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Peanutbodle's Reviews

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    Love my Paper Holders (03 June 2013)

    I love these paper holders. I have several of the older taller ones, but just bought a bunch of the new ones, and they are just as great. I love being able to see the papers from the front or top, and that I can just grab one sheet at a time when I need it. I pull out whichever paper holders have what I need and put them on the floor or table where I'm working for easy access, and then just put the whole thing back on the shelf when I'm done. It makes it so much easier than having to pull stacks of paper off the top of the sheets I need, and it's so much easier to put paper back that I haven't used.

  • Not good for card stock, only for things like chipboard and leather. (07 January 2012)

    Bought this because I thought it would be great to have one hole punch instead of 5 or six for the different hole sizes. It is basically a leather punch without the metal plate on the other side. It puckers card stock when you try to punch with it, and it takes lots of muscle and twisting the paper to get it to work. It really was a waste of my money. After I bought it, I relized I could use my crop-a-diles to do the same thing. Oh well, hopefully someone else can learn from my mistake.

  • My favorite adhesive! (18 June 2011)

    I bought my ATG on a whim, and now I use it almost exclusively. I love the adhesive. It goes on easily, stays stuck, and is Acid Free to boot. I also like that I don't have to constantly refill the dispenser because so much tape comes on a roll. Just be sure if you want to use in on photos that you buy the acid free refills.