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Procrastistamper's Reviews

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    Break Easily (06 February 2012)

    I ordered three of these...two arrived fine, one was cracked in shipping. I actually ordered one extra just because I had read about this problem on other reviews. I don't really need the third one, and figured I could give it as a gift or use it for portable storage, where it will likely get cracked later, anyway.

    Other than being fragile, the box is great for organizing your daubers. It does the job it's intended to do, and it is pretty much exactly as pictured, so that's why I'm giving it 5 stars.

    One problem you might have is that the daubers are stored dirty side up, so you might get inky fingers pulling one out if it was used recently. Would have been better if it had a foam insert with holes where the daubers fit in snugly, with the sponge part down, and enough of the "handle" part showing enough to allow for labeling of the color name.