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Mtkreddick's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    BEWARE! Does NOT last! (22 November 2020)

    I make a lot (A LOT) of greeting cards. I use the 'Scor-Pal' board and it's bone folder, but was going through bone folders at least once a year (replacement folders ranged $2 - $4). I have been looking for a tool that would "LAST". When I came upon this Dress My Craft Bone Folder, I did research on it before paying the nearly $17 for it! What little I found appeared promising. So, I took the leap...hoping this tool was the 'winner'.
    Well, the tool didn't last even 2 months! It became so deformed that the tip doesn't really have a tip any more....it's rounded. The flat 'folding' edge....well....what edge? It is all deformed and wavy/warped.
    I actually contacted Dress My Craft and their response: "Their primary function is to help to burnish and help to fold the papers ....and yes having said that they are also used for the scoring but for sure continuous scoring with the tip may deform the shape as we mentioned that they are bendable and too much pressure can spoil it unlike the regular plastic tool."
    WHAT?!?!?! Are you kidding me??? Why call it a Bone Folder and say it is for 'Folding and Scoring' if it's not really intended for continuous use? Why would someone spend THAT kind of money on a product that is only for occasional use (IMPORTANT info that isn't even mentioned anywhere with their product)? Really?
    I am extremely disappointed in Dress My Craft for not being 'up front' in their description of their product. And then, won't back it up.
    IF you do a lot of folding and/or scoring....in my opinion....this is NOT the tool for you.
    Obviously, the Dress My Craft Bone Folder is NOT the tool I'M looking for.

  • Verified Buyer

    Cute, but small (14 August 2018)

    Love this stamp. Had lots of ideas for it, but have to shift those ideas a little. The actual image was smaller than I expected (stamped image is approx. 1-1/2"W x 1-3/8"H). I haven't actually used the stamp yet, but have worked with this brand before and have had no issues. I always check to see if measurements are included for stamps. Sometimes they are, and sometimes they are not. Unformately, I wish I had known ahead of time. I'll of course still use it - just have to 'modify' my usage plans a bit. Still a great stamp.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great daubers, but should be a bit larger circumference (04 February 2017)

    Got this set at a great deal. I like the ability to designate a dauber to a certain ink pad (don't have to keep cleaning it to use it on another color) and the storage box is 'just right'. The quantity of 40 and the storage isn't too large to store. Fits nicely into smaller areas without taking up much space.
    HOWEVER, I have only one issue with the daubers.....they don't fit my finger the way I'd like. I have pudgy fingers and so the daubers don't fit the way they should. So, working the daubers isn't the way I'd prefer, but will still use them as I like this option better than doing other methods. These daubers make it easier to do the work I want (easier to be more specific to an area).

  • Great size & awesome funnel option (24 August 2011)

    I have a smaller metal craft tray that I just ADORE!! However, it was just a bit too small to comfortably work as I wanted. I found this tray and since it was on sale, thought I'd give it a try. The size is perfect! ONLY drawback (which is why I gave it only 4 stars) is that it's plastic .... which my fun flock 'sticks' to it a bit due to static electricity. So, unfortunately, there's a small bit of residue left that I would be concerned about mixing with other flock colors. I LOVE the funnel idea!! My metal tray has an open corner that I have to avoid while doing my projects. This tray with the funnel (with included plug) takes the worry out of that !!!

  • Verified Buyer

    Just .... right! (20 September 2020)

    I love this shimmer stick! It adds just the right 'shimmer'. I have SEVERAL types of shimmer-style pens. My usual, go-to, pens are 'juicier' and often-times too much. I have 'worked around' that, but with extra steps. These Shimmer Stix are much better 'controlled'. Though a wider tip and not as ideal for the smaller, limited areas....general coverage of larger areas are excellent....and quicker! This is my new go-to 'pen' as it is not too 'runny/juicy' (and doesn't 'soak' my project) and dries much faster. Love it!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love this Die! (20 September 2020)

    I bought this die with TONS of ideas rolling through my mind. My primary goal was to create a stencil with it. I have some thin 'stencil material' that I wanted to use this die to make a larger size stencil. I'm going to run this die through 2 to 4 times to get the 'effect' and size I'm looking for. So much easier to have a stencil a little too big for project, than too small.
    This die provides a very realistic effect to projects. I like that it has some distress already (but not too much). If I want a more heavily distressed, or tattered, look....just start trimming!!

  • Verified Buyer

    Lovely Collection! (20 September 2020)

    I'm a big nautical buff! This is a great collection with a huge variety of pieces! I also like that each piece has a basic pattern on the back....for silhouette-style use. I also like that the images are a good clear image with excellent detailing....very 'realistic' appearance (rather than a 'cartoony' appearance). Very versitile pack!

  • Verified Buyer

    What a Bundle!! (20 September 2020)

    This collection is a great deal! It is a HUGE lot!! There are a LOT of diffrerent images. Each of which is done in at least 2 different sizes and more than 1 of each. They are a good weight/firmness. Not too thick. Great collection for that nostalgic effect.

  • Verified Buyer

    So Cute and versitile! (21 September 2018)

    I Love this set of stamps as well (purchased the All-occasion sentiments stamp set as well)! This set has so many cute sentiments for Birthdays! The Font size on these are a very usable size (I would have preferred them a little bigger, but still very usable)!! This size is a great size for stamping several sentiments on a card criss-crossed all over the page and be legible and not too crowded! These will also be great to mix-n-match with the all-occasion set I purchased! Can't wait to have fun! Another great product, Scrapbook.com!!

  • Verified Buyer

    Awesome Sentiments - Better than expected! (21 September 2018)

    This is a great versitile set of setiments. I just LOVE how you can mix-n-match the sentiments so that your sayings can be different fonts and/or sizes .... and, can (using Misty or Tim Holtz stamp platform) set it all up how want to stamp it and do it all at once, if choose. I am very pleased that these are better than I expected!!! I was concerned that they sentiments were going to be smaller than I had hoped (it is so HARD to judge the size of things when they aren't RIGHT THERE in front of me). THESE sentiments are a very nice sized. Can use them for so many more projects! Great Job Scrapbook.com!!!

  • MUCH Better !!! (21 September 2018)

    I am extremely happy with these clear daubers!!! I had a 40-pc set of the original black ones and never used them because they were too small for my pudgy fingers to fit into them (Hold them was too 'shifty' and barely getting them on the tip of my finger would have made it too awkward to use = would have been 'far' from my project). I first called to see if these clear ones were any larger before investing any more $$$ into this type of product. I was told the measurement, but when I was also told that the black ones would just slip inside the clear ones....I was EXCITED and took the risk to order them. I couldn't be HAPPIER!! They fit perfectly on my finger (NOT super snug to where they barely fit and not too lose. JUST RIGHT)!!! The bonus of them being stackable is brilliant...PLUS, that they use the same storage box as the black ones!! So, my 40-pc black boxed set isn't a total loss - I ordered just the 40-pc clear daubers, planning on putting them into the storage box I got with my black ones. Woo-Hoo!! Happy Day!

  • Verified Buyer

    Nice stencil! Nice size (23 April 2018)

    The cupcakes within this stencil are a nice size. Not too big and not too tiny. Will have many uses!! The metal is a nice thin, but durable material. I also like that the cupcakes are OVERLY fancy/intricate, so that coloring them won't take a lot time when wanting to make a quick design, yet still cute enough to work for any occasion.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great product with many uses! Not to mention convenience! (23 April 2018)

    These are nice quality page protectors. I am not a scrapbooker, but I have TONS of scrapbook papers for my card projects. I use these sheet protectors for my special papers and, most importantly, my scrap pieces. I store my papers in a hanging file folder system and in upright storage boxes. I like to keep all my coordinating scrap pieces with my papers, so the page protectors are a perfect way to keep all the scrap pieces together. Making it easy to just grap the lot of pieces to sort through, yet also allowing me to keep them in my vertical storage systems.

  • Verified Buyer

    Excellent tool every crafter should have!! (23 April 2018)

    I work a lot with glues, inking and the like. I do a lot with the Xyron sticker system as well. When I run a die through my Xyron machine to add the sticky backing to it, no matter how hard I try to prevent 'sticky edges' I still have to deal with getting rid of some sticky residue/overages. This powder tool has ELIMINATED my extra work and time I had to put into trying to remove the sticky edges. The powder neutralizes the "sticky" parts that I don't want sticky so now I don't have to stress over trying to remove it. I just powder over it and ....no more sticky! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this tool. I also have an anti-static powder pouch, that I also LOVE, for larger areas that I had before this tool. When I saw this tool, knowing how much I loved the pad, I had to try it. Love it - Works SUPERBLY!!! I've used it in so many other ways as well. Very handy tool!! Wish I had found it sooner!
    UPDATE: I use this so much for so many things that I recently bought a second one! I wanted then in a handy/convenient spots in my office/craft room!

  • Verified Buyer

    Excellent tool every crafter should have!! (21 November 2017)

    Here is another product that I feel would be a great addition to any crafter's took kit! This thing really does the job of 'cleaning one up' after a project. I recently worked with ink pads, ink pens and more. Ink is sometimes tough to get off your hands/fingers....especially certain colors! Well, this scrubbie worked great! The reds took a little more effort to remove, but I got it off. In the past, I've had to deal with residue color left behind no matter what I tried. This thing gets the stuff off really well! Love it! Thinking getting another one just to leave in the bathroom. There is the added bonus of softer skin, too!! :)

  • Verified Buyer

    Staples - perform exactly as expected! (26 May 2017)

    These staples are great colors. Primarily, they work exactly how they are expected/intended to work! Put them in a stapler and go for it. They work great and have some cool colors. No complaints!

  • Verified Buyer

    Slick Writer Pen performed BETTER than hoped for! (26 May 2017)

    I love to label things or write on plastic bags. Sharpie's are great, but they smear or are easily rubbed off. These Slick Writer pens are what I've been needing for so very long! They work tremendously well on non-pourous surfaces. I have had, so far, NO problems with the ink actually 'sticking'. I write, wait a few seconds (I like to be SURE ink won't smudge) and then .....voila.....ink stays PUT!!! No smearing, no smudging, no disappearing!! Love these pens and got an excellent deal, too!!! I will DEFINITELY be buying more !!!!!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love these Glue Pens! (26 May 2017)

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these glue pens. They are a nice 'handling' size, the glue is the perfect 'texture' (smooth and just moist enough to go on evenly and easily) and are a great tool for loads of uses!! What more can I say - they're GRRRRREAT! No complaints!
    I'm so used to using the typical glue sticks you can find anywhere! As soon as you open the glue stick for the fist time, they already seem too 'dry' and are sometimes very 'tacky'. Some, actually, are difficult to spread onto project...sometimes causing a tear in my paper due to difficulty spreading.
    These Prima Glue pens go on so smoothly, I had to double check and be sure glue was actually applied. I love it! So VERY much easier to use!

  • Verified Buyer

    So much versatility! (04 February 2017)

    I LOVE this staple board! I love how it enables you to staple ANYWHERE on your project without limitation!!! I've had an EK Success Fastenator for years, but it was limited to stapling up 6" into a page...but even then, it was limited to straight into a page....couldn't angle the staples without losing some of the length from the edge of a page. This staple board allows one to staple anywhere and any way desired on a project. I love it! I love how it all stores together as well (magnets keep it together). This is a nice unit and would recommend it to anyone.

  • Finally found 'just what I needed' (24 August 2011)

    I've been looking for something to help get those sticky 'extras' off my projects. I've been doing it myself with my fingers, but then I get smudge marks or wear marks on my projects. I accidentally found this little guy and it's PERFECT!!! It has a great tip for those delicate tiny spots and seems to clear the extra 'gunk' out of your way without any smudges or smears. I found this item at scrapbook.com on sale, so bought 2 of 'em to be sure I'd have one where I needed it (even though this was my first purchase of this item, the price was right to take a chance on 2). Glad I bought 2 !!!

  • EXCELLENT for maneuverability AND ease on hands!!! (24 August 2011)

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these scissors. This is my second pair as I used my first pair for all my card crafting and have begun to get just dull enough to have some cutting issues. If I could find them on sale, I would buy at LEAST 2 more!!! I just LOVE the fact that there is NO external spring!!! I have some pliers with the external springs and they are CONSTANTLY popping out of position. That is so frustrating and annoying. These scissors, with their internal spring-action feature, are excellent for smooth, continuous cutting and make it so VERY easy on your hands. I just hate having to use scissors with the looped handles as my thumb is constantly getting stuck!! These scissors just fit in your hand and with the rubber handles, you can just cut, cut, cut withoug worries and much smoother edges!! I just can't say enough about these scissors!!! Just LOVE 'EM !!

  • Easy set-up and put-away (24 August 2011)

    This is a nice addition for anyone who likes spritzing! I have a small work room and the less things I have to have sitting out.... THE BETTER. This folding box is perfect as it's quick setup and put-away capabilities make it efficient.