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    Reds?? (11 December 2010)

    Same here as with the oranges. Reds are for first and second grade level activities at my learning centers. I will be getting more as the school year moves on. Then do it all over again in the fall of 2011. However card making is always at the top of the list.

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    Cardstock (11 December 2010)

    You can never have enough. I am always in need of card stock not just for card making. My learning centers are grade level specific. Example: 1st/2nd grade is color coded red, 3rd/4th grade is the orange family and so on. That way my students know what activities to choose from at their grade level.

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    Templates (11 December 2010)

    I have several of these in my collection. They are wonderful once you get used to them.