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PickleD's Reviews

  • Have always wanted this (29 January 2018)

    It is so much easier using the Mega Runner than the smaller tape runners I am used to. I have wanted one for a while and am not disappointed. Easy on the hands and has the usual good adhesive. I am a fan.

  • Excellent adhesive (29 January 2018)

    Love this tape. What more can one say.

  • First time using the ultra thin dot rolls (29 January 2018)

    Gave only 4 stars because I am still getting used to using the thinner variety. I am a huge fan of glue dots. You really can't craft without them.

  • Can't craft without them (29 January 2018)

    Glue dots are one of those things that make adhering little items to a scrapbook page or most anything else so much easier. Love them.

  • Absolutely beautiful papers (17 November 2017)

    It is so pretty that I am saving it for something special, thus I have not used any of the beautiful papers yet. Highly recommend.

  • good (05 August 2012)

    Describes product received. Good for scrapbooking an album for my grandchildren after their Disney trip.

  • Fine (05 August 2012)

    Text describes product received. Excellent for a scrapbook for my grandchildren who just returned from a trip to Disney.

  • Title is descriptive (05 August 2012)

    The text adequately describes the product. I use it constantly and find it to be very effective.