge guide. That's when I became disappointed. Because the lines on the mat are not applied straight if you use the two together as they were intended you won't get a straight line.

    I emailed Tonic Studios explaining the problem and got the following response:

    "Victor Musino (Tonic Studios USA inc)
    Jun 21, 00:58 CEST
    The back of the glass mat is a decal that is placed by hand on the back of the glass mat. Unfortunately, this will not be perfectly straight."

    I find that unacceptable. They were made to work together, yet if you use them together you end up with a flawed project! UGH!!!