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Kahobel's Reviews

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    Love it! (18 February 2019)

    I love this, I have two, one in my craft area, one in my car kit, my car kit has small craft things that I can take in with me if I stop to eat, wait for an appointment, anyplace where I might have a minute, five minutes, a hour...

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    Nice, But (11 June 2017)

    This punch works well, BUT, it comes with NO instructions at all!
    Be sure to mark the YouTube video for some help, not much, but will help with A5 size paper.
    Again it punches well, but be sure you use scrap paper first to be sure you're getting what you want

  • Love them (05 May 2017)

    I have several sets of these bags (from all four designers), love the bags, but agree, the zippers are iffy!
    I hope Ranger will rethink about using these zippers for next years bags.
    The bags hold a lot, just be sure the top meets easily.

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    Big is Better! (06 February 2017)

    I like the small daubbers, but love the Big one.
    I do some full page stenciling with Dyan Reaveley's stencils (she doesn't to small) and these work well!

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    Fun! (10 November 2016)

    As I've said before, Penny Black dies are great, had fun with this set, they cut clean and my great-grandkids had a lot of fun putting them on everything, (I had used the sticker sheets on the paper before I cut them!)

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    Penny Black is Great! (10 November 2016)

    Penny Black dies are wonderful!
    They cut beautifully, are neat and if I could afford it, I would buy everyone of them!
    This die was fun, I'm going to use it for other times, not just Halloween.

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    Great Fun (10 November 2016)

    This set is neat, it stamps clear and the die fits!

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    Loved It, Not Love It! (22 July 2016)

    Loved this when it came! Had a wonderful week playing, my great-grand-daughter and I cut cats, circles and other shapes for her "Treasure box", then mid cut of a cat, we heard a load crack, the handle turns, nothing happens!
    We were using the same weight card stock we had used for every other cut, the correct "sandwich", but then Crack! And that was the end.

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    Lid doesn't fit (19 January 2016)

    The idea is great, but the two I got have tapered lids, so if the top rack is full, you can't get the lid on and fastened,. If you do get the lid to work, when you take it off all the bottles on the top rack are removed and stuck in the lid.
    If you leave one space empty on the top rack, the lid will fit if you are careful putting it on.

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    FUN! (27 November 2015)

    Enjoyed making my forest!
    Love Tim's scribbly dies.

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    Fun to make, fun to use! (20 March 2014)

    I enjoy making bags with this die, I've used it with both the eBosser and the Big Shot.
    One of my favorite things is to use single-sided paper and color the "white" part with Distress Paint (any coloring method works). This way you can get two different effects with one sheet of 12x12 paper.
    Remember the notched and is up when using directional paper.

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    Envelopes, and more envelopes (11 February 2013)

    I like this item very much, one thing I would recommend if using patterned paper, put the pattern face down! It can be very hard to see the score lines on some patterned paper.
    My only problem right now is that I now have to make some cards for the envelopes I've made!