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    Sponge Dauber Storage Box (10 August 2011)

    This case exceeded my expectations in quality for the price I paid for it! The acrylic is crystal clear, and thick, not flimsy like other cases I have seen at craft stores.
    The back hinges are well constructed, with a metal pin through the center for stability, and the front latches slide easily, but with a snug fit so the lid won't pop open.
    The inner dividers are shallow enough to be able to grab the dauber you want easily, and the daubers sit with enough clearance in the case that you could add a piece of paper to the inside lid with a "map" to list which dauber has which color ink on them. (If you do choose to make a color coded list for the lid, I would still recommend adding a piece of window plastic over the list to help keep it clean and ink free)