Justartguy007's Reviews

  • Nice Shammy (16 April 2018)

    This is a good product to have to clean or whip off ink from your stamps. The shammy will stain. But it'll still be good for years to come. All you need to do is add run water under it to activated it. Then when you're done using it just leave it on your table it'll get hard/ dry the wetness of the shammy overnight. When you want to use it again like the package says just add water.

  • Nice 6x6 paper pad (07 April 2018)

    I like the design of this paper pad. I like the browns and vintage type colors and design in each page. Plan to use this for my heritage layouts.

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    FlimStrip Stencil (07 April 2018)

    Love these stencil I'm coming up with a lot of ideas for uses for this stencil.

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    Nice Border (07 April 2018)

    I like these vintage theme Christmas border theme strips from Teresa Collins. The only strip I didn't care for was the the red glitter one. It kind of rub off on your finger and page too. But maybe putting some mod podge might help the glitter stay on the strip and not rub off.

  • Great shade of Red (07 April 2018)

    This is a wonderful color of red for Christmas or whatever other project you think to use this kind of color on. Maybe spider-man or can use it for a fire theme project.

  • Awesome color (07 April 2018)

    I really like this Golden Rod color of Stickles it works well for a guy layout plus for a vintage Christmas/ New Years theme project.

  • Yello Stickles (07 April 2018)

    This is a nice bright yellow. It will work well for a child school layout page or even for a spring like project like for Easter or beach summer layout page or card.

  • 12x12 paper (07 April 2018)

    These have some nice rich and pretty design paper. I love the different design and colors each page has. I look forward to using this in future projects.

  • Robo Bar - Spellbinders (07 April 2018)

    These are nice size to use as little information especially for your heritage layouts or short little messages to put inside a card. Or to use cutting different sizes of colors to use in your projects.

  • Nice Oval shape (07 April 2018)

    Like the Oval shape plan to use these in my heritage albums. You can print out copies of your old vintage family pictures. Use one of these oval shapes to cute your picture into the shape. To make them more interesting.

  • Beautiful Color (07 April 2018)

    This waterfall Stickle has some beautiful colors to it. It work well with summer theme projects. Because to me it looks more like it has a water affect to it.

  • Gold Stickles (07 April 2018)

    This is beautiful color of Gold. At least I think so. It could work well for spring, fall and Christmas theme cards and scrapbook pages even tags.

  • Holly Stickles (07 April 2018)

    Beautiful color it'll work great for any kind of theme.

  • Sliver Stickles (07 April 2018)

    This is nice color great for Christmas theme projects. For the price point it was a good deal.

  • Square Dies (07 April 2018)

    These Square Dies work great another great size. I can use these to cute different sizes for journaling my scrapbook pages.

  • Circle Nested Dies (07 April 2018)

    Circle Dies are nice size for what I'm going to be using them for.

  • Mini Set Stencil (23 December 2017)

    These are nice mini size stencils. I like that they are three in a pack. These are great for tags.

  • Dazzle Caddy (18 December 2017)

    I order two of these stickles organize caddy. These are great for my glitter glues but also can be used to store other things like my reinkers or pencils. Probably will buy more in the future as my glitter glue collection grows.

  • Nice Color (22 November 2017)

    Like the Copper color. It'll look great on a guy layout and maybe some wood veneers.

  • Beautiful Color (22 November 2017)

    This is a lovely color.

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    Glossy Accents (25 October 2017)

    This product works really well. I was impress with how it becomes clear as it dries.

  • Tim Holtz Stamp Platform (22 October 2017)

    I've been waiting for this platform for a while now. Glad I decided to buy it. It is worth the money and makes my stamping easier. Especially with my clear stamps. Since sometimes I don't get a good results with the clear blocks. With this platform I can stamp in the same spot without messing it up.

  • Wonderful for Heritgae pages (15 October 2017)

    This 6x6 paper pad is great for heritage layouts I plan on using this in future projects. Which mainly is heritage/family layouts.

  • Beautiful Paper (15 October 2017)

    These stack of paper is beautiful designs and colors. It'll work great for my heritage layouts and for some guy layouts too.

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    Ink Away Craft Wipes (04 July 2017)

    I like that you can not only use them to wipe away the ink from your hands and even stamps. But you know it won't damage your rubber and clear stamps. I hear it hard to get other kinds of inks off the stamps. But haven't used other hard to clean ink off of stamps yet. but no matter if it gets all the ink off or not. These are also good for blending with Gelatos.

  • Sizzix Alterations Collection - Tim Holtz (03 July 2017)

    This die is very nice one to have for any artists. It comes in different variety of tabs. It can be use for anything you can think of.

  • Tim Holtz Distress Palette (15 April 2017)

    I got this Distress Palette from a scrapbook/craft friend who wasn't using it. I figure it's a good tool to have to use not only for Tim Holtz distress re inkers. But also you can use it for water color or even your paints too. I haven't use mines yet but will get use of it when I do.

  • Love this Score Board! (19 March 2017)

    I got this score bored from a store for a good deal. I am enjoy using this score board for anything creative I think of. No matter where you buy this product is a must have for any craft or artist person. That wants a nice fold or score mark in their work. One draw back on this is it big and hard to use when you've a small space. But you can make it work for you.

  • These Embossing Diffuser are Great! (06 February 2017)

    I like these diffuser they are great for cards and even tags. I was confuse like some others how to use them. But thank god for youtube I found some videos on how to use these. I tried them with my embossing folders and was impress with it after using. You can keep a certain area from being in embossing to put words or a drawing in the area that hasn't being in emboss. These help you come up with even more creative ideas for your projects. Check them out and see if it would work for your project.

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    Chomper Tool (06 February 2017)

    I have one other corner rounder. But like the idea of two different size of corner rounder in the We R Memory Keeper corner Chomper. I bought this one and love it! It now my go to tool when I want to round the edge in all my layouts or tags.

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    Crackle (06 February 2017)

    This is a small stamp. But I liked the design of it. It a good one for guy layouts, Cards and even a manly tag. You could make for that special guy in your life. It would be cool to use with your embossing powder or glitter.

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    Wire Net Stamp (06 February 2017)

    This is nice size stamp to use for Art Journal, Cards or even Tags. It also saves room to store.

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    Blue Gelatos (06 February 2017)

    I love the color of Blue. I have to say these are very nice colors. Again awesome to have a stamp and a little brush with the set.

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    Green Gelatos (06 February 2017)

    I like these Gelatos. But don't use them much but hopefully will dig them out soon. I like the fact it comes with a brush and a little clear stamp. I think it nice to include those in a set with the Gelatos.

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    Mask-Burst (06 February 2017)

    Another great design to be able to use different color to make on your background or even in a card.

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    Alphabet Stickers (06 February 2017)

    These letter stickers are great for scrapbook to Tags. I like the different sizes and shapes the fonts are on this sheet.

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    Nice Design (06 February 2017)

    The design is awesome you can use different colors to make a "groovy" background or design.

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    Craft Sheet (06 February 2017)

    I have had this craft sheet for a few years now. I've to say this is a very useful tool to have. For not just the average Scrapbooker, Card maker or even craft person in general. This product should be use by any artists. Because it protects your work surface. From spills or you can also use this as a paint palette or even water color palette for painting etc. I might have to buy a second sheet in the future to be able to lay on a big table. I will be having in my room/Art studio.

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    Heart with Roses Deep Red Stamp (28 October 2015)

    I love the detail on this little stamp. It stamps great on any kind of paper you use. I used this stamp on some water color paper today it stamp really good.

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    Fiskars Corner Lever Punch (28 October 2015)

    I like this punch it gets the job done. Making a nice round edge to your paper and even nice look to your pictures too. There one little tiny thing I don't care about this punch. The little door on the bottom that holds your tiny little pieces of paper after you punch. It doesn't feel like it securely close and might at some point open on it own. But so far this hasn't happen yet.

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    Watercolor Paint Cakes (28 October 2015)

    I found these at Joann and thought to buy them and give them a try. So far I like the different colors it comes with. This is my first time trying watercolor paint and so far I like them.

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    Red Gelatos (27 May 2015)

    I tried these red Gelatos they were very nice colors and blend well with each other. There a lot of different ways you can use these. You can use them for your layouts, mix media, art journal or even cards. I like that it comes with a small stamp and a brush too.

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    Studio Calico Stickers (20 May 2015)

    These are very nice stickers. I like the design of them.

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    Sponge Dauber Storage Box (20 May 2015)

    This is a nice little storage system for my daubers. It's small enough to fit pretty much anywhere in your art studio. I'll probably buy another one of these has I get more sponge daubers in the future.

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    Daubers - 10 pack (20 May 2015)

    These come in a little package they really nice to have extra of. I'll buy more in the future.

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    Gears Templates (17 April 2015)

    This 12x12 Gears Template is great. I've got great use out of this stencil. It good quality.

  • Tab Punch (04 January 2015)

    This Tab Punch is a great little tool. I plan on using this for my heritage album. But you can use it for everyday use (school folders etc).

  • UN-DU (18 October 2014)

    This stuff is great to remove anything from your layouts and move it to a different spot. When it dries the sticky part of your sticker becomes sticky and can be reuse for another project. It also can help clean old tape on walls or cabinets, gum that hard to get off carpet. This product is good for just about everything not just scrapbook or stickers. One thing it does have a strong smell to it. So I would open up a window or something where air can circulating in the room.

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    The Crafter's Workshop Templates Bricks (18 October 2014)

    I like the size of this template you can use any kind of Ink and Sprays on this some will come off easily others like your Heidi Swapp Color Shine sprays. It'll stain a little bit. But it's not a problem for me if it stains a bit. I hear you can use gesso or other mix media paint on this. I haven't tried any gesso paste since I don't have any. But plan to try some of my acrylic paints see how it turns out.

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    Distress Marker Spritzer Tool (18 October 2014)

    I tried this on some of my regular markers. Since I don't have any Tim Holtz Distress markers yet. I have to say it works well on any kind of marker you have. I really like this tool and still learning to see what other markers can work well with this tool.

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    Nice three Washi Tape (18 October 2014)

    I like the design of all three tapes. It cool to have three in a pack. The bee tape it looks better on darker cardstock. It doesn't work that well on pattern paper. Unless it a darker kind of pattern paper. But the other two tape looks really good on any kind of cardstock or pattern paper. You might use on a layout.

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    Great Design (18 October 2014)

    I like both side of this paper. They work will for any kind of heritage layout.

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    Chalk Edger (18 October 2014)

    I really like the chalk inks. These are bright and looks good on a layout or for cards.

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    Awesome Stickers (18 October 2014)

    I really like the color.

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    Good Stickers (18 October 2014)

    I think these stickers are of good quality. But I wish they design a equal amount of capital letters too.

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    Great Adhesive Runner (18 October 2014)

    I got this Adhesive runner in a prize pack I received. This is a great little runner I like the dot part of the adhesive runner. I know I'll buy some more refills for this in the future.

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    Trendy Tape (18 October 2014)

    I really like this tape and the design of it. It good to use on a heritage layouts and especially for a guy layout.

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    Nice Paper (18 October 2014)

    I really like the design and color of this paper.

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    ATG must have for any artists or crafter (18 October 2014)

    I got this ATG about a year ago. I really come to love this tape gun at first I thought it would be hard to handle. Since I'm left handed but it very easy and the tape last you a long while. But it depends on how often you use the gun to tape things down. Sometimes the tape can get caught on the plastic when using it. Only draw back for me is that it Pink! I don't care for Pink but can live with it if I must. No matter the color it is a good tool to have if you're looking for a new adhesive glue runner.

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    Love the color (18 October 2014)

    I use this ink more then any of my other Distress Ink Pad. When it comes to my heritage layouts. It is not to dark or too light just about the right about of ink.

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    Great Rub On (18 October 2014)

    These Kaisercraft Rub Ons are really great for Heritage layouts. These are also of great design and color.

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    Good Rub Ons (18 October 2014)

    These rub ons are beautifully design. I only tried it on black cardstock since I thought it would come out really well. Well it didn't come out well so I guess I need to rub them on lighter or brighter paper or cardstock.

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    12x12 sticker sheet (10 June 2014)

    This is a very nice sticker sheet. It's taking me a while to use up this sheet. But I am slowly but surly using them. When I find the perfect layout for them. I like the little taps with the saying family, good times etc... I'll find use for them. I got this sheet of stickers in the Basic Grey Clipping Collection pack. That came with 12x12 papers and letter sticker sheet.

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    Heidi Swapp Shine (26 April 2014)

    I have one bottle of Heidi Swapp Color shine. It is the Mint Green. I really like the affect of the mist. I hope to buy some more different colors of her bottles in the future.

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    Basic Grey Stamps (25 April 2014)

    I bought these stamps and have to say they are nice. I really like that they have different variety from journal spots to border or flower stamp for your layouts or even cards.

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    Distress Tool (06 April 2014)

    This is a very nice tool you can distress just about any kind of paper with little to a lot of distressing as possibly.

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    Nice little stickers (06 April 2014)

    The Tim Holtz Idea-ology label letters stickers. These are great to add to a layout or card. But can be a pain to get the sticker of the sheet. I won this in a prize pack.

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    Brenda Walton Paper (06 April 2014)

    There are some beautiful papers in this pad. I like the cut apart words. This is good for a lot of heritage layouts.

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    This are nice. (23 March 2014)

    I like that you can use this on the Silhouette Cameo. But it hard to take off the backing. Without it curling. But other then that you can use it for just about project.

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    These are nice... (23 March 2014)

    The So Noted 4x6 journaling card. These are nice like the colors. Wish there were a double of the same card.

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    Tim Holtz Stamps (23 March 2014)

    These stamps are wonderful. I like that it has it own storage sheet. I can easily keep them in the Tim Holtz Binder.

  • Tim Holtz binder (18 March 2014)

    I bought this binder because of the good reviews about this stamp binder system. I thought this could be a good way to store my small collection of stamps. I had some of Tim Holtz stampers anonymous stamps. That come with it own sheet protector. That will fix in this binder. I put all my Tim Holtz clear stamps as well as my other clear stamps. On the outside back of the sheets that came with the binder. I put the clear sheet that has the images already stamp on inside the pocket. I also got the 5 refill sheets to include in the binder. My favorite part is that it zips up and protect not the stamps. But if they come lose they will stay in the binder and won't fall out.
    I might buy a second one in the future. So I can have one for just my other clear stamps and the first binder can be just for my Tim Holtz stamps.

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    Really cool (15 June 2013)

    This tape is very nice I used it already on at least one layout. Now wondering what else I can use it for on more projects.

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    Tattered Time (12 May 2013)

    This paper pack is very cool and I enjoy working with it. It is good quality paper too. I'll probably be getting this paper pack again.

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    Paper House- Great Outdoors (15 March 2013)

    This paper pad has some beauitful designs and is very nice to do camping, hunting or outdoor photos with. It very light paper. I usually put heavy cardstock on the back of my paper that is thin or light weight.

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    Christmas Ornate Ornaments Stamps (21 February 2013)

    These stamps are very good quality and stamps very well.

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    Heidi Swapp Stamps (21 February 2013)

    I like this stamp set a lot it stamps well. My favorite is the camera, the words and the arrows stmaps.

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    Dear Lizzy Stamps (21 February 2013)

    I already use the camera, smile and banner stamps. Like how they turned out.

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    Christmas Stamps (21 February 2013)

    I like these set of stamps and will be using it for future Christmas layouts. Especially the deer.

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    Cropper Hopper (21 February 2013)

    I enjoy this photo box a lot it fits all of my mother photos perfectly. It easy enough to put together. The top came together all ready to put on of the box. The only thing you have to do is put the photo box and the liitle box where you put your photos together. I like that each have a little box to put your photos in. I have put each person photos each their own little box. I will be picking up another one for sure.

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    BasicGrey - Clippings Collection (21 February 2013)

    This is a collection I come to like. I use some of these as a tag for journaling information some I even used for matted my photos with.

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    FarmHouse Paper Company Market Square Collection (21 February 2013)

    Some nice paper are in this collection. I use some of them as a background for my layout.

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    6x6 FarmHouse Fair Skies (21 February 2013)

    These are very nice paper some beautiful design are in this pack. I used it mostly for matted my photos or layering or even as a border it makes my layouts. All the more interesting.

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    Oliver Collection (21 February 2013)

    This is very nice collection of paper. Really like the stickers. Haven't used it yet but had look at each of them. I know they will be nice on some type of layout in the future.

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    Paper Stack Pack (21 February 2013)

    I am really liking everything about these collection it really works well for my heritage layout. There 4 of each 12x12 design paper so you will never run out of wanting to use another of the same paper. Another wonderful thing about this collection it comes wiht it own storage case. You don't have to worry about needing more room for your paper.

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    Punch (21 February 2013)

    I really enjoy this punch the paper I punched it with is good for a border for my layouts.

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    6x6 Bo Bunny paper (21 February 2013)

    These 6x6 paper pad is great for matted my photos with even for journaling info about a photo too.

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    Works great for my bigger stamps! (21 February 2013)

    This block is a must have for any scrapbooker, cardmark or even artists that paints etc. It has room for your bigger stamps.

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    Great paper and some stickers are ok! (21 February 2013)

    I love the papers and some of the stickers are great to used on most of my heritage albums. The only reason I give it a 4 stars is because the tiny letters are hard to peel off. Because it makes the other stickers come off along with it. That is my only probably with it.

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    Stamps nicely! (21 February 2013)

    These stamps I enjoy using and came out in good quality. I will use these in future layouts and art journal would be probably be good for these kind of stamps.

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    Ink is great! (21 February 2013)

    This Ranger Ink is good quality ink and at least to me gives a good quality stamp.

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    Nice product (16 December 2012)

    I use these glue dots on mostly on my photos. They are really good to use if you want to use your original photos. I have some old vintage photos. I wanted to use in my scrapbook. I found these and they are acid free and remove easily if I need to take it out for some reason.

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    great machine.... (03 December 2012)

    I love the Silhouette Cameo had it for about 3 months now. I like that fact I can use any kind of fonts on my computer to cut with it. I also like the fact I can make my own shapes etc... It took a little bit of time and figuring out the machine. But now have idea how to handle it. Almost got the cricut machine. But glad I choose this one. Since I am a graphic design major it works good for my other type of artwork. I just order a matte, another blade and a dust cover for my machine. My matte and blade are still in good working order. I just thought it would be good idea to have extra matte and blade on hand just in case.

    It does sometimes tear up paper but you just have to play around with the speed and pressure and figure out what works will with your paper. All in all this machine does the job.