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PencilPusher's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Hope springs eternal (23 August 2020)

    For once, hope actually paid out dividends! This is a great tan color, not watered down brown. For ink this is remarkable. It sprays fine but I got a lot more out of it with a brush. I tested it on a number of papers but I fell in love with this brushed onto a USGS map -- the feeling of age, nature, dust/dirt, transparent yet worn. I crumpled up a piece of this map and the expected effect went stellar. This is a great color. This is easier to use than Tea Dye, Rusty Hinge, etc. when trying to knock back a white paper with minimum fuss. If you like grunge or an aged look, buy this ink!

  • Verified Buyer

    This is Ella & Viv at its best (23 August 2020)

    When I first fell in love with this company, I adored these sweeping nature-based papers. It's been less and less so I've pretty much stopped collecting. But this paper is awesome once again! This is real rock with real lichen and real grit. This isn't airbrushed art or a photoshop stamp. I wish Ella & Viv would return to their roots and do a series just like this -- not polished fake granite countertops -- pink granite, salt & pepper with garnet inclusions, fossil sandstones, Himalayan salt, mahogany obsidian... me stop now. The point is, there are some great natural stones that would create good scrapbook pages and even better cards or art journal pages.

  • Verified Buyer

    Woo-hoo! Geek paper! (23 August 2020)

    I'm always looking for papers that aren't typical. This design is crisp and not the least boring or repetitive. It is a fairly large design which I don't think works well in pieces smaller than 4". If you just want texture any size works but if you want it to keep reading circuit board it takes larger pieces. Cardmakers might have issues, so just a warning.

  • Verified Buyer

    Excellent range of nuetrals (23 August 2020)

    Most of the time you can find one or two sheets of a neutral but not a whole collection. The creamy tones are on the yellow side, but the tans and greys are extremely nice. This is also heavy card stock, slightly textured on one side and fairly smooth on the other. It is colored all the way through, no white core. This paper pack is a good investment for any paper crafter.

  • Verified Buyer

    Not for everyone (13 December 2019)

    Ella & Viv has some awesome papers. They came in from left field as it were and jumped right into very unusual subjects. Prior to them I could never find good cloud and astronomy papers. Grunge is another theme for them. This oxidized set is... um... different. Oxidation has a very limited number of hues unless certain chemicals are used. So, they went with Photoshop and some of the colors are not found in real life. Nevertheless, these are not atmospheric. These papers are gritty, grungy, ugly in places, cracked, scuffed, flaking -- all real world if you ignore the Photoshop work. I cut the heck out of these before I put them in my collection. I do mostly collage, and like rough grunge, but the super bright teal and the purple went into the recycling.

  • Verified Buyer

    I am a picky paper person (13 December 2019)

    Yes, I admit it, I buy paper pads on sale and recycle most of them. I do collage and I have TONS of paper, but I'm always looking for specific patterns and themes. The black and pale aqua dots sort of read as snow and stars, and even better the dots are random -- no rows, columns, or obvious repeats. LOVE this. It's so rare I almost buy any I can find. The other paper that's impossible to see has a beige background draped with different colored tassels which is very cool. I took bits of other papers, but these three patterns have gone into my collection.

  • Verified Buyer

    Maybe I got a dud (13 December 2019)

    My raven did not stamp well. I used Distress as well as VersaFine. Used a stamp positioner as well as a plastic bag. Huge holdouts at the same time having gross fill-in. I did not get a single good imprint. The raven is why I bought the set. Sigh.
    Thankfully the other stamps printed fine. The birds are great, not the usual dove/pigeon hybrids. The branch/line stamp is super graphic, both the fine and fat branches imprinted well. I love the words because they have a little grunge vibe which is cool.

  • Verified Buyer

    Multiple uses (13 December 2019)

    I try really hard to buy stamps that have more than one use. This one is very much shattered glass. The shatter could be from a variety of things including a golf ball, someone's head (i.e. frustrated), a broken heart, loss, etc. This also works great as a spider's web -- not all spiders create the perfect Charlett's Web version, most are pretty chaotic. Add one big spider or several smaller ones. There are a number of death's head moths out there, and popping in one of those works great. This stamp also colors up cool for a freaky stained glass look.
    I stamped using VersaFine. There are other pads out there that can handle fine lines and I really recommend this. Keep in mind that you can go black, grey, light blue, even red.
    Note size: 4" x 5"

  • Verified Buyer

    One bad, the rest good (13 December 2019)

    That thread/knot/squiggle image is one big ugly blob like a big fat drop of wet ink with no fine lines at all. Even VersaFine could not rescue this stamp.
    I adore the outlined person, great sketchy lines. I'm looking forward to using this as a ghost, a spirit, a stand-in, and just plain emotional states like lost. The zipper is super detailed for a clear stamp but printed really well even with a Distress ink pad. But, I really love the safety pin rupture, crack, wound, tear, or whatever I dream up. I've been looking for sutures for years and this one gets the vibe I want. I messed around and did one stamp in Distress Blue Print and it reads frozen, as in frozen over from a broken heart. Or blood red with some added drops of blood. Good stuff.

  • Verified Buyer

    Bad, bad, very bad (13 December 2019)

    Hey, it was on sale, I wanted this stamp to work, and it's a new company for me. First off, my problems might be due to the chemistry of the plastic -- when I peeled it off it was extra tough and sticky. Nevertheless, I forged ahead and stamped in Distress then VersaFink inks on standard computer paper. Awful. Huge hold outs even with multiple platform-aided restamping. On the single stamped image attempts some of the fine branches filled-in, creating unattractive blobs. I am tolerant of grunge stamps and stamping, but this one is unusable. Very sad. I really wanted a Sleeping Beauty briar patch sort of image. Hope spring eternal. Some of the other stamps by this company worked fine.

  • Verified Buyer

    Unusual subject matter (09 December 2019)

    As usual Hero Arts delivers quality art and rubber. Even the fine details in this stamp create a beautiful impression -- VersaFine is best, but other top quality ink pads work really well. Note the fine lines of this stamp, something to consider if using rougher paper such as cold press watercolor paper. Hero Arts also makes a die for this stamp which is cool. But what I love most is the subject matter! Whether you consider her to be a goddess or devote, she has the grace to hold herself above our ordinary concerns. Beautiful stamp!

  • Not professional but good enough (20 August 2019)

    I needed a sharpener that would put some edge back on household scissors and chose Fiskars after some research. This does not substitute for a professional sharpening job, but it does good enough. Read and follow the directions. It's amazing how I can get dull scissors to at least useable in a very short amount of time. I use this sharpener for the junk drawer scissors, for the ones we use to open mail and packages, and for my general art scissors. BUT I do get my kitchen shears and my paper collage scissors sharpened by a professional. There are other small sharpeners out there, but I recommend this one.

  • See Clair Nocturne & Fallen Leaves Reviews, but... (26 May 2019)

    UPDATE 6/24/19: I've found with all the colors of Clair, that heavy application causes the ink to bleed while it's drying. Bummer. Bleed not just through paper, but also sideways. Normal stamping does not have this problem.
    I wrote detailed reviews for two other Clair colors, and there's no point in repeating myself. Morning Mist is different in that it is a true, cool, creamy grey. Other ink pad companies have tried to get greys and just don't make the grade. Pigment inks are often too thick, while standard inks are too transparent. Clair Morning Mist is almost perfect. Ghosts, ghostly backgrounds, shadow stamping, all need a true grey. This pad almost works except the pad I got is kind of globby, it oozes and spreads -- hardly much at all but enough. This means fine details fill in, but that might work if you expect that result. The real saving grace is what I gush over in my other Clair reviews: stenciling! Seriously WoW. Spray inks, Distress pads, acrylic paint... Clair works better for me.

  • Not the original VersaFine but... (26 May 2019)

    UPDATE 6/24/19: I've found with all the colors of Clair, that heavy application causes the ink to bleed while it's drying. Bummer. Bleed not just through paper, but also sideways. Normal stamping does not have this problem.
    VersaFine Clair does not hold details like the original. I've used black Onyx since it was first released; in fact, I hardly use any other ink pad. When Clair came out, I wanted to know what the difference was and did some research -- nothing. I picked up several colors to test for myself and was underwhelmed. Clair just does not hold detail as well. It's a bit more opaque but not enough to matter. It wasn't until ten minutes ago that I discovered why I love Clair! I used a fingertip dauber through a stencil. WOW! Seriously. Deep black, no bleed, no funky chunks, filled to the edges. Then I did some work to get a semi-transparent and was very happy as well. This was on cruddy paper, by the way. Better paper gets better results. My life cannot tolerate wet media like paints and spray inks. I'm buying some more Clair and keeping it with my stencils. Trust me; this is better than Distress and the others. Tsukneko isn't advertising stencilings but they really should.

  • Wow! and um not so wow. (26 May 2019)

    UPDATE 6/24/19: I've found with all the colors of Clair, that heavy application causes the ink to bleed while it's drying. Bummer. Bleed not just through paper, but also sideways. Normal stamping does not have this problem.
    MY ORIGINAL POST: I went for this new VersaFine line of stamps because it's VersaFine. I've used the original Onyx Black VersaFine since it came out. Wonderful detail -- holds the finest shading and lines on rubber stamps. The Clair line... I tried to find out what the difference was, checked for reviews, and Tsukineko web site... no luck. So I picked a few colors, Fallen Leaves was one of them. Honestly, I was underwhelmed. Clair doesn't hold details as well, but it is opaque without being globby and wet, which are characteristics of pigment ink pads. This Fallen Leaves color isn't the deep, red-brown printing on the ink pad cover either; it's just black. So, what's the WOW?! I just used a fingertip dauber, this ink pad, and a stencil... WOW! Better than any stamp pad out there. I am utterly blown away. I was able to get opaque black with very little effort as well as semi-transparent. I wish Fallen Leaves were the grungy brown I can only dream about, but you've got to buy Clair if you want to do small stencils. Because of the pigment ink stencils do not rinse off, but I grabbed a Lysol wipe, and it came right off.

  • Verified Buyer

    Subtle but not boring (08 September 2018)

    Grey is one of those colors that recedes which means it drops into the background more then most other colors. The floral side of this paper might be too dark for some but it really works for me.
    I have solid grey paper and can easily use water media to make more, but these little flowers create subtle girly texture which is fun to play around with. Using this as a steampunk background would create a sly grin.
    The other side of this paper is a very nice grey grid that I just love. This style of academic grid works for so many themes including school, engineering, science, even science fiction and space themes. I also like grid paper to create a hard edge feeling with all the page elements lined up. But you can also go for a fake stained glass effect with markers or colored pencils. Lots of uses!

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect for all my circular stamp designs (30 August 2018)

    I’ve got a ton of uncounted cling and rubber — some are grungy cool, some with leaves or bubbles, even those TimHoltz patterned ones. These are the best acrylic blocks. I bought 8 to mount my circles permanently.

  • Verified Buyer

    Wild & Crazy!!! (24 August 2018)

    Love these bisected and generally chopped up bubbles, ovals, and other round-ish bits. Some of the shapes are grouped into circular forms -- checkout the coffee shades grouping (middle left). I cut some of these out for my stash and put the rest into my paper drawer. I'm sure this paper would work for a wild party scrapbook page. Maybe certain kids themes and even a alien/space theme with large silhouettes (maybe a grey wash).

  • Verified Buyer

    Shades of Purple Lovely (24 August 2018)

    This does read as the stone agate, commonly seen in shade of brown, yellow and blue-ish. It's often sliced and dyed. On closer inspection this design really is lines with shadows... but I am quibbling. Kaisercraft created this wonderful lavender paper perfect for full page uses as well as in smaller sections.

  • Elemental Force! (10 August 2018)

    Although really big, this is an elemental stamp for me. Depending on the colors you stamp with and the situation this stamp can be a very dynamic cloud (stormy even!), a dust storm, billowy fast-moving mist, not to mention tornado weather.
    One of my projects needed a figure struggling through a Dust Bowl of Despair, so I loaded up this stamp with tans and triple stamped it without re-inking. It turned out really elemental.
    Of course, this swirl can just be a large ornamental shape as well. Done as a tone-on-tone or have something mounted on top of it. A gold embossed swirl with a die cut, or fussy cut stamped holiday ornament are very nice as well. Just make sure you project (or collection) can handle this size. I work small and just let it stamp partially on the page.

  • Verified Buyer

    Expensive Marbled Paper for Cheap!!! (30 July 2018)

    These colors aren't my thing but wow-oh-wow this paper is awesome! I've bought sheets of real Italian marbled paper over the years, always afraid to waste it yet loving the bizarre texture. In the real deal inks are floated on water (I think) and papers dipped to pickup the color. Some of these are ultra perfect scallops and other designs. But I've always loved these wild and wonderful tempest swirls. I use them for both happy and weird subjects. On some areas clouds froth. While in others there are more nightmare shapes. Of course you can ignore all that and go with the marble aspect -- to me this one needs a thin gesso wash or just the right golden sheen because the contrast is so high. So far I've just a piece of the top left as a twilight sky with black silhouette mountains. I hope KaiserCraft makes more of these papers because I'll buy them all!

  • Verified Buyer

    Little green Army men as symbols (30 July 2018)

    Some of the boys had these guys when I was growing up, in fact they would have huge battles with them in the sand. I was a Lego, Hot Wheels, and Barbie kind of gal. Fifty years later I use a Lego block to stamp textures, love Hot Wheel colors, but the closest I get to Barbie is clipping from the rare Vogue magazine. ANYWAY, these green plastic Army guys are perfect stand-in for all sorts of things in my visual art journals -- comments on events in the news, emotional issues, and my favorite collage practice of big/little surrealism (little Army man vs. much bigger teddy bear rubber stamped image). As for the artwork itself, these guys have almost no detail, just enough shades of green to convey texture, which perfect for suggesting rather than being literal. I've already cut half of this paper up into individual men and stashed them in my die cuts box. My first use was an index card with one of those German tabbed paper roses with a bug on it -- Toot-toot!! Army man saves the day!

  • Verified Buyer

    I love stamps with mirror images! (26 July 2018)

    I do all sorts of scenes and mixed media, and all too often my fish or other critters are facing the wrong direction. Better yet, I was expecting this to be one stamp and it's actually Four! I rarely use word stamps but I will be detail the fish and putting them into circulation. Also, super cool details are the fish expressions -- a smirk, an OH, and a smile. Just ink one fish to create a school of Uh Oh! at the water park, or a fishy choir singing Happy Birthday. This set is well worth the price, easy to color, great in light colors for background filler, good quality, easy to recommend.

  • Verified Buyer

    Bright grunge? (26 July 2018)

    The whole grunge thing was rust, dust, and shadow muck. This new turn is toward a shabby chic sort of grunge and this paper nails it! The overall color is aged text paper, but all sorts of colors make it bright and interesting. While this design is very busy and jagged, all the blues keep it from being frenetic. For me this paper will be used as spot texture or dropped back for backgrounds with a diluted layer of gesso. I might try tinting the gesso as well... maybe tea dye or blue print? Anyway, Ella & Viv have once again done a paper that would take me forever to reproduce so buying it makes my life and art easier and faster!

  • Verified Buyer

    Long time blue rose fan (26 July 2018)

    It's a personal mythology thing, but I do buy most blue rose papers because they find their way into my art journals again and again. What I love about this grouping is the pink mist effect that warms up the blue roses. The purple leaves add to this as well. I wish more of the roses were whole, but they are large enough that I can cut them out and use them along the edges.

  • Verified Buyer

    Groovy Op Art! (26 July 2018)

    I guess this stamp kind of reads as those expensive Italian marbled book papers, but I trend weird and love the crazy optical motion. This stamp is real rubber so those thin lines are crisp. The blackest portions needed a few dots of touch up when I used a StazOn ink pad, while VersaFine was awesome. Because of the size of this stamp, if you want an all-over print you need to press the paper/page to the stamp (not the other way around) to get the best impression. I also tried a light grey ink pad and ended up with this cool subtle texture, so this will work great with those new pastel ink pads.
    My first big project with this stamp involved colored pencils and a trip down memory lane. I worked with neons and other super bright colors. It's not unlike a coloring book you just need your pencil sharpener at hand. I was just messing around but this technique would be groovy for cards or pages with a 60s theme. My next project involved stamping and masking a school of fish before inking up this stamp in medium blues and teals, along with a fine mist of water. The result is a turbulent sea that says some interesting things like feeling overwhelmed or 'together we persevere'. I'm sure you have other great ideas, too.

  • Verified Buyer

    Space between columns is too narrow (11 July 2018)

    I knew that from the photo but I bought this stencil anyway. I grew up with something called half-tone or zip-tone rub-ons used in all kinds of packaging design, comic books, etc. Fortunately my other concern proved false -- those tiny holes work with acrylic paint! Just make sure you don't over do the amount of paint or the pouncing motion. As for the narrow space between.... I carefully cut them apart and used real duct tape to extend the missing real estate. i refuse to mask a stencil every single time I want to use it. Having a place to hold down and pickup a stencil is vital. If they rereleased this stencil with a better layout I would buy it again. I love this stencil especially when the it is offset in different colors or shades of grey.Try out those neon ink pads you don't use often enough~~neon orange, yellow, and green are groovy!!!

  • Verified Buyer

    Is this paper pad worth the cost? (02 July 2018)

    It depends on what sorts of colors and texture you like to work with. Denim and burlap have very deep cultural associations. Leather is more specific to southwest themes, leather jackets, and some interior decorating. The black and white patterns are annoying to me because they are way too computer step-and-repeat. For me this paper pad is for background, matts, and accents. The sample used above this review with the blue jeans pocket? Very creative. But how many times can you repeat this design? Once for your brother's birthday. Once for a 4th of July picnic. Truthfully, I wouldn't have bought this pad if it wasn't on sale. I'll use it now and then, but not often enough if I was on a tight budget or had storage issues.

  • Verified Buyer

    Begging for silhouettes (02 July 2018)

    The first time I looked at this I could see navy silhouettes of sharks and other ocean creatures swimming around. Maybe some seaweed and a tentacled wonder. Maybe a frame of navy shells or starfish. Then I went to the late evening another reviewer mentioned -- I have some great dies and stamps that would make great land based silhouettes. Besides all that, this paper has great subtle texture and atmospheric ombre. No matter what art you do, whether collage, scrapbooking, ATCs, cards, art journaling, etc., this is a must have in your stash!

  • Verified Buyer

    Crayon Scribbles! (02 July 2018)

    The Family Time Collection... got it. These super bright scribbles are fun, festive, and energetic which is a great combination for all sorts of projects, not just kids. This can read as fireworks. It also works cut into smaller pieces, keeping the energy but in small color ranges. I can imagine a birthday card for someone turning 40 or even 80 by tossing a black, dark purple, or navy sentiment on top for super contrast. An ATC would still have all the excitement of these scribbles. Of course, you can draw your own but it wouldn't be an Ella and Viv card stock. I think this pattern is great for anyone... except the dull grungy or victorian types... but they wouldn't be reading this review!

  • Verified Buyer

    Moody teal (02 July 2018)

    At times the ocean can be this color, somewhat moody with breaking white surf, yet not angry or violent. I just watched a documentary on an artist who work with beach sand and some of the ocean footage was this color. This paper also works as a basic textured teal, fairly dark with those random almost white slash marks. Anyone who needs a clean, non-grungy, teal paper might be unhappy with this. Most of those slashes are 2" long with might mar card making and other small projects. I think it works best for large scale such as scrapbook and journal pages. I happen to have a ton of colored pencils and was able to fill in one of the slashes without a problem... you just need to decide if that's worth spending money on.

  • Verified Buyer

    Not vintage at all (02 July 2018)

    Vintage is a relative term, but in general it is not super bright primary and secondary colors. I guess this paper could be 1960s vintage but I was born back then. What attracted me to this paper were the washes of color with those scribbly sorts of lines and the misty transitions. For me it's similar to abstract expressionism such as Alexandra Romano, not those hard, choppy, violent ones of the bad boy artists.
    I actually think this paper is good for anyone who has use for a bright, non-specific paper whether used whole or in pieces. It has a ton of energy without hard lines or anything specific.

  • Verified Buyer

    Pink and yet more pink (02 July 2018)

    I knew what I was getting just with the photo but I'm still unhappy with all the pink. Also the patterns are so obviously made on the computer with step-and-repeat in perfect alignment. Also the patterns are in blocks that are obvious as well. Even the scatter prints have obvious repeats. Now that I'm done complaining, I have quite a few origami papers which also have nice prints but they do not suffer the same obvious repeats or computer generated patterns. Unfortunately origami papers are far too thin and difficult to glue down.
    Now that I'm done complaining, I'm sure paper dolls work for these papers. Also card making, ATCs, tags, etc. I tested one on my new envelope board and it is really cute. I also used two different patterns with a coat of thinned gesso and a cloud die to good effect. I want to try the same thing and make storm clouds.
    If you like pink and very small patterns this is a good buy.

  • Verified Buyer

    This is an odd paper (02 July 2018)

    The Alaska shape is there just not obvious. The ocean as wood planks is strange. The black dots are a real head scratcher since they don't match the wood or anything else -- they just float in various places for no reason.
    Why Bother?? I happen to like grey tones, grungy, sorts of papers. It looks mixed media without being in your face. Some of it says a heavy, grey fog, or maybe a looming thunder storm. Punching or die cutting clouds would be cool, especially if you stack them up over mountains. For that matter the brown portions would make great hills or mountains.
    This is a fun paper for the collector, and collage and mixed media artists, but probably not the best choice for beginners since it has limited use after the obvious Alaska imagery.

  • Verified Buyer

    Way better then I expected! (02 July 2018)

    I have a thing for trilobites -- these guys were everywhere during their epoch, in all different sizes and shapes. Oddly bug-like but sort of crab, too. Anyway, I used white paint and got fabulous results. I added a super fine mist of water because my paint had a lot of body. Then I used a cosmetic sponge and carefully dabbed it in thin layers. You must tape this stencil down for good results because the tiniest bit of movement will splooge those thin legs. You also need to be sure to lift the stencil straight up to keep from smearing. I know, I know, it's a lot of stuff to mess with. But it's so worth it!
    My only complaint is how close they put the critters on the stencil -- I taped all the nearby ones but it should be designed with more room between each trilobite.
    I own a real 2" trilobite fossil in grey stone. I snapped up this stencil as soon as I saw it. Great buy for dinosaur lovers, geologists, etc. Kids will like them, too. With the right text these would make a great "old age" birthday card. Fun stencil.

  • Verified Buyer

    Love them reds (18 June 2018)

    Ella & Viv have the greatest set of these red papers! Personally I go for grunge, vampire, mystery -- the darker stuff without it being horror film. At the same time this paper is so lush and so awesome that I think it would work for Valentines, romance, even Christmas. Foil would so not work for this pattern, the fades and broken bits need to be ink, not foil. I love this paper. It's a good buy.

  • Verified Buyer

    A rose is not always just a rose (18 June 2018)

    I'm not really the sweetness and light type, nor Victorian, and no one in my life is getting married or does girl stuff. Why 5 starts? This rose pattern screams wall paper to me. It scuffs up really well. I've used it as journal page background to great effect. I've also cut out some of the roses for collage -- the pinks and greens form nice flowers without being fussy or detailed. This is a nice addition to my paper stash.

  • Verified Buyer

    Love these warning tapes! (18 June 2018)

    They work for so many situations. Boy stuff with trucks. Police themes, of course. Certain horror and mystery themes. I'm sure planner artists will have fun with this. I use it for my mixed media journal pages. Certain things in my life just need some yellow tape warning everyone to back off! This tape also makes great surrealist fodder. The tape is good quality, as pictured, not opaque but pretty close. A great tape for anyone's collection.

  • Verified Buyer

    Fun for building scenes (18 June 2018)

    I grabbed this tape because it went perfect with some of my stash that has flowers. Do note that Doodle Bug washi is pretty white even when burnish down, so layering isn't very good. Other companies are less white, more misty. Anyway, this grass pattern is as shown -- nice bright green.

  • Verified Buyer

    Zero Gloss! (29 May 2018)

    Absolutely flat, no coating of gloss or even semi-gloss. Diamonds glitter and shine. Ella & Viv missed the boat on this. If you need glossy think about those accent products, but not glitter because even super fine would interfere with the gem facets.

    These are art work diamonds, not photographic ones. The art is actually good, if you want mono-tone black and white. The greys do a very nice job of portraying gem-like facets. These are also a mixture of different stone cut styles which gives them even more vitality.

    I think this is a really good paper for anyone's stash. Individual gems can be cut out for other uses, or used in strips for borders. I suggest you buy a few sheets, after all diamonds are a girl's best friend.

  • Verified Buyer

    Utterly flat / No gloss (29 May 2018)

    Most of Ella & Viv papers are semi-gloss, smooth to the touch without be reflective. This is diamonds, ladies!!! This should be high gloss sparkle! Utterly flat, regular card stock. Sigh. If the lack of gloss is an issue, you might be able to use Glossy Accents or similar products to gives these diamonds the wow factor they are lacking.

    This is very nice art work, not from a photograph. Not a big deal for me but it might be for some. The diamonds themselves are composed of different colored facets which is... um... brilliant. They seem to sparkle no matter the size, too.

    If you have the right size of punch or die you could separate diamonds for accents on other projects. They would also read as ritzy dandelions or even snowflakes. I love a paper pattern that can be used in different ways! In fact I want several sheets to add to my stash -- diamonds never go out of style.

  • Verified Buyer

    Bricks don't read very well (29 May 2018)

    Those dots are off-set by shadows to suggest 3D. Up close the texture is an imitation. Zoom in on the product photo to see what I mean. The crescent moon shadows are the same for every single one. Note the seams between bricks because they are a simple juncture between flat colors.

    I have no idea if that's a problem for you. Any serious builder will tell you that this paper pattern isn't the real thing (including your daughter or niece). The small pattern side of the paper is less of a problem, the large four triangles on the other side are really obvious since they enlarged the dots.

    Personally I bought this paper because I don't plan on using it for anything other than a rare collage element. A few bricks can be playful punctuation or a sly comment on a space themed art journal page. I do want to figure out how to do glitter bricks without warping the paper because I think it would be fun.

    By the way, I loved my Legos as a girl during the 1960s. I thought the Link-n-Logs everyone else played with were lame.

  • Verified Buyer

    Stiff, hard, and not that good (29 May 2018)

    The foam found on wood and cling rubber stamps is squishy, it gives a little to help distribute the pressure necessary to get a good imprint. This product is not squishy, it is hard, in fact it has near zero give. It is porous which might be good for other uses, I don't know. But it is not self-healing. Repeated use with anything sharp or heavy will damage the porous structure.

    This product is not a substitute for rubber stamp foam, nor one of those old fashion mouse pads. Buyer beware. They call it a "secret weapon" which is an odd name. The secret part might be the gnomes of Zurich giggling. It certainly will not give you better stamp impressions.

  • Verified Buyer

    The hole is fine but the circle is a little thin (29 May 2018)

    The center hole of this punch fits my needs at 1/4" but the paper part of the circle is only 1/8" which is a little thin for me. The graphic on the punch itself is exactly and size of the punched out piece, so no complaints there. The trick to release the inner part of the hole punch is in the answered questions below, solving that mystery. I just wish the paper part of this punch was more than 1/8" since I make my own tags and wanted to put interesting hole reinforcements on them. And for those of you who may not know, punches almost always only work on paper -- a few work on flimsy card stock but not very many. There are a few dies for cutting hole reinforcements if you want to do anything heavier than paper.

    That said, I'll be making my own mini striped papers for this punch to jazz up a tag art journal I plan on making -- watercolor pencils, brush tip markers, etc.

  • Verified Buyer

    Note those black lines (29 May 2018)

    The irregular grid of black lines are obvious on this paper and they do interrupt the swirling majesty of the stained glass like pattern, so look carefully. Since I work on a much smaller scale I can cut out smaller pieces to avoid the lines or minimize them. I have no doubt this pattern will be useful for church related events -- a translucent layer of vellum would keep the excitement while reducing the almost excessive pop of the colors. I also happen to think that this is fabulous fantasy-theme paper. While too crazy to be Harry Potter, elements of this pattern could support fairies, dragons, and other magical themes. On a much smaller scale, ATCs, tags, bookmarks, and greeting cards, would all be amped up with this paper as background or in small strips. Remember you can use vellum or super thin coats of white paint or gesso to reduce the vibrancy.

  • Verified Buyer

    Rusty grungy dots oh my! (29 May 2018)

    I love rust and grunge. I also happen to have a thing for tone-on-tone dots because they generate lively texture and energy without being super obvious. Admittedly theses dots are stronger then I like, but the do cause an interesting dynamic. The other side of this paper is also a very useful rust sort-of abstract texture, so you might want to pick-up two sheets.

  • Verified Buyer

    Not a gem-like as you might think (29 May 2018)

    While this does read as multiple facets of real diamonds in the sample picture, it's not really that way in person. This design is more wedges and pieces of diamonds collaged together with some computer magic... as a result at real size you can see the collage elements. That said, this paper still says diamonds just in a more abstract sense. Zoom in on the photo. This paper might work for you and might not.

  • Verified Buyer

    Awesome! (29 May 2018)

    This paper is just as pictured -- blue/white iceberg. I have not doubt that scrapbookers will be buying this to save memories of arctic cruises and visits to fiords. I just love the unmistakable chilly hues and will be using it in art journaling as emotional accents. There is 'cutting someone off cold' and 'giving someone a cold shoulder.' There is also 'cold fury' instead of 'hot anger.' But I mostly love this paper as icy texture -- a single die cut red balloon would be a serious pop of color. This paper is a great buy!

  • Shocking bright green (27 December 2017)

    I have a serious thing for this green. Years and years ago I got the idea that fantasy style magic needed a color other than white or gold sparkles. I was so excited when Ranger and Tim released Twisted Citron because I had an easy were to give stamped fairies their glow and messenger birds trailing their sparkles. I've been using colored pencils to give cats and wolves their citron green eyes; now I have an even brighter way to do this. So, that's my tweak.

    Twisted Citron is a super bright spring green. Certain plants push out new leaves that are this bright, and usually fairly thin and fragile. This color nails that effect perfectly. This is also a gotta have '60s retro color -- my sister and I had little dresses this color that we loved. If you have the right stamps, this color is great for jelly beans, gummy worms, even birthday candles on cupcakes with pink frosting. Do not be afraid of stamping in black, and doing the watercolor trick to add this lovey green.

    This is a fun color. Not for everyone since it is almost neon, but I'm very happy to have it in my collection.

  • Strong, bold blue with some reservations (27 December 2017)

    I get why Ranger and Tim decided to go with this shade of blue for Mermaid Lagoon. It is a bright blue without being in your face. At the same time is out of sync with the Distress line as a whole. I'm sure people will argue with me. But I want colors to work together since I prefer to use shades of a color family to create more interesting blends. Peacock Feathers was the odd man out, so to speak when it was released -- it just didn't work with any of the other blues and very few other colors. Mermaid Lagoon does work with Peacock Feathers, sort of. The two colors are at the same level of intensity, the same depth of tone, so when blended in layers they do not create something interesting. Again other people will have other opinions.

    All that said, Mermaid Lagoon does something Peacock Feathers does not -- it stamps as a strong, clear blue. I prefer this color over all the other Distress Ink Pads for waves, blue roses, and other imagery that needs to be strong without being black or sepia. I know a lot of people use Salty Ocean instead, so it's my opinion.

    I think there are better choices in the Distress line for a beginner, or for an occasional user. Nevertheless, Mermaid Lagoon is an interesting and useful color.

  • Good deep yellow with suggested uses (27 December 2017)

    Fossilized Amber is one of my second tier favorite colors in the Distressed Ink Pad line. Certain colors like Hickory Smoke, Tea Dye, etc. are the ones I reach for again and again. Yellows are harder to use with stamping since they just lack POP and often recede into the background. This can work in your favor, of course, it just depends on how you use Distress pads.

    I reach for Fossilized Amber when I want a warm glow whether it's sunshine, a halo effect, or autumn leaves mixed with other fall colors. Brighter yellows can be harsh or too color wheel primary.

    I also choose Fossilized Amber as a base layer for some steampunk elements because it suggests gold or brass -- additional layers of browns and rusts result in a more antique look. It is always best to work from light to dark, and this color can work for some projects.

    Another place to use Fossilized Amber is brocade. If your paper is a light kraft or a dark cream, brocade stamps have a unique feeling. There is a great short story called "Yellow Wallpaper" if you want a direct reference.

    One more use is using a blending tool, makeup sponge, or dauber to add more pastel color to stamped jelly beans, paper doll's hair, the outer petals of roses, etc. Because Fossilized Amber is not a true yellow, it reads more natural. Along these lines, I love this color as part of an ombre sunset, especially ones that fade to black at the top of the page.

    If you are buying Distress Ink Pads to start your collection, I'm not sure this color is the best choice since yellows are harder to work with. At the same time if I were to only buy a single yellow from this line I would choose Fossilized Amber.

  • Verified Buyer

    Just the micro prints I wanted! (05 December 2017)

    I mostly do collage in small art journals, so I often need for really little prints to create texture and color without being a boring solid. This understated set of patterns really do the job. I prefer a bit more random, but geometric precision works, too. I'm sure all the paper doll makers will be pleased with this paper as well, leave the glitz for details instead of busy patterns. Good buy.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great buy? This stamp can be male or femaile! (05 December 2017)

    This is certain to offend someone, but this stamp goes either way for me. I didn't want to buy two and was happy to find this kid that can be a guy or a girl. The typical blue and pink and everything's clearly defined. Girls do wear their hair short even when they aren't tomboys. Some famous Hollywood and music ladies, in fact. A pink bow on top for a girl or some guy symbol on the t-shirt for a guy. Everyone should be happy. I was happy for another reason as well. With the right facial features, this teen can be Asian or European, instead of plain white American. These two characteristic make this a more useful stamp for anyone with limited funds and a desire to get more for what they do buy. Because of all this, I think this particular stamp would be a great gift for a friend or a teen -- creativity is always more vibrant with lots of options.

  • Verified Buyer

    Plenty of uses, good investment (05 December 2017)

    I can be such a pain about some things. I pulled this stencil out of the wrapper and cut it into three strips. The cutouts still have intact plastic around them, so there's plenty of finger holding places. Even for a 6x6 stencil, it's hard to work these tiny stencils. But that's me.

    Besides my butchery, I do like all these patterns. Very geometric, very orderly, perfect for making your own background elements or psuedo-tribal borders. If you want more control over the patterns on die-cuts, having fine detail stencils are great as well. You can do soft tone-on-tone or go for a confetti effect. Lots of interesting techniques and applications, so I know you'll be happy with this purchase!

  • Verified Buyer

    Not just your usual sea life! (05 December 2017)

    I admit it, I have a thing for tentacles! Creepy ocean depths hide hideous monsters... Oh yeah. On the more friendly side, tentacles have taken on an almost pretty with teen girl-punk vibe: think pink and sparkles along with those comic bookmarks called hites that suggest movement. At the same time I know I'm not the only one building aquatic scenes since there are so many stamps, die cuts, and other fun supplies. The great part is tentacles also solve the fun male card problem since there's always pirates of tropical persuasion. Hero Arts makes top quality, wood mounted stamps, you'll have fun this one for a long time, so it's a fabulous investment.

  • Verified Buyer

    Cut it down first thing (05 December 2017)

    Gasp. Some lady who knows how she uses paper... personal opinion. This be big buttons, folks. The very biggest at almost 1". If you put the typical photograph next to it, that 1" yellow one is the size of the sun. And most of the buttons are overlapping so you can't really do the sneaky bit and cut out individual buttons.

    By cutting this paper down I can now use monotone groups of buttons as accents, ephemera, or textured color. For instance, die cut a sun in gold foil paper and put it on top of the red buttons, same for a shell on the brown ones.

    One easy option is to tone the paper down with thin white paint or gesso for a misty look. Another tactic is to have your images covering up some of the boxes, leaving the others as buttons.

    This Tinker Tray line for Ella & Viv is bright and interesting, but they do take some extra effort. The extra large images means they standout against other scrapbook papers and source material.

  • Verified Buyer

    Gigantor! Boom! Boom! Gigantor! (05 December 2017)

    All of you are far too young for that cultural reference. Big Japanese monster. Each of these tumbled glass pieces are larger than 1" -- that's fooping gigantic! I have no idea how anyone else is going to be using this without it dominating everything else in the piece. But here are some of my thoughts...

    -Put a piece of deli paper over the top; this makes the glass misty and less in your face; this could also be clear gesso which is usually translucent.

    -Ignore the pebble part and go for the visual texture and color; I'm thinking using shredding scissors to make grass for a National Geographic elephant or using a stencil to sponge translucent blues on top with a wave stencil.

    -Although, the right rubber stamp or magazine image could be curled up under this huge pile (or avalanche) symbolizing depression or feeling extremely overwhelmed.

    -If you want to be literal, this green sea glass will make unusual laminated placemats.

    For me, scrapbook paper is rarely an end in itself. Paper is meant to be manipulated and changed. I honestly believe this is part of Ella & Viv's intention with this gigantic patterns.

  • Verified Buyer

    Some useful but 3 each is a bummer (05 December 2017)

    I do collage and art journaling, not Prima's market. Nevertheless, I picked this up on Black Friday because some of the images are hard to find. I have a personal thing about blue roses, so I scored with that. The almost ugly black line-ish thing at the top of the product photo reads like low quality Italian marbled paper which is great clean grunge. Some of the watercolor line things are good for those days when I don't want to make my own or am traveling. I even like one of the freeform dash backgrounds.

    Alas, there was only one sentiment that resonated. The worst part is there are 3 of each design. Patterns without words are far easier to repeat. A saying in pocket journaling needs to wait before being used again. Also, sentiments are boring on the same background every time. Stamps allow more creativity. If Prima had done two with the same words and left one blank, this would be a much better set.

    Personally, this was not a good buy for me. For many, the repeates will end up in a box somewhere as money spent and not used. If you're one of these collectors, please donate or gift them to an artist friend. I have a thrift store that gets a box from me now and then. Mail art swaps work, too. End public service announcement.

  • Verified Buyer

    Impulse buy (05 December 2017)

    Ranger anything rarely goes on sale, and Dylusions even less often. I said "skulls are cool" and hit add to cart. I took a class from Diane and figured I knew what I was getting into. Those tiny lines around the top of the skull and under the chin? If you want those, and I assume you do, you've got some practice ahead of you. Most Dylussion stencils are paint/squirt/ done or mist/lift/remove. Nothing timely or tedious. On this one, too much fills the tiny lines but floods the too close together solid eyes, nose, and cheek-whatevers. I am far, far, far from an expert on stencils. I'm sure plenty of you can get perfect transfers without effort. Not me. And not the occasional user or beginner. I'll be donating mine.

  • Verified Buyer

    Get this stamps before planner are gone (05 December 2017)

    The planner trend is fading, and all these great stamps will eventually be discontinued. I picked this set out of so many other because it is 1) wood mounted, 2) Hero Arts, and 3) versatile.

    With Hero Arts wood mount, rubber stamps I know I will have them in 20 years since I have some of their stamps made 20 years ago! Those clear stamps rip, tear, stain, stop sticking, get lost... cheap and disposable.

    I also choose this set because the icons are simple and easily readable. So many tiny stamps fill-in with ink and make ugly impressions. My only complaint with this set is the tines on the fork -- it still stamps it just takes extra care so pre-test before committing to your project. Otherwise, the line art is clean and consistent which elevates them from being some random shape to being icons.

    As for versatile, these babies are screaming for color! I used both colored pencils and Pitt Pens when I played around. Just a few swipes and the phone was neon orange, and the leaf had a gradient. A micron pen even gave the cloud streaks of rain as well as a bolt of lightning.

    I simply refuse to buy stamps that only do one thing or can only be used in one way. When these little icons get color they pop which is so cool.

    Finally, I know why Hero Arts does the ink pad and sticky notes thing, but I wish they would stop. The ink is always bad. The sticky notes on this one are so bad they went right in the trash. If you are buying this as a gift, do remove both of these and fill the space with a silk flower or a tiny bottle of stamp cleaner. Please don't embarrass yourself.

  • Verified Buyer

    Orange = borning ~~ Round/squares = GROOVY! (05 December 2017)

    That orange has texture, vaguely grungy but rather insipid. The orange never makes rust or aged; it just stays orange. Those medallion shapes are o.k., but everyone does those. BoBunny blew it and put the wrong paper in the front. Any collector will tell you that we don't need more orange.

    It's the teal, orange, grey, white, pastel olive pattern that vibrates and sings! Take a look, those circle/squares are not static. They're wiggling around. Not literally, of course. But it's nice to get a geometric pattern that isn't frozen in orderly rows and columns.

    Even better is this pattern is subtly grungy, in a clean way without dirt or rust. There are a few double lines that almost read as staples, but it's more of a greyed out suggestion. There are some other tiny textural details like microdots in a center square. This sort of detail is a large part of why this paper pattern is not static.

    So, how to use the fun side of this paper? If you fussy cut you can get an irregular scallop for borders or other elements like irregular photo mats. The design goes from the late 50s to mid-70s which _is_ groovy. I also have fun toning it down with this wash of white paint for a more muted look. These circle/squares do read as flowers with the right juxtoposition of whimsy. I also can see modern mosaic or stained glass -- minimalist and retro weddings do happen, you know.

    I recommend that collectors snap this one up. If any of my ideas match your passion, this is a good investment (buy two!). These busy patterns are hard for beginners to use and balance with other elements, especially in cards, but lots of experiments and some great things can be learned by taking the groovy route!

  • Verified Buyer

    Ignore the orange! (05 December 2017)

    It's that black to cream pattern that is to die for! I am convinced Pink Paislee blew it and put the wrong side in the front. _Everyone_ does a medallion spiderweb sort of thing. No one does this splatter gradient.

    -Rest assured that the black spray goes across the page at about the same level, and it does not repeat (so rare).

    -Although it has a grungy sort of emphasis, this is not dirty goth or splatterpunk. It reads as a civilized Edger Allen Poe.

    -The beige has some subtle text done in a pleasant cursive, not some macabre Germanic blackletter font.

    I doubt it, but I hope Pink Paislee reads this review and produces this pattern in other colors; even pastels would be o.k.; but I'd buy a ton of ocean and sky, or tall grass and sky. The right colors and this could be goth or grunge, of course, I can hope, but I won't hold my breath.

    This black spray/splatter is a huge 6'' pattern, so not for most smaller projects. Art journal and scrapbook papers will take some planning and forethought, but no one else will be cloning or trending your effort. Being creatively unique is so cool.

    Oh, and don't miss that you can use this paper sideways, or cut it into border strips as well.

  • Verified Buyer

    Strong, bold, not to be missed pattern (05 December 2017)

    This paper pattern is one of my all time favorites!!! I've been doing collage for almost 20 years and have collected, used, donated, and (gasp) recycled all sorts of papers. These days I know the images I have used over and over -- gems and minerals happen to be one of them. The fact this one is reversed makes it utter unique.

    The great stuff with this paper pattern is those crystal/gem shapes can be cut out individually... just not fussy cut on the actual lines (too thin for me, anyway). But doing this means you can create your own patterns by stacking them or forming a circle or frame.

    The black background is not solid; it has a stary sky feel with a deep space nebular vibe. Nevertheless, you can carefully color the gem lines to give them a different look. I had the best luck with very sharp colored pencils. Doing this takes what are basically clear quartz crystals and makes them yellow citrine, pink or green tournaline, even purple amethyst. Woo-hoo! Love that!

    Honestly, the marble reversed side is only o.k. For a scrapbook paper or large art journal, it might work since the detail is minimal and moderate contrast. I'm guessing, but I think Pink Paislee just tossed something on the reverse side and didn't bother matching the look and feel.

    What can you use this basically black pattern for? If you or someone you know is a geographer or geologist, it works. If they are into beads or even jewelry, it might work. There certainly are plenty of symbolic associations with gems and minerals like engagements, weddings, and certain spiritual pursuits.

    While this paper is only going to appeal to a few, what it does is beyond good. It makes a super strong, large pattern, that speaks in a voice that will not be overlooked or ignored.

  • Verified Buyer

    Makes A Great Texture Stamp (05 December 2017)

    I did typesetting and design for ten years and continue to have a fondness for elegant letterforms even when they're not letters. One art director I worked with collected ampersands from different fonts and framed them on the wall of her office.

    Anyway, I've been looking for plus or X shapes recently. Trust Hero Arts to produce one that has so much character. Those softly rounded ends? And the slightly tapered crossbars? Details that most will overlook, I know. But this one seriously elevates a slashing, ugly boxed end shape we see on the computer every day.

    I will be doing tone-on-tone stamping with this image. With a little work, I can create a subtle brocade-type pattern. It can also go to more of a chaos fill when I want more energy without high contrast. On a large art journal or scrapbook page, it's possible to create an ombre sort of effect using density and slight variation in color -- heavy in one corner going to light in another. Since this stamp is a significantly sized shape, a tone-on-tone technique gets umph without being in your face.

    I was also looking for an icon. For me, the four arms represent the four directions of the compass (my degree was in geography, not design) as well as earth/air/fire/water. I have also seen some lovely religious patterns and effects. Sometimes simple has a far greater impact them all those curly-cues and what-nots.

    If you are a collector or have a set of large letter stamps, take a look at what you already have. Most sets do not have a plus character, but the X's might work for you. I happen to love this one, but will not be storing it with my alphabets. For me, this is a texture stamp with the bonus that it fits beautifully inside one of the circle stamps I already have.

  • Verified Buyer

    A little blurry (30 November 2017)

    Blurr, mist, fade, and all that works for some projects and not others. In this case, it just softens what I think would be an awkward pattern. As others have noted this semi-fabric texture has plenty of uses. The color is saturated enough that I can't see it be used for sky during the day, but maybe twilight fireworks or tree diecut silhouettes. I'm planning on substituting this for solid blue cardstock in my art journal collages. I'm not much of a painter, so it's always nice to find a paper that does the work for me. Good buy for travel projects as well as a stash.

  • Verified Buyer

    Not a huge fan (30 November 2017)

    A Black Friday impulse purchase. It looks interesting in a broad swirly way. There's a big helping of mixed media in all the messiness as well. Good enough, so I clicked add to cart.

    I've cooled off from my shopping frenzy, and this is the morning after. I get the idea behind this design, but to my eye, it's just layered on a computer, messed around with but not quite realized. The only thing that really, really works for me is this faint background buzzy noise in golds and brown -- you'll have to zoom in to really see it top center. What gets me most are those sizeable fake marker swoops (a Photoshop effect). These are floating in the absolute top/front of the paper pattern. It's almost as if these swashes were done on a sheet of glass and laid over the top instead of being part of the artwork. Maybe that doesn't bother you, but I have standards when I spend this much on paper. This effort fails to get the mixed media effects I love because the execution didn't go the way I prefer.

    We all have opinions and use papers differently, so I'm not belittling anyone. Apparently, the other reviewers have found plenty of great uses. I'm writing this to inform better beginners and people who struggle with getting the right amount of texture and interest for their artwork.

    What gets me the absolute most? That face mid-left. About 6" sketched in light blue, two eyes close together, bright blue nose. Can you see it? When I pulled this paper out of the plastic, this is the first thing I saw! Bleh.

  • Verified Buyer

    Yet another wood grain? (30 November 2017)

    Well... yes it is. And it's a repeated mirror image. The tiny staple/nails form a wobbly line that almost look like flecks instead of fasteners. Then there is the soft downward fall of the natural wood grain. I have far too much wood in my stash. Everyone is putting it in their paper pads and on the reverse side of anything grungy or steampunk. Nevertheless, I fell in love with this one. All those papers with harsh parallel lines made on a computer pale next to what you see here. I'll be using pieces for journaling blocks, frames, and nature-inspired themes. You could also find a sticker or magazine image of a doorknob which would be fun for housewarming invitations. An art journal or other book covers would be cool as well.

  • Verified Buyer

    Oh so very wet painterly! (30 November 2017)

    This was the real deal before it was photographed. You can see brush strokes and accidental color mixing. Good stuff. But it is a hot mess as a whole with those four blocks of color. I personally think this paper is best if it's cut down to more usable pieces. Maybe not for ATCs but I could see this paper used for card backgrounds -- maybe with bright pink and purple diecuts? A glittery sun? Glossy red balloons? This sort of high contrast Pop could easily end up being a great greeting card.

  • Verified Buyer

    One CRAZY Ransom Note (30 November 2017)

    Not really a ransom note, but the idea is there. A computer was used to make shadows for each of the letter and number tiles, then staggered the heck out of them for an almost 3D look. It's not hard to see what you're getting into, but it is hard to imagine what you might use this paper for. I kept passing it up, and I love Ella and Viv papers. When I started thinking about this chaos of letters I went to less literal ones. I'm a bit dislexic, so there is that. True for anyone with spelling or learning problems. Both are easily symbolic as well, such as a looming SAT or law exam. Personally, I don't think this is a substitute for wooden children's toy blocks or some pleasant whimsy. But who am I? Just some reviewer! Go wherever your creativity takes you.

  • Verified Buyer

    Kind of crayon scribbles (30 November 2017)

    The pattern on this paper is more actually more complex then crayons scribbles. It has a subtle mixed-media feeling with some grainy texture in places and a little ethereal going on in others. All that is beside the point if you get caught up in this elemental waterfall purple rush! It's cold and lively. I can imagine everyone having a use for this paper... unless they hate purple. If solid papers aren't giving you the pop you need for your pages or other projects, this one is a sure winner!

  • Verified Buyer

    Mesmerizing (30 November 2017)

    Tall slashes of white with black tree trunks. So cool. This is a heavily Photoshopped image, though. If you zoom in, you'll see that distant trees are tiny tree trunks packed together like hand fulls of pencils and toothpicks. Only at the top do you get a kind of relief but that's a neutral gray.

    If you're going to use this for a scrapbooking page background, I am wowed by your fortitude! This pattern is so busy. Smaller uses would be easier to handle which is my intention. I plan on going for natural vertical or horizontal lines for accents and interest in collages. Another idea would be misty layers of white or pastel gesso. Distress inks won't work but maybe the stains which would make a more grunge look.

    Anyway, Ella and Viv make great paper. Super heavy card stock but the surface is a bit glossy which means your favorite supplies might or might not work -- always test first.

  • Verified Buyer

    What's with the French bingo??? (30 November 2017)

    They're bingo cards with stereotypical French words on them. Forgive me for being confused.

    The other side has this tiny rosette pattern that is super useful for paper dolls, of course, but also anyone working with ATCs, tags, and cards. But I think there are plenty of larger projects that would work as well.

    The real reason why this pattern is so successful is that the pretty blue background is not monotone. Very subtle @#$%*s in hue impart additional life.

    A great buy for both project and stash.

  • Verified Buyer

    Not real useful (16 November 2017)

    This paper pack is full of super bright, super strong, and super busy paper. Not for the faint of heart. I'll be using parts and pieces for borders, frames, and spot elements, but even then balance with the other elements won't be busy. This is not a beginner pad of paper. Outside of the two black and white designs, only the colored spaghetti is moderately easy to work with. For me I see enough use to avoid returning it, unfortunately I wish I hadn't spent the money.

  • Verified Buyer

    Busy Dizzy Pow (16 November 2017)

    These papers are detailed and strong. So much so that they are hard to work with. Pretty much they are accent papers for borders, frames, and spot elements. If you plop a photo, even with a mat, it will be lost in the business. I loved the variety and talked myself into it. Now I wish some of the less interesting designs were eliminated, and coordinated plain papers were provided. I'll be trying gesso on some to drop back the overwhelming patterns -- I think a misty-white, as well as a mysterious black, would work. The right antique brown would age and soft the hard lines. When I have to do this kind of work I realize this isn't the best paper for me.

  • Verified Buyer

    Fabulous Twilight Blues (16 November 2017)

    When I look at this paper, I immediately think of an ice blue at twilight. Photographs of clear icicles sometimes suggest this. Blue icebergs on a dark sea also go there. Of course, you may get something else entirely. I love the visual texture, the darker framing, the whole feel. This is a great paper. I think it's a good one not only for collectors but also beginners who want interesting multipurpose primary papers. Ignoring the ice, this could be a twilight sky, a subdued winter, even underwater; a male theme if it was outdoors or more moody photos. All that means I have a great collage paper for my stash.

  • Verified Buyer

    Warm tan color (16 November 2017)

    I'm delighted to find true neutral papers that still have character. This paper is a mid-tan color with a slight shift to the yellow -- it reminds me of a canvas tarp we had in our camping kit in the 60s before plastic became the thing. The much darker scratch marks are thankfully mostly near the edges which mean less noise in the other areas. Do note that this goes best with warm colors -- the most common blues and greens are very cool tones (i.e., not true olive or a red/blue purple).

  • Verified Buyer

    Not so great with VersaFine ink pads (15 October 2017)

    I do most of my stamping with black VersaFine as do plenty of others. The quality of the ink, it's ability to stamp fine details, and its fast drying time, are all a big deal. Everyone was raving about this shammy, so I picked one up. Stamp cleaning has been an issue since I started stamping in the late 1990s. This shammy does work just not very well for VersaFine in any color. I think this has to do with the chemistry of the ink itself. Water hardly does anything useful. A stamp cleaner is somewhat better. Currently, I stamp, immediately rub with a baby wipe, and later use a stamp cleaner with a scrubber pad. This method gives me better results all around. As for other pads like StazOn, it works, but this shammy is too thick to get into stamp details. Distress ink pads are good enough as I'm sure most regular dye inks are.

  • Verified Buyer

    Big Big Feathers (26 September 2017)

    I took the risk rightly thinking that this would be useful in my stash as subtly textured white paper. But now that I have it in front of me I can see that the biggest bottom feather is more than 6" and most of it's cut off by the edges of the page. Pretty much if you need this paper to read as feathers and a big chunk of it needs to be unobscured. As always this is beautifully printed on heavy card stock -- a hallmark of Ella & Viv.

  • Verified Buyer

    Clouds!!! (26 September 2017)

    When I first found Ella & Viv on this site, I bought ten different cloud and atmosphere papers. I still love them all. This one merits notice because it can have an extra life if you cut it apart for smaller projects. Sacrilege? I bought two, one to keep for large projects, and the other to reduce for my collage paper stash. I avoid working wet, and pastels aren't my thing. So I'm over the moon when I find a paper that has misty with tons of depth and character. That tan isn't just a boring light brown. The mid-zones are a wonderful gradient full of interest. I don't know about you, but I couldn't paint this in a million years. A few snips and I have impressionist beach sand. A few more and I have a dreamy background for all my aquatic stamps. The clouds are just begging to backup purple mountains or die cut tree silhouettes. I absolutely love when a paper not only inspires me but does so much work as well!

  • Verified Buyer

    Little odd (26 September 2017)

    If you look at this from a distance, these greens and yellows make an unusual watercolor sort of misty goodness. It's when you are closer that you see lighter shades that sketch out plant-like forms and a few flowers. Sketch, very wet impressionist, nothing clear. Also, there are some large wet leaf silhouettes. Strange since the flower and plant shapes are very large, some of them up to 1/4 of the pages. This paper does have a mixed media sort of vibe, but I'm not sure how useful it will be for some people. That said, as always, Ella & Viv has the best heavy card stock of anyone, and the print job is good with fabulous depth of color.

  • Verified Buyer

    These be BIG bats! (26 September 2017)

    If you mentally divide the page in half, then half again into quarters, and check the size of the bats against that... these are big bats. I had hoped to cut the bats apart since the overlap didn't look like it would be a problem... unfortunately I'll only be able to get a few since these guys heavily overlaid which does make them look 3D-like. But that's my problem, my one comment for everyone is to look carefully at where you will put things on top of this paper because you will be cutting off these huge bats. You really can't cut even a wide strip for a border, either. This just has to be a 12x12 scrapbook page, a very large journal or similar project. Besides all that... this is awesome heavy card stock and no semi-gloss coated like much of Ella & Viv papers now.

  • Verified Buyer

    Double sided but 5 duplicate sheets (26 September 2017)

    Unfortunately kind of a wimpy version of early 2000 Basic Grey. The patterns are pretty much fluffy grunge -- more misty then aged, and hardly antique or even mysterious. That's fine as far as it goes. There are plenty of uses for these papers, so some of it is going in my stash. I don't need five identical sheets. The fact that these are double sided didn't change much for me. I'll be donating half of this pad to charity. At least the card stock is pretty good, and the printing itself is well done.

  • Verified Buyer

    Plenty of little patterns (26 September 2017)

    I do collage, mostly smaller than 5x7, so I'm always on the lookout for interesting small paper patterns and images. This set is right in the sweet spot for me. I also really like that this pad has such a great variety -- so many repeated the same pattern in different colors, and I'd much rather have a range. The colors are good. The paper is a decent card stock. I think this paper pad would be a great addition for anyone who collects, collage artists, and anyone who has a need for small patterns like pocket journaling or cards.

  • Verified Buyer

    Different (22 September 2017)

    This is an unusual paper. It's almost impressionistic instead of literal. You really need to zoom in and check it out. The white side is a heavily painted brick wall. I mean lots of paint which is good since it only sort of reads as brick, more texture then masonry. This works well for indoor themes since interior brick walls often get painted over. Anything livingroom, Christmas, maybe kitchen, perhaps even some pop graphics. I'm using it in collage as an alternative to hand texturizing white paper. The other side is the teal/aqua, and blue streaks are da bomb. It kind of reads as fabric but isn't the usual repeated fibers on some many of those papers. It also has tons of character, even some motion. To me, this would be great for underwater scenes, not to mention rainy days or silhouette trees or forest. I'd say this is a paper that should be in everyone's stash since the colors are so versatile.

  • Verified Buyer

    Like some, don't like others (22 September 2017)

    I'm one of those people who buy paper pads and pull out what I want and donate the rest. Part of that's practical since I have drawers and drawers full of paper already. But I've also learned what I will use from having done collage for 20 years. This is obvious grunge paper but don't let that stop you from other creative uses. Science fiction, steampunk, city travels, downer emotional themes, etc. These papers can also make great photo mats or accents not because they read literal but because they have more random patterns and colors (as opposed to the usual strict repeating ones). Certainly not for everyone.

  • Verified Buyer

    Not just literal grunge, also emotional texture (22 September 2017)

    I've got plenty of wood since everyone is sticking one or more wood related papers in their pads. This one's nice since it is real weathered wood and not something out of Photoshop. But I picked up this paper for the other side. That's ugly concrete along with the bits of brick masonry. Ugly as in rust stains, worn and chipped, as well as just plain dirty. Really grunge. But that can work for skateboarding, getting lost in a city on your vacation, _that_ wall in your basement, even how awful you feel on a certain day. Sometimes people take paper too literally. This one can just be visual texture where you need something gray and not flat color. I've already used it in some of my art journal collages, and I like it. In one I used some rubber stamps in black ink and colored them with Pitt pens. If you do non-standard art, this is a good paper for your stash.

  • Does not keep sticking (22 September 2017)

    I've used all sorts of glue sticks for 20 years. Most of them are bad because they stick for a while then fall off. This one is no exception. I got about eight months in a closed art journal before the paper started peeling up. I mostly do collage, so this isn't a once and awhile thing. I also use a hard acrylic roller to make sure there is a good bond. Beyond that, I do not like how soft this glue actually is which means I often put too much glue down making for messy efforts. Sure the triangle shape is cool, but that means the lid is hard to put back on. This product is a major Ranger whiff. UHU glue stick is the only one that lasts -- 20 years in art journals and counting!

  • Not actual glitter / a photo of glitter (20 September 2017)

    Imagine if you had an open container of glitter, mentally strip out all the sparkle and you have tiny flakes or bits that are all the same size -- the glitter is suggested not actual. I read the reviews, so I'm not disappointed, so I just want to make sure people know.

    What good is this paper? It's perfect background paper if you need bright yet understated texture. This can also be for silver-like accents such as photo mats -- a layer of gloss acrylic medium would increase the ritz factor. I find this silver version more useful than the gold because it suggests brushed silver texture without the bumps. I punched and die cut some stars which were nice. I also did some 60s style flowers for a groovy art journal page that were retro-disco without being glitter bright.

    This paper is not a paper for everyone, sort of a specific need. I'm o.k. with having it in my collage stash. If you want super sparkle, there are some actual glitter papers out there that dance and do the whole song and dance.

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    Unusual (06 July 2017)

    One side of this paper is corrugated metal siding. Each panel has a different color and feels to it, and all together it really could be the side of some warehouse or other industrial building. The nails are obvious which means that it leans on the grungy side, but I don't think it is limited to this use. When I was growing up my family shared ownership of a small plane that we kept in a hanger that looked much like this. Because of that, I think car themes would work. Some old west themes. Maybe even Area 51.

    The other side of this paper is a bit strange. Zoom in and look at that texture. I read beat up cardboard box but there's almost a rock thing going on. The black grid like pattern is strange... but that works for me since I mostly do collage and art journals. I've got plenty of stamps, stencils, and die cuts that need a natural seeming background.

  • Verified Buyer

    Somebody has a sense of humor (06 July 2017)

    Yep, several somebody's a KaiserCraft has made a joke with this paper. One side is a very nice white marble while the other side is some gnarly sidewalk cement. Yin/yang maybe? Certainly not a paper where you'd use both sides on the same project! Both sides are very nice, well done, plenty of character without feeling there is a repeat. The white marble is a little anemic for me but some will want a more subtle effect. The cement is just that -- it could be a wall, a sidewalk, a planter, even a bench -- but it is not dirty, there is no grass or lichen, just cement. Nice paper. I do wish there were more of these jokes, thanks, KaiserCraft.

  • Verified Buyer

    Photo of real leather (06 July 2017)

    It's kind of strange that other companies have done leather paper for cowboy, etc. themes, but none of them were pictures of actual leather. If you zoom in you'll see the actual leather grain and nap......Which means you now have a cheap and easy way to put the leather look on projects! Bookbinding, bookmarks, trinket boxes, man cards, and so much more. Don't buy just one!

    UPDATE: I just did a bunch of die cutting and this paper is da bomb! Rabbits look like they have subtle fur. Iron fences and gates came out like ancient rusty relics. Bugs look more realistic. Keys and locks are serious grunge. And best of all, a bacon die produced well-cooked bacon! Yep, buying more right now!

  • Verified Buyer

    P-e-r-f-e-c-t!!!! (06 July 2017)

    Lace is hard to reproduce because it's all about details and 3D sorts of shadows. This Ella and Viv is one of my absolute favorites. The lace on this paper reads as lace, not some messy something pattern. That background color works far better then you might assume. I just did a journal page using this as sky with lacey clouds. Trust me, it works really well. The color is a pale blue/green that is not minty or weak pastel -- I assume most will have wedding colors to worry about so this might not work. But I'm finding the color to work in all sorts of situations. The lace pattern is large but it keeps working fairly small so some cardmakers might get this to work.

  • Verified Buyer

    Finally!!! Lace done right!!! (06 July 2017)

    Other companies have done lace and I was always disappointed. Usually, the detail was gone because there wasn't enough contrast -- lace is detail otherwise it reads messy or worse. This black lace is awesome. It's bright and very strong. If you use this paper you will not miss that it's lace. The repeat might bother you but look at my sheet I find it's much better than the picture above. This is a great paper but the other one with white on a pale blue/green is even better! Hedge your bets and add both to your stash!

  • Verified Buyer

    Kind of big (06 July 2017)

    Plaids and checks have been trendy for awhile but since I have seen them on camp shirts and other clothing items this year I figured I'd pick up a few sheets. Ella and Viv do the best papers and sure enough, this paper pad has everything I wanted and more. Great buy for me. But two important notes.

    This is not the usual scrapbook paper finish. It's slightly slick, not glossy, more extra smooth. This matters if you want to write or glue things on it. A dab/slap of glue stick might not make a lasting bond. This is true of other Ella and Viv papers now, but plaid and checks read as fabric and you might be thinking it would be typical matte paper finish.

    Second, these designs are larger than you expect. No mini checks here. In fact, the checks are 1/2" which is quite large. The plaids are pretty much the size you'd find on a men's flannel shirt. Only the black/white/red plaid is a bit smaller and could be on a women's shirt. Card makers and artists with smaller projects might find all of these too large.

    If that stuff isn't a problem this is the best plaid and checks paper pad I've seen. Each color design is different, not clones with different colors. The pink plaid and the blue plaid follow the same double cross pattern but one is noticeably smaller than the other. This variety is what makes such a great pack.

  • Verified Buyer

    What to do with extra paper? (06 July 2017)

    Paper pads are hard to review. It is very rare for me to love every single design in a pad. I still buy them with a few rules ending in having a place to donate the papers I don't like or need. Since so many companies do papers as single sheets and in pads you can do the math and get the cost per sheet -- it's not always cheaper to by the pad so be careful. I went with this one because it's Ella and Viv and they do outdoors very well. I do not need more wood grain anything (sigh) and have no idea why every company throws yet more in the lines. What I was really after were the trees and leaves. Love that semi-transparent look which for me is very uplifting. So, you get the idea -- I like some and not others. I rip out what I'm going to keep, cut it down and file it. When I have enough paper and other unwanted supplies I donate it.

  • Verified Buyer

    Black marble looks very real (06 July 2017)

    Time and again I've looked at marble papers and been disappointed. Most of the time they are some obvious step-and-repeat on a computer. This black marble is great. Those ghostly white lines are ghostly, not perfect solid white, they fade off in the right places to look very real. I have no doubt it went through a computer but you can't tell that by looking.

    Black marble is soooo rich and classy that anything you put on it will look better. A valentine becomes sensuous. This is more vampire then mad scientist, so there's that use as well. Black marble also works in place of plain black paper, providing visual texture but still doing its job -- which is where I'll be using it.

    I didn't buy this for the white speckled side. It reminds me of the so-called granite kitchen counters. I guess that would work for some. But like anything that is fairly plain, background papers are what you put in front of it, as long as they receed and become less important you'll do fine.

  • Verified Buyer

    This isn't boring! (06 July 2017)

    I love these sorts of metal things and this is one of the best. You can cut them out and use them that way, or put them together in other ways like borders or columns. The scuffed up, weathered and even rusty bits are great as well, perfect for steampunk, of course, but don't miss aliens and their space ships, or any of that dark t.v. and movie stuff like Game of Thrones. I also think the Halloween mad scientist lab would be killer with this as a background -- maybe you have all those bubbling flasks everyone is selling as stamps and die cuts. If you need more texture those great screw brads would do the trick. Some dripping ick at the top of the page... oh yeah! Great paper.

  • Blue Prints! (27 June 2017)

    You know, the old fashion blueprints that contractors and engineers used? For those of you too young to know, these were very large sheets of paper with blue backgrounds and white line produced by the absence of color. Not that this matters to most of you! What might matter is the clarity and depth of this blue. It really is not navy blue in any way. The dye has particular properties that give the color extra life and character. Dye inks are often flat and monotone. Distress ink pad Mustard Seed is one of the live ones. Most of the greens are very flat. The fact that Blueprint Sketch has these qualities means this blue jumps off the paper. Blue balloons have extra pop, and bluebirds seem more interesting. In fact, I find that I'm choosing to stamp primary images with this pad -- in the past, I stamped almost exclusively in black and sepia/reddish brown. In addition, I made my own backgrounds with the blending tool or picking up ink pad color off my craft mat. Using Blueprint has really livened both of the techniques for everything from aquatic landscapes to watercolor techniques. This stamp pad is a super buy!

  • Finally!!!!!! (27 June 2017)

    I've actually had this ink pad for awhile but Scrapbook.com is encouraging people to write more reviews. Grey (or gray) is a vital color for all sorts of reasons.

    In generally greys receed, they drop back not unlike shadows; this optical peculiarity means that you can create depth without a lot of fancy tricks or techniques. Stamping a brocade background in black is very harsh, while Hickory Smoke is a bit softer and more of a background.

    Grey is often a better way to darken a color. Adding black is hard to control, at least for me. Mixing a little grey in another color with a blending tool on a craft mat or palette gets better results.

    Grey can also create all sorts of moody elements like storm clouds, dirty grunge, chimney smoke, etc. I've done some outer space themes and used Hickory Smoke instead black for outer space because other elements are easier to stamp or collage on top of it.

    What else I love most about this grey is it being fairly neutral, neither hot (red shift) or cool (blue shift). Being neutral means that it can work stamped onto colored papers and not looks funky (like stamping on yellow and having the ink looked greenish).

    I actually recommend that beginners pick up this stamp pad. It is so versatile and produces great results with little trouble. I have plenty of grey stamp pads and dislike 90% of them, but Hickory Smoke is by far the best.

  • Verified Buyer

    L-o-v-e this series!!! (04 June 2017)

    Clouds are a personal favorite. Appreciating nature in suburbia means mono cropped lawns, six different landscaping trees, and a host of non-native plants. Looking up is free, and it doesn't require exercise! Anyway... I jumped on this Ella and Viv paper because it has texture on top of their misty clouds. The window-screen pattern is not perfect since it overlaps in places and fades out in others. While mostly white this crosshatching reads as if it were between us and the limitless sky (impression not literal). This embelishment took already great paper to a whole new level of cloud watching.

  • Verified Buyer

    Super strong imagry (04 June 2017)

    Kaisercraft has really stepped up since the scrapbooking crash. They are taking the time to follow the interesting trends yet avoiding the easy path of cloning everyone else. Everyone has done a few brick walls, maybe some stone or concrete. Most of it boring or clearly altered in someway (step and repeat, or worse fake color). There are a lot of stories about these bricked up doors, some of them are pretty colorful. What interests me is how much visual interest and impact these have. A bricked up doorway is all unanswered questions. This is what makes great imagery instead of just another textured wall. This paper (the reversed side is pretty good too) is why I say Kaisercraft has upped their game. This one is good for scrapbooking but a rare find for any art journaler.

  • Verified Buyer

    Disappointed (04 June 2017)

    Begin rant. Stock photography? Really??? Ella and Viv have some serious artists and designers working for them. Their whole clouds series is just incredible. But this is bleeeeeeping photography purchased and unaltered. I worked with stock photos for 15 years. I know the look and feel. As far as I can tell these images were cropped and shoved to the printer. The thumb tacks are the worst. End rant.

    I'm still glad I bought this paper. Why? The scale for one. Paper clips are usually below their actual size in reality which means they loose detail and impact. These paper clips are a giant 3" long! Not the photo size, each clip. The pushpins are smaller but still over-sized. That's so cool. The thumb tacks are barely useful due to the brassy color cast but they are over-sized as well. The overhead pens image is interesting but that angle is awkward. Comment withheld about the sticky notes.

    This is a cool concept. If your project can handle over-sized you can have a whole lot of fun since they do provide visual and conceptual pop. Even a 1" strip carries this high impact which is great for cards, ATCs and other small works.

  • Verified Buyer

    Seriously heavy card stock! And a good buy. (04 June 2017)

    If you flick the edge of a normal sheet of card stock that you get in the office supply store you get an almost anemic pop sound. This stuff actually has a tonal quality and a pronounced POP loud enough to be heard in the next room (I had to stop because my sister asked me what the heck I was doing LOL). Anyway, that's wild for scrapbook anything. Good stuff. It'll take a ton of abuse.

    I bought this for the funky retro ephemera pieces. Ranging around 1" to 3" with some larger and smaller, they will be useful for all sorts of projects. The travel theme can be for the obvious, but the parking and taxi items can be used in anything urban life. Nice collection of ephemera for a fraction of the cost if you bought it pre-cut and packaged. I suggest you buy two, use one for yourself and make one for a friend or send some happy mail.

  • Verified Buyer

    Not very happy with the varnish (04 June 2017)

    I knew the photo quality of this by zooming on the product photo. It's pretty pixilated which these days is a retro and a sign of laziness. You'll also note the pattern is actually not rock at all, its sort of a texture map from some computer gaming design program. I bought this paper for exactly these reasons. I like ugly, dirty, funky, and downright weird in my collage stash for certain things.

    What I'm not happy about is the almost glossy coating on this other wise nice heavy card stock. Rock, earth, ground, sand... these are not glossy things! Disgusted, I whipped out my acrylic mat medium and smeared a test sample along one edge. It warped when I used the heat gun so I'll do the wax paper and a heavy book in the future. But it does work. A fine mist mat spray might work better.

    I do wish designers and paper companies would put on their reading glasses when they go to make their final print orders. Some paper patterns need to be glossy like waves, rain and city lights. Some patterns must be low gloss or flat like rusted steampunk gears, lumps of gritty black coal, and misty pine forests. End rant.

  • Verified Buyer

    Not glitter but some uses (04 June 2017)

    Imagine if you had an open container of glitter, mentally strip out all the sparkle and you basically have tiny flakes or bits of colored plastic that are all the same size. That's what this is. I think the only way anyone would know it's named glitter is by being told that it's not odd sand or sandpaper. I read the reviews so I'm not disappointed I just want to make sure people know you are not getting a glitter substitute.

    So, what good is this paper? It's perfect background paper if you need bright yet understated texture. This can also be for gold-like accents such as photo mats -- a layer of gloss medium would increase the ritz factor. In a pinch it could stand-in for funky sand for aquariums and beaches, but I'd put an acrylic wash on it to drop back the brightness. All that said this is not a stash paper or collage fodder. This is a buy for a particular reason and probably not keep the scraps.

    This review applies to the gold version of this paper as well. Different color but the same problems.

  • Verified Buyer

    Not glitter but still useful (04 June 2017)

    Imagine if you had an open container of glitter, mentally strip out all the sparkle and you basically have tiny flakes or bits of colored plastic that are all the same size. That's what this is. I think the only way anyone would know it's named glitter is by being told that it's not odd sand or sandpaper. I read the reviews so I'm not disappointed I just want to make sure people know you are not getting a glitter substitute.

    So, what good is this paper? It's perfect background paper if you need bright yet understated texture. This can also be for gold-like accents such as photo mats -- a layer of gloss medium would increase the ritz factor. In a pinch it could stand-in for funky sand for aquariums and beaches, but I'd put an acrylic wash on it to drop back the brightness. All that said this is not a stash paper or collage fodder. This is a buy for a particular reason and probably not keep the scraps.

    This review applies to the silver version of this paper as well. Different color but the same problems.

  • Verified Buyer

    Weird huh? (05 May 2017)

    Ella and Viv have always had odd paper and are branching out to more normal, but they keep us exciting with these sorts of patterns. It is hard to tell what is going on here from the photo. Zoom in and you'll see darker squared edges, these are collage pieces that aren't fully glued down. I know, it is weird. While you're there look at the great painted texture and the partially obscured colors. This is what makes me come to Scrapbook.com as often as I do. Yes, people do create these sorts of textures themselves. I prefer spending my art time doing something other than hand decorating backgrounds and accent papers. Black Space is anything but blank, and it gives my collage papers stash plenty of interest and excitement.

  • Verified Buyer

    Real grass / not fake computer grass (05 May 2017)

    Grass paper usually annoys me. Most are copy and paste annoying. A few are astroturf sold as real grass. A lot have camera and/or lighting problems so the grass only makes sense from one angle. Ella and Viv did it right and went to what looks like an unkempt golf course rough (not the smoother greens). The lighting is excellent. The tones are not as yellow at the top as what I got. The grass has texture, variety, and character. I'm buying a bunch more. It works cut up into horizontal zones as well as border strips. Any grass sport, farm related, and with the right flowers could be a meadow. For more hardcore collage types this real earthy green is great as a texture element.

  • Verified Buyer

    Stones, pepples, river rocks (05 May 2017)

    I must have picked up hundreds in my life. I love the colors and shapes, as well as how they feel after the river got done with them. This group of different types is super wonderful for people like me. So elemental yet carefully edited so nothing is too monotone or too out of place, and better yet they aren't artificially colored. Oh, yeah, the good stuff. I actually think this is a good size for card makers who want a strong pop of texture and theme. But my guess is it was designed for paper crafters and art journalers who love strong collage images. Sure you can gesso and get a misty look. But you could also use different opacity of vellum for a different feel. I can't help thinking of creating a fake mosaic using square or round punches and using paint or crayons to add the grout. Right now I'm working on a page with a tree collage image based on a song by Micheal Hedges that describes love as...
    the root of the root
    and the bud of the bud
    And the sky of the sky
    of a tree called life
    The background are the blue tone pebbles from this paper. Yeah. The good stuff.

  • Verified Buyer

    Trinker Tray line is great! (05 May 2017)

    Ella And Viv have a great idea with this "slice" of chocolate heaven. Small "bites" of different kinds, all with the same warm tones so they work together, but oh so easy to cut apart and use for different projects. This design is great for card makers and anyone who needs a touch of chocolate without being overwhelming.

    -I put one "square" in my die cut machine with a coffee cup die... and I got instant mocha! Yum.

    -If you go for more surreal try using a mountain stamp on one of the smoother images and make a background for a landscape.

    -I haven't done it yet but giant hershey's kisses cut out of these would be awesome on a journal page or as an invitation.

    I love papers that make me want to create! It's even better when they "taste" good!

  • Verified Buyer

    COATED PAPER! (05 May 2017)

    Ella and Viv try to do new and better, but this time it's a problem for a whole lot of buyers!

    -This paper is coated with a satin varnish which is not as glossy as Vogue and Nat Geo pages but it is slick. Depending on what you want to attach to this paper you might have adhesion problems (I wouldn't risk glue stick).

    -It does reflect light but only in a frosted sort of way.

    -It does CRACK when folded which means there is a broken white edge no matter how careful you are. It is not foil or metallic, it is paper that has been coated.

    -It is not the world's best art since they just copied and rotated the design four times. An extra 10 minutes and the designer could have made a few modifications that would have made this so much less obvious.

    For anyone who does steampunk or the grungy stuff, this is still a good buy since no one else is doing rivets like this. Very classy. I'm keeping mine. But we just have to be wary of companies who do not properly describe their products.

  • Verified Buyer

    Always looking for brown stamp pads (05 May 2017)

    Browns a more relaxed feel then black, yet do not loose their contrast. I'm pretty much a StazOn fan but I decided to try this Potting Soil. I am surprised at the difference between Spiced Chai StazOn and this one. Spiced Chai is a bit warmer/reddish although still in the middle as a very strong brown. Potting Soil is softer and a tiny tinge blue-ish. Soft sounds strange but it really does read as creamier. Personally I think Potting Soil is a bit more vintage, steampunk, and even grunge (if you like a less harsh feel). I like it and put it on my StazOn index so I have another choice when I want a brown.

  • Verified Buyer

    Good for what it is (05 May 2017)

    I am far from a clear stamp fan. The quality of impressions is always less than. I went ahead with this one because I LOVE maps, have a degree in geography, even worked for a company that makes Google Maps do it's thing. I've been copying maps onto transparencies and making packing tape transfers of maps, but always wanted a real map stamp. This is it! Except that it's made of poopie plastic instead of rubber. It holds out (doesn't imprint) like crazy. The darkest lines tend to squish leaving voids inside them. The thinnest lines often break-up.

    Why would anyone buy this stamp?!!!

    It's a MAP. It does a good enough job to say map without getting too ugly in the process. PLEASE do some tests before you commit to your project. Honestly I bought two, one to cut up into smaller pieces to get better quality prints, and one for full size stamp/pray.

  • Verified Buyer

    Sad / Deep Red has been reliable (24 March 2017)

    I've been stamping for longer then some of you have been alive. I take risks on stamps like these based on experience. I've purchased Deep Red in the past and was very happy with their quality. I looked at this one, and looked, and looked. All those tiny dots fading into more solid areas? Always a problem since ink loads up in those tiny valleys and squirts out when you stamp. I use VersaFine ink pads which are the best for details but that didn't help here. The best I could get were super faded colors like VersaFine Vintage Sepia and some pastels and light greys -- these still filled in and lost detail but they made background texture. These are sold as grunge but I have better results using stamps with ugly lace and over stamping a few times. Very sad.

  • Verified Buyer

    Double-sided mismatch (24 March 2017)

    Starting with the huge diagonal swash of nebula the colors go from a peach/pink, through a blue area, and down to black. Very impressive. Some of the areas are misty others more like smoke with details. On either side of this diagonal swash there is a almost black red glow which sounds strange but actually works. These are not paint splat stars, these have tons of character and density since some are super tiny which gives the illusion of depth. Very nice design! The side totally surprised me since the bottom third is a cloud-scape! What?! It's kind of weird but still works. The clouds are most blue with white stacked to create depth. The stars are on a field of watercolor washes which is interesting. There aren't a whole lot of stars but that's o.k.

  • Verified Buyer

    If you love jellies (24 March 2017)

    I actually went for the jelly fish on this paper because I love the mixed media style. The jellies are swimming from a navy blue up toward almost a sky blue -- gradients rock! Second the jellies themselves were rendered with super-fine pens and watercolors which gives these creatures a watery look without sacrificing details. The little pink tentacles gradient from medium blue shadows to blue-ish pink to a rose with tiny dots to all character. The "brains" part of these guys are fairly bubble-like without be gross or specific. The jelly domes are imperfectly white so they suggest transparency. The back side is watercolor as well but has nothing to do with the reverse side, the colors aren't even the same, but if you need a vertical or horizontal streamer effect this would work.

  • Verified Buyer

    Real looking star fields / No paint dot stars (24 March 2017)

    I love anything real astronomy and deep space. I'm so pleased that someone's doing this that doesn't cost a fortune for a single sheet. Starting with the side with the trees... the black on dark actually works, the design provides enough detail to keep the pine trees clearly visible against the dark blue sky; the star field has a great focal point and the blue fade slowly to dark navy around the edges; the stars themselves aren't paint dots, they are actually fashioned to be different densities so stars appear closer or father away (not just larger and smaller); and best of all is the nebula style misty glow not unlike what can be seen in dark sky areas in real life. Awesome! The other side takes these same traits and steps them up to a great rendition of a NASA quality deep space photo, misty almost electric medium blue fading out to black, some of the stars even have emission glows in violet tones, the stars themselves are not boring dots at all most of them have glows or slight spikes, the distant stars are so so tiny which really works. Enough already? This is great paper, don't just buy one!

  • Verified Buyer

    Donut time!!!! (24 March 2017)

    I've had a donut thing going for a long time and often use one as my avatar image. I rarely eat them, I just happen to like the instant identification, sweet treat, and the rather odd hole in the center (if you think about it, it is rather strange). These 3/4" donuts are bright and varied which makes them more useful to me since I'll punch out individual donuts and use strips as borders. The small amount of cake showing is a medium light brown that forms a great backdrop for all of the frosting colors including the white. They do have tiny tiny smiley faces on them in black with different expressions but they really are insignificant (if you want more of these expressions there are other items in this line that provide that. Personally I don't like the reverse side, the pattern of hearts overpowers the sprinkles, but that's me, you might love that.

  • Verified Buyer

    Good but not perfect for me (24 March 2017)

    I think sprinkles are cool! Fun mix of color and yummy. This paper gets that idea no problem. Individual sprinkles are slightly different sizes, rounded at the ends, and the pattern is scattered properly so it looks random... but it's just not as bright as what I see only monitor. The yellow is a tinge green to make it stand out against the white which is fine. I just wanted more pop. Nevertheless this is the best sprinkles pattern I've found. Out of curiosity I tried to make this into chocolate background but couldn't find anything that was transparent enough for my taste ;)

  • Verified Buyer

    Olive Jazz! (24 March 2017)

    I mostly do collage and some mixed media. I'm always looking for papers that have lots of character and are not the same from one area to the next. Repeating patterns are so boring and hardly worth the money. This paper is great not only because it has light and dark areas as well as plenty of gradients, it also has some unusual shapes. Once I cut it down for my collection is was less camo and more abstract so it can be landscape elements or visual texture. But that's me. I'm sure your project might need some olive colored jazz so this is a good choice.

  • Plastic metal but still cool (01 March 2017)

    I'm not big on most metallic products since the colors are often so artificial. I've used expensive Golden acrylic paint for years since their range of metals is so bright and real -- the fact that they have actual beyond-ultra-fine metal in them makes a huge difference. BUT I'm not so good at wet paint and brushes, so I grump about it every time I need to use them.

    I do like Stickles glitter glues for the convenience. So when I was trying to make a minimum order and I picked this Gold Pearls up.

    It is what it is: a plastic metallic glue. It's a pretty cool one since the silky pearl effect is very much evident. What I like is that it doesn't glob or chunk, so it's possible to get a relatively smooth line of metallic. You do have to practice with it to apply the right pressure on the bottle, so don't go diving right in without a quick test first.

    The color itself is not the bright plastic gold you find in a kid's tiara -- it is a bit more aged, and the darkest part of the sheen is almost a bronze without being antique. I think this is why people like Liquid Pearls so much. As a 3D line of glue it has character and is not a monotone.

    I'm not over the moon but this is a nice product and does certain things very well like fake leading on large stained glass rubber stamps, and metal features on more cartoonish winter holiday images.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great waves (27 January 2017)

    Ella and Viv make a great product, pricey but worth it if you have a specific need or interest. This version is very much open water on a very large lake or the ocean. The waves have extra character due to wind but aren't storm waves. The horizon is a little too misty white for me but it works. The sky has two insipid clouds and really need some company whether it's more clouds, birds or even a dragon. The colors are beautiful as I expect from Ella and Viv. The four stars are only because I will be using the water and the sky separately for collage journaling since I make my own horizons in other ways... I also think that the horizon mist would detract from scrapbook pages of boats and water adventures.

  • Verified Buyer

    Nice water paper (27 January 2017)

    I love Ella and Viv paper but not the price. Sigh. I'm always looking for water papers to use in collage and this one is nice. The ripples are fairly regular and the angle is obvious since they get small toward the top of the page. These really aren't waves. This is more quiet water with wind driven ripples. The color are very rich blues so really not a shallow pond or stream. All that aside I do collage so I can see this cut to fit inside a stamped mason jar, fish bowl, or wine glass -- sort of surreal but fun. I can also see using silhouette stamps or die cuts in front of the top portion of this paper. This company makes quality paper and even better designs, you won't be disappointed.

  • Verified Buyer

    Really for for collage/mixed media (27 January 2017)

    I picked this up for both sides~ The black with the green is so cool! The other side is a bit more useful for me since I do collage and need to cut images out. I did a rough shadow cut of ferns and plants on the light background side and grouped them together; then painted them back with a very light wash of off-white paint. The effect is really cool and allowed me to put other images in the foreground. This is quality paper so this technique works well if you don't over-saturate. If I can get it on sale again I'll pick-up a few more sheets.

  • Verified Buyer

    Useful for small collage elements (27 January 2017)

    I picked this up on sale, I just hate paying over a $1 for a single sheet of paper no matter how pretty or different. Nevertheless I got this one because I do collage and mixed media, and this tile/card design is fun. The images are fairly detailed without being fussy, on the vintage side but can be applied to other themes. So far I've embedded with paint pens on one page and cut some out for another. It's fun to make little forest scenes.

  • Verified Buyer

    Good buy (27 January 2017)

    You have no idea how many times I've drawn graph paper lines or created it on the computer. It's so nerd and geek. But I always want it in a different color or a different density. Finally finding a large stamp like this is awesome! Hero Arts makes great product so the lines are even, clearly defined, and print great. With a stamp this large you do need to make sure your stamping is done on a totally flat surface (unless you want holdouts), best is to put the stamp on its back and press the paper onto it. If you want a lighter impression pre-stamp before you commit to the page. So neon, pastel, grey, blue. red... they all look great and say different things without being over the top. Not just a guy thing either! Stamp and do some stained glass or Zentangle. Mostly this makes a great non-wild background for a more structured look. Good buy.

  • Verified Buyer

    Fun stamps & great grey stamp pad (27 January 2017)

    These are really cute. I have tons of die-cut word and thought balloons that I scribble in them but a fast bold rubber stamp is even better. Hero Arts makes high quality stamps and these are no exception. They come in a clear tub which is handy. I was massively less impressed with the sticky notes they included since they barely stick. The circle shape is less than ideal for me, but might not bother you. Just plan on adding some glue stick or tape if you want these to last. The grey stamp pad is awesome -- super nice, rich color -- good grey stamp pads are rare. Good set.

  • Verified Buyer

    Succulents are cool (27 January 2017)

    There are a few around in stamps and die cuts, but Hero Arts does their wood mounted stamps right. Quality rubber, foam, wood, and even the indexing sticker on top. I've stamped in VersaFine and StazOn to really good results. I colored with pencils, water brush, and Pitt markers. Fun to shade and shadow, but works just fine with solid colors. Just remember most succulents are not bright green! Many are blueish, some even red tones, others have fine super short white fuzz. NOTE: that Hero Arts have a die that goes with this stamp.

  • Verified Buyer

    Review of those "clear" Stickles (07 December 2016)

    These "clear" Stickles are so difficult to tell apart! I finally just bought a bunch so I can review them for everyone. I tested on 5 different blacks ranging from acrylic paint to glossy magazine paper. Your results may vary.

    This was my shot in the dark. I couldn’t find anyone who talked about it, so I went by the name.

    Frosted Lace is nothing like the other high glitz Stickles I reviewed. It looks like translucent glue with bubbles coming out of the bottle. When it dries it almost have micro-pores like those thin, flexible sheets of white foam. Sound weird? Trust me, it’s beyond cool. It very much reads foam, froth, delicate lace, a dusting of snow, fur trim, foam on a coffee drink.

    Glitter? Nope. Texture? Yes. Opaque white? Not quite -- it’s not gesso or white paint, but even over black it holds it’s own.

    If you want glitter, this is not the Stickles for you. If you want textured white-ish accents, this is a very good choice. Very much an unexpected find.

  • Verified Buyer

    Review of those "clear" Stickles (07 December 2016)

    These "clear" Stickles are so difficult to tell apart! I finally just bought a bunch so I can review them for everyone. I tested on 5 different blacks ranging from acrylic paint to glossy magazine paper. Your results may vary.

    Diamond is the hottest Stickles I tested. The red is prominent. The other colors are red/gold, gold, and the rare speck of green. Because of this temperature Diamond seems to have the most pop and excitement. That said, the red not the primary red you would expect, the glitter makes sure it is not flat, and the gold pushes the red a tiny-tiny bit into orange. Much like the flame in a fireplace, Diamond dances between these hot colors.

    If you want the most bling for your buck, Diamond would be a good choice. But delicate sparkle this is not.

  • Verified Buyer

    Review of those "clear" Stickles (07 December 2016)

    These "clear" Stickles are so difficult to tell apart! I finally just bought a bunch so I can review them for everyone. I tested on 5 different blacks ranging from acrylic paint to glossy magazine paper. Your results may vary.

    Crystal is mostly green glitter with some green/gold and the rare fleck of red/gold. This Stickles has very cool tones in spite of the gold, and very much not chartreuse (yellow-green) or teal. Because of the sparkle it is not comparable to most flat colors but I would say a spring green would be close.

    What keeps Crystal from being just green glitter is that gold. The bounce back and forth from the two is very lively. It has plenty of character even without being tipped back and forth.

    Crystal may be the best choice for people who do lots of plant related work like flowers, leaves, garden fairies, and the like. The variety of greens that I tried it one worked very well.

  • Verified Buyer

    Review of those "clear" Stickles (07 December 2016)

    These "clear" Stickles are so difficult to tell apart! I finally just bought a bunch so I can review them for everyone. I tested on 5 different blacks ranging from acrylic paint to glossy magazine paper. Your results may vary.

    Stardust is the one that has a lot of purple. The other colors in this one are green, gold, and sort of a red/gold, But the purple is strongest glitter color. If you tip it in real outside light or under a full-spectrum light fixture, the sparkle dances the best of all the ones I picked up. In other light is it is still prominent but it tends toward getting broken up with all the color shifts.

    Because Star Dust is purple it works more or less between warm and cool colors, so this might be the best choice if you only want to buy one.

  • Verified Buyer

    Dynamic (26 January 2016)

    Ella and Viv do nice papers, especially having a choice of multiple shades of a color like this one. I wanted something wet and wild, and I'm not disappointed. But it is a bit strange. The splats are so extra big that when you put things onto the page it quickly gets hard to read. Also there is an awful lot of white space which can be a huge problem if you are trying to cut this down for cards, ATC, etc. I'm happy enough within these restraints, but not enough to pay full price. Even quality printed card stock is fractions of a cent to produce. Wait for this one to go on sale or catch a site percentage off coupon.

  • Verified Buyer

    Limited use (26 January 2016)

    I picked up two colors in this line thinking they speak the language of water really well. This color is a little odd because there are no easy choices to match it. Second all the white space, at the same time the splats are very large. This really isn't paper for card making, ATCs or anything small. Ella and Viv have nice heavy card stock, and a quality product, but they are priced too high for this particular paper to be a good value.

  • Verified Buyer

    Day Glow Yellow Green!!! (24 January 2016)

    Soft spot. I admit it. This line is the same for all the colors, a nice mix of wrinkles, folds, and rumples. Some of the colors are better than the others. They do make a very nice 12x12 page with both quiet and more dynamic areas. I like some of what Ella and Viv do, just not their prices. Anyway, I do collage so this paper was cut down before it went in my stash. The rumpled glory still works even down to little sizes like 3x4. For card makers this would make great backing papers… probably not this color! Unless you're doing Halloween or those trendy cartoon rocket ship and alien stamps. Not for everyone, but I love it!

  • Verified Buyer

    Dark and difficult (24 January 2016)

    I knew what I was getting. The Ella and Viv line has great photographs of their papers. It is a dark leather brown color. The cartographic features are yellowish tan. But. But. The artwork is so very messy, nearly impossible to read, and so much of it that it's just noise. I _knew_ that, but I'm still disappointed. I wanted a victorian gentleman's sort of feel, or what the samples aimed for, instead I got a design I might never use. When you cut down to a quarter sheet the map intention is just messy and unintelligible. The Italian boot is there, it is Europe, Britain is half off the page… it is what it is. If you need a whole 12x12 page and want to go dark map, then this works. It just doesn't work smaller or heavily broken up -- too much text, messy, noisy, and sigh.

  • Verified Buyer

    Dust in the way (24 January 2016)

    Clearly not a NASA photograph, this art really does evoke a brightly glowing nebula, a star nursery, partially obscured by black dust and gas. It is undeniably an unusual and successful art for the StarWars reboot and the trendy cartoon rocket ships. Unfortunately they did get a bit dot happy. White paint splatters cover the whole sheet -- they are fine dots just a little too even for me, and look like a mister pattern instead of a scattering of stars. Besides my overtly opinionated quibbles, I do like this paper. That ethereal glow can only happen in deep space with millions of stars, yet Ella and Viv caught the whole thing. I picked up a number of sheets. I cut down half of it for collage -- it becomes abstract patterns of dark and light that have so much character, more then anything else in my huge collection of art papers. I've got a handmade art journal in mind with this and the other papers in this line, as well. Good art and good buy (in spite of the my complaints).

  • Verified Buyer

    Misty nebula heaven! (24 January 2016)

    While not a NASA photograph it is fabulous art. The larger star/dots are a bit like paint splatters, but that's a quibble. The glowing mist is perfect -- both transparent ethereal, yet it still feels like a star nursery with energetic expansion. The black of deep space is not flat, first it grades from dark blue which highlights the 3D, and second it frames the nebula instead of fighting with it. Fabulous.

    And don't get lost in this being a single purpose design. Besides the trendy cartoon rocket ships and the StarWars reboot, this can also be for dark fairies, some great goth, or even 4th of July fireworks. And not just scrapbooking! I bought extra to cut up for Halloween cards and textured borders in my art journals. Ella and Viv costs far too much, even for quality card stock, but their designs are… well… fabulous!

  • Verified Buyer

    Not the really dirty brown I hoped for (16 May 2015)

    This is a dark grey ink pad. Not old road at all. No dirt, no color shift to show age or wear. Just a flat dark grey. A little warm instead of cool, but only a little. There are better greys out there. It is a nice flat ink, though. The chalk inks do that really well.

  • Verified Buyer

    Not great art (16 May 2015)

    Frankly I got this set for the pizza slice. Simple, not fuss, and easy to color. What really disappoints me about these sets, from this company and most of the others, is the low quality art. A skilled artist would produce much better art. These were clearly hacked out on a computer in about 10 minutes. The shapes are rough, the lines are crude, proportions stink. Oh well. Lacking any other choice this is what I bought knowing full well that it's about profit not quality art. To make matters worse clear stamps have a limited life span.

  • Verified Buyer

    Wow! And not just Halloween! (16 May 2015)

    I love all over patterns that really appear random. So many times they sprinkle stars like a rubber stamp that are so obviously repeats. This paper does not do that which is awesome. Different sizes and colors of stars crowd this paper for a happy and flamboyant feeling. Only the black stars have microfine glitter and it is very subtle, more tactile then visual. Personally I don't think this is really Halloween at all, but these colors are heavily marketed now for just that. I think this works for for any celebration (sort of a confetti), summer's night theme, or even the right kid or teen. It's so full of energy!

  • Verified Buyer

    Raindrops on the windshield at night (16 May 2015)

    Know what I mean? The raindrops are not in focus and are very large which might be an issue for some people. I think it makes a nice random abstract pattern in black and brights. It is black and white, this is not a color paper. I do a lot of collage so I'll be cutting this paper up. I really don't think there is all that much use for this side but it is interesting. The zebra side is off-trend and over the top unless you're doing safari or a teen's room.

  • Verified Buyer

    ATC size with cropping (16 May 2015)

    I picked this paper us for the rectangle side. These are almost ATC sized but need to be trimmed a little. The patterns are awesome. Perfect for any collage papers stash. Nice clear photographs and patterns. Good strong blues that will go well with many applications. I hope this company does more of these!

  • Verified Buyer

    Mini mosaic tiles… sort of (16 May 2015)

    The flourish sort of pale blue side does not interest me, so I'm commenting on the other side. The little blue squares are a variety of jewel tone blues with photographic qualities. They seem to have a bit of glint, even iridescence, both of which are cool. But only sort of. The "grout" between the tiles almost seem to extend about the tiles so there's a weird resonance. As far as I'm concerned this is an accent paper for photo mats or swimming pool borders. Odd but interest in a limited way.

  • Verified Buyer

    Multipurpose stamp (12 May 2015)

    Every once in a while Hero Arts steps out of the expected and produces a stamp like this. It stamps perfectly. This designs "reads" water at first glance, turbulent waves not friendly kids playing on the beach at all. This also reads as a sea of sand begging for silhouettes of camels and palm trees or other Egyptian images. As a geographer I see topographic lines from USGS maps in shades of greens perfect for hiking, backpacking and camping. Finally this makes great tone-on-tone backgrounds even in bright colors for an abstract effect. I love stamps that speak in all sorts of languages!

  • Verified Buyer

    Doors!!! (12 May 2015)

    I love this style of scrapbook paper art. Strong and simple. You can do so, so much with this paper. Most important: none of the door overlap! This means you can cut them out to collage on cards, some will even fit on ATCs. With drier media can be used to color these doors to your heart's content whether pencils, chalk or pastels, or even Distress blending tool. It is card stock so you could try wet media as well. After that little ingenuity and these door can be made to open to reveal a photo, special message or a surprise. Whether it's celebrating a new house or apartment, a welcome home party, or anything at home, this is great paper!

  • Verified Buyer

    Faint clouds (12 May 2015)

    These clouds are some seen through a mist or haze. Not at all pastel or lets pretend. They "read" as real clouds. I can really see vellum butterflies, flying light grey birds, or even a cotton candy colored castle with a circling celery colored dragon. On the other side this would be awesome with large bright yellow, rubber stamped sunflowers, or a row of neon kayaks standing on end. Because of these uses and lots of others I really like this paper. It does not have to be baby at all if you love nature themes.

  • Verified Buyer

    Useful but not for everyone (12 May 2015)

    There are two problems with this punch. The final punched size is a bit smaller than the usual postage stamp here in the U.S. which is a disappointment. Also the perforations are larger then I prefer -- maybe not a problem for you but it looks awkward to me. As always Fiskars make a quality product that is easy to use and will last a long time. I decided to keep this punch because it does "read" as a stamp even as a glance. I probably won't use it on an ATC or a card, but the exaggeration will work well on a journal spread in an intentional scatter or artfully arranged as a border.

  • Verified Buyer

    Mask with blemishes (12 May 2015)

    Julie's little doodle masks are very cute but their utility is limited. The plastic areas of the mask as so thin that it's all to easy to get whatever media you use underneath. Worse yet the mask is so small your fingers can get in the way of the design as you work. SO WHY 4 STARS?! I found that Distress ink pads with the blending tool, as well as Pan Pastels, get some cool results. These work because they are not really wet. They also allow control over lighter and darker areas. Best you can work your figures around the small mask without grotesque smearing and other ickiness. Of course you can keep the mask still for the whole coloring, but you can also move and flip it around on the paper for a much more atmospheric design.

  • Rip-off (15 April 2015)

    Big name, love her stuff, great artist. I do not know why she compromised herself like this. This is nice paint but just nice. Liquitex makes gorgeous colors at less then half the price! Half this sale price!!! Do not let the sell job be a snow job. This is just overpriced paint.

  • Awesome Moth Stamp (02 April 2015)

    I absolutely love this moth stamp. It's not hardline literal. The dusty, tattered, grunge wings are perfect by themselves. Don't like the skull? Color it in. Better yet color it so it almost matches the stamping ink for a subliminal wink. I went the other way once and stamped in black on white paper and colored the skull a shocking bright red -- almost a Silence of the Lamb vibe. This is one of _those_ stamps. But it can be a gossamer dark fairy sort of thing or with a rainbow stamp pad something from one of _those_ chemical vacations. Weird stamps are not for everyone and this one is very large. But maybe you want to weird everyone out with your next Halloween card or invitation. Or surprise the goth teen in your life with something completely different.

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect if only wood mounted (10 March 2015)

    Deep Red makes some fabulous stamps. They decided to avoid the whole wood mount part and went with cling mount. Alas a lack, and generally boo-hoo, cling mounts are temporary. I've got stamps from the early 90's that are perfect. I've got cling mounts that are already not clinging. End moan/complain. This image is so detailed yet prints like a dream. Perfect. Clean. No hold outs when imprinted without an acrylic block. It's oddly proportioned being so narrow, and some will hate the seam between multiple stampings. That doesn't bother me. What I love is all the ways this stamp can go. Deep burgundy, bright blue, shiny gold, rainbow. And you can stamp it on colored paper to get a totally different effect. Other companies fail to do such a stellar job with this style of pattern.

  • Verified Buyer

    Dressmaking lines in abundance (10 March 2015)

    I admit it, I am not a clear stamp fan. I am an experienced stamper. I have stamps from the early '90s. I'm already throwing away clear stamps because they are damaged beyond use. Why did I buy this one? Density of lines! I wish someone else could get that the part of dressmaking patters are the lines! This one has that in spades. I could do without the numbers, but they are less bold on the actual stamp. This stamp would actually be hard to produce in traditional rubber so I compromised a lot and picked it up. WARNING this is a tiny stamp, smaller then an ATC, so you will be stamping multiples to fill areas.

  • Verified Buyer

    Good for leafing anything out (10 March 2015)

    This stamp is Hero Arts which mean quality all the way. Good rubber, foam, block, and indexing. The design is different but will work great with my various '60s flower stamps. Outline leaves are insipid next to these loud flowers. Semi-realistic leaves are not groovy. With this leaf I can imprint in close shades of green to add texture without stealing the show. Or I can go psychedelic with Hero Arts neon stamp pads. Cool man. Radical. I'm also planning on using this for artist journal pages for borders and frames. How about silver embossed on dark blue? A loose poinsettia? A tone-on-tone scatter in shades of tan. This is one awesome stamp. Maybe not a beginning stamp but certainly a must have for everyone else.

  • Verified Buyer

    Wonderful narrow alphabet (10 March 2015)

    I had some doubts about this set but I was wrong in all ways but one. The letters are a narrow or condensed Helvetic style that I have not seen anywhere. This is great for limited width projects including ATC and pocket scrapping. The wood is quality, they are well indexed. The less then happy is the lack of foam and not deep etch -- pretty much the case with most alphabet stamps these days. If you don't want the grungy look you need to stamp carefully by loading up with ink then wiping off the non-printing corners. And because of the narrowness you need to keep the slots inside the letters clean (like the inside of the letter b). I'm still giving this set a 5 star because I love this super useful, and impossible to find narrow font.

  • Verified Buyer

    Up roarisouly funny! (10 March 2015)

    I laughed like a hyena when I saw this stamp! I don't do cute and definitely not cute Halloween. This savvy lady has it together. Brooms are so passé. In fact she probably doesn't own one. And we all know about government regulations for headlights and speed limits. She's got it covered, of course. This witch is with the times, no stupid green warts, and what a lovely figure. Heck! I want to be her when I grow up!!!

    Oh, yes, the stamp. High quality rubber, foam and block. Because of the solid areas you need to do some test stamps before you commit. The fine details need to stay clean so they don't clog up. But the trouble is worth it. This lady will be flying on your projects far into the future.

  • Verified Buyer

    EEEEEEEK!!! (10 March 2015)

    Love them bugs! This is an awesome stamp. It print perfectly down to the little hairs and up to the dark areas. Super high quality materials. Spiders are not for everyone. And this this one is huge. But if you're reading this you already know that spiders have a special place in our art. Halloween stamps are gooey cute. I want my ghosts and zombies to be scary. This stamp fits the bill. You could tone it down, I guess. Maybe glow-in-he-dark stamp ink, or a rainbow pad. But what's the point? Stamp this baby on some brocade scrapbook paper and do some pencil or pen work… better then candy corn! and a fabulous invitation!

  • Verified Buyer

    We're all fragile now and then (10 March 2015)

    Not much for word stamps since they are so, so, so limited. But this one works for me. The name plate style makes the FRAGILE pop. It works in more than black especially red and neon colors. You can also color in the actually letters. I did one in black and used a neon yellow/green for the letters which is wow looking. Small enough for ATC, pocket scrapbooking, bookmarks, yet still good as labels for cards and photos.

  • Verified Buyer

    Overpriced for low quality (10 March 2015)

    Sad but true. Prima can put their name on this stamp and guarantee sales. What you get is less then industry standard. The putty gray "rubber" is less than 1/16th of an inch instead of 3/16th or more. The "foam" is almost rigid and just barely 1/8th of an inch (standard is at least 3/8th). The wood block is painted a semi-gloss gray which only looks cool because it's less then standard, too.

    Why should you care? It's just a stamp. Low relief rubber loads up with ink and are nearly impossible to clean out. Low relief foam means you won't get as good of an imprint as you should. Also, I have proper rubber stamps I've used since the early '90s that stamp as perfect as they day I bought them -- cheap materials reduce life span. But most important, why pay the same?!

    I'm keeping mine because it'll get grungier and uglier as I use it. Love that. But I consider it a disposable purchase.

  • Verified Buyer

    Color true to photo (30 August 2014)

    This sort of misty light blue is a little strange. Diamond steel is just fine -- it looks like worn, slightly rusted metal. It's just the blue. If you want a very feminine Steampunk I could really see this go -- Victoriana parasol, one of the geared birds, that sort of thing. I picked this up on sale and I'm sure I'll use it someday, but it's not a favorite. The pattern is very big. You could cut strips and make a border but it might be a little awkward. But sky blue just does not read the usual boy or man colors -- some serious creative thinking might make it work.

  • Verified Buyer

    Subtle multi-purpose pattern (30 August 2014)

    The very loose, natural pattern is really useful. It suggests plant stems or thin leaves and grass. But I think it also reads basket and even feather vanes. Even with these associations I think there is a whole other level of use. This reminds me of those loose string "lace" curtains and the color goes vintage pastel. Because of this last association I think this paper would be a stunning for wedding, baby, or even prom. This color would also go beautifully with sepia tone photographs on mats in a darker shade of this green. I think this paper is the best in this collection. I know I'll be using it for years, even using the scraps.

  • Verified Buyer

    Triangles are so cool (30 August 2014)

    The whole polka dots thing was fun. Diamonds before that. And, of course, honey comb / hexagon. So that made me perk up when I saw this paper… triangles! I like them. Dynamic, suggesting herringbone action without be quite so busy. There's also a banner/pennant thing going on. Even better is the sort of scribble fill within each triangle.

  • Verified Buyer

    This one's different, too (23 August 2014)

    The background of this card stock is loose weave burlap. Kind of weird. The camo pattern is semi-transparent so you can see the burlap. And more importantly make an addition color where the two camo colors overlap. I like this version of camo, kind of artsy and softer. I also picked up #11 in the series and prefer that. This one is a bit darker but has an odd color shift.

  • Verified Buyer

    Different (23 August 2014)

    The background of this card stock is loose weave burlap. Kind of weird. The camp pattern is semi-transparent so you can see the burlap. And more importantly make an addition color where the two camo colors overlap. I like this version of camo, kind of artsy and softer.

  • Verified Buyer

    It's a... fireplug (22 August 2014)

    3-1/2" tall. 2" wide. Card stock. Glossy but not super shiny. Yep, a fireplug die cut. Outside of the obvious dog and fire fighter side of things… what do you need a fireplug for? How about that super super hot Mexican or Chinese food you had last weekend? Or that parking ticket you got because you thought no one would notice? There's something alien going on with fireplugs so it might work into your kid's (or husband's) thing with extraterrestrials. Fireplugs are objects but they are also symbols. There's some milage here just depends on how literal you need to be.

  • Verified Buyer

    Someone has to say it... (22 August 2014)

    AWESOME! Forgive me. It's just beyond pretty. I love auroras and this does that no problem. I picked some more because it also make great abstract color-field pieces when cut smaller. These colors are just electric! So this is not wimpy paper. What you use with them has to be strong and bold. How about astronauts and aliens? Or go magic with Harry Potter or those hairy footed hobbits? Another option is to go with black die cuts and photo matts. Maybe rugged mountains cutout of black with gold and silver stars scattered across the sky? I love paper that "talks" its way into many different layouts and cards. Fabulous paper. You need some.

  • Verified Buyer

    Big Big Coffee Beans (22 August 2014)

    The individual beans are more than an 1" long. Big. The color is so good you can almost smell them. The photo is shot from a scatter overhead so there is no orientation and not problems with cutting the page smaller. The only problem? If you've got a photo of a person or group their heads might be smaller then the beans! With a little work you can make this an accent paper instead. I do love the idea of using big coffee cup die cuts as matts and putting photos inside these. Lots of ideas! Big beans.

  • Verified Buyer

    Pebbles, stones, beach, stream and river (22 August 2014)

    It is actually impossible for me not to pick up smooth pebbles. Embarrassingly, I might pocket one from someone's landscaping if it's next to the sidewalk. There's something so comfortable and natural about a stone in the palm of the hand. I absolutely had to have this paper. No question. The image provided is really close on my monitor, nice warm tans and blues, with other colors that still work. This I'm important since most nature photos are heavy on green and need contrast without going to hot colors like red. Admitedly this is limited use paper but what is does is fabulous.

  • Verified Buyer

    So short it looks like a teen's first mustache (22 August 2014)

    The uniform "grass" texture is great because it reads grass without being all busy and distracting. I love that it has no angle. Most grass paper only works from one side that is optically up. This is grass wallpaper. If you work with nature themes this may or may not work for you -- it is stylized and fairly monotone. Sports are obvious here so I'll leave that alone. Nevertheless, Easter eggs and spring flowers need to be the star of the show sometimes instead of the grass But a pair of scissors and a quick wavy cut, presto you have grassy hills ready for die cut trees or flowers. This would also be great for photo or card matts, providing sublet texture read without being busy. I am totally in love with this super short grass. I bought four sheets and will get more. Everyone should have some in their collection.

  • Verified Buyer

    Impulse buy (22 August 2014)

    It was on sale, what can I say? I picked up the dark putty version which I like better, but this one is interesting. The tan background is a bit warm but still fairly neutral. The white medallions are accented with a light rust which is nice. The depth of field with this design in unique. The medallions are stacked over and under each other which creates interest without being in your face. I love the design, the color not so much. I think it might be challenging to match to all but a very limited color pallet -- the right rust, green or blue because primary or scrapbook-standard colors will not work. I'd buy one and check it out before beginning a project.

  • Verified Buyer

    Different is good! (22 August 2014)

    Safari is a good fit but I think this goes all sorts of other places. The nice putty gray background is neutral on the warm side. The line are off-white eggshell with some details in a slightly darker shade. There are plenty of medallion geometric scrapbook papers out there, but this steps beyond those. Note that the medallions are under and over each other. This creates a depth of field that is interesting without being in your face. I'm reminded of wallpaper but it also reads as simplified doilies. Of course an African emphasis could take an already wonderful vacation into a super scrapbook page or six. High quality card stock.

  • Verified Buyer

    Nice but... (22 August 2014)

    I knew this card stock was not foil and I'm fine with that. But I want you to know that the "gold" is super textured and obviously behind the sort of frosted red. The texture reminds me of upholstery in a way. It's actually kind of cool but some might have expectations and be disappointed. I'm not sure what I'll use it for, though.

  • Verified Buyer

    Lush rich must have (22 August 2014)

    This card stock is so smokey blues jazz, warm and awesome all at the same time. The shadow side just barely goes to black but it is translucent and fades into a soft beautiful gradient. What takes this from ordinary to extraordinary is that it is all over, no repeated textures. This is a gotta have if sugar sweet is not your thing. This can go Halloween, of course. But goth, steam punk, even a little naughty for Valentine's Day, are all within reach. How about one of those dark autumn days? Or maybe classic music or opera? The scrapbook industry wants us to be happy with bright colors, which is fine as far as it goes. Papers like this address the other parts of our lives and interests. Ann Rice vampires, Phantom of the Opera, and those silhouette die cuts and stamps -- how about a black chandelier dripping down from the dark ceiling? I only picked up one but I'm ordering more for my stash!

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    Love those clouds! (22 August 2014)

    This is more atmospheric then the usual photographs which is a strength -- this way it can be used in different orientations and in smaller bits without loosing much of the readability. The color is the closest of this series to the stereotype sky blue but is not -- it's darker and tinge more purple which makes sense since other companies carry the expected color. I picked up #1, #7 & #9. These are three very different blues. I went for all three because there is not one color for sky with different kinds of day, light and year. It's also easier to match to other colors of papers, etc.

  • Verified Buyer

    CLOUDS! (22 August 2014)

    Oh yeah. I love clouds. These are much more atmospheric then the usual photographs which is their strength -- this way they can be used in different orientations and in smaller bits without loosing much of the readability. I picked up #1, #7 & #9. These are three very different blues. I went for all three because there is not one color for sky with different kinds of day, light and year. It's also easier to match to other colors of papers, etc.

  • Verified Buyer

    Cloud freaks rejoice! (22 August 2014)

    I love clouds. And not just the stereotype mash potato clouds. This are much more atmospheric then the usual photographs which is their strength -- this way they can be used in different orientations and in smaller bits without loosing much of the readability. I picked up #1, #7 & #9. These are three very different blues. I went for all three because there is not one color for sky with different kinds of day, light and year. It's also easier to match to other colors of papers, etc. The product photo provided lies a bit since the card stock does not graduate from dark blue, it's all shades of one color (as are the rest).

  • Verified Buyer

    Very strange color (22 August 2014)

    This one is harder to "sell" as a Halloween or gothic card stock. The color is yellow with some olive green mixed in. Strange. But mad scientist and alien planet could work for a science fiction or console game fans. Personally I think this is rubber stamp territory and not for scrapbook photos.

  • Verified Buyer

    Another sort of weird one (22 August 2014)

    This is a '70s dark pastel orange/rust. Weird. But it would work for a cheery Halloween page or card. Not so great for me. Nice heavy card stock, though.

  • Verified Buyer

    Weird color & just what I wanted! (22 August 2014)

    This screams Halloween and gothic, even super hero villain or alien planet. The greenish olive is acrid weirdness. I have no idea what the designers were thinking but this is perfect for some off the wall stuff. Not for everyone, for sure.

  • Verified Buyer

    Not bad but not good either (22 August 2014)

    I picked up four in this series of card stock and am not super happy with any of them. This one is a step-shade off of #6 which is most like white beach sand. It is more tan but orange "grains" of sand shift is oddly. The flecks of different minerals are tiny enough and add visual texture without seeming like non-organic dots. The not so good is the whole page is out of focus, much worse on the edges. This might work for desert sand dune pages with off-road layouts, of it you have orangish-sunburned beach photos. Viewing my needed and the price I'm not so pleased.

  • Verified Buyer

    Pretty awful color (22 August 2014)

    I picked up four in this series of card stock and am not super happy with any of them. This one was put into a photo editing program and had the color levels tweaked to something that is not natural looking. It's very orange and not brownish -- the image suggests sandpaper color which this is not. Worse is the whole page is out of focus, much worse on the edges. This might work for you but it feels like an impression of sand rather then actual sand to me. Viewing the price I'm not so pleased.

  • Verified Buyer

    Disappointment in orange (22 August 2014)

    I picked up four in this series of card stock and am not super happy with any of them. This one is the next shade off of #6 and a bit orange/tan. The flecks of different minerals are tiny enough and add visual texture without seeming like non-organic dots. That is all good. The not so good is the whole page is out of focus, much worse on the edges. This might work for you but it feels like an impression of sand rather then actual sand to me. Viewing the price I'm not so pleased.

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    A bit disappointed (22 August 2014)

    I picked up four in this series of card stock and am not super happy with any of them. This one is the closest to typical white beach sand. The flecks of different minerals are tiny enough and add visual texture without seeming like non-organic dots. That is all good. The not so good is the whole page is out of focus, much worse on the edges. This might work for you but it feels like an impression of sand rather then actual sand to me. Viewing the price I'm not so pleased.

  • Verified Buyer

    100% Nerd (21 August 2014)

    I'm actually math phobic but I love nerdy stuff and this stamp screams geek. The rubber is good quality, deeply etched, moderately deep foam, sticks great to acrylic blocks. This stamp works for math related like engineering and physics. But it also says academic in general. I could see great graduation cards using this as sort of a happy joke: no more awful classes! Or maybe encouragement for someone dealing with a hard, confusion time in their life like a divorce or career change. Maybe you're like me a prefer stamps that aren't the trendy hearts, flowers, or cute animal of the month. I prefer meaty rubber stamps that aren't cosmetic. Do note that this is awesome embossed white on blackboard or green board scrapbook paper. How about lined notebook paper? Fun stamp even if you aren't a math nerd.

  • Verified Buyer

    Trade offs (21 August 2014)

    The major problem with super detail stencils is getting all the little nooks and crannies to reproduce. Prima makes fairly heavy stencils which keep the design fairly safe from getting bent up and damaged. Unfortunately this means getting really good impressions with anything besides spray inks is difficult. I tried pouncing ink from pads using a blending tool and a cosmetic sponge with spotty results. Using an ink pad direct to stencil was worse. Pan Pastels produce a different effect but also have problems with full coverage. I did not try acrylic paint since that never works with fine details. Spray inks are great but reduces utility for me since I prefer investing in products that I can use in different ways.

  • Verified Buyer

    Nice surprise (20 August 2014)

    These two dies are ultra thin with thin white padding. I opened the package and went Uh Oh. But they worked perfectly on my Side Kick even with very thin paper. Cool. I picked up this set because they aren't the usual glasses you're seeing everywhere. Since I've worn glasses for 40 years I'm hyper aware of the styles. The aviator is so retro sunglasses, but I'm seeing a comeback as well. The little granny glasses were so groovy in the '60s, cool in the late '80s, and still read vintage and librarian -- all depending on your context. Love multi-use supplies!

  • Dark enough to be off-black (15 August 2014)

    What everyone here is saying is true so I'll only add a bit about the importance of an off-black. If this ink pad is used so the application is very heavy it can "read" as black. In other words if walnut stain is stamped over a darkish background. This can be a good thing, black can be too harsh in some situations, and a good dark brown creates contrast without being so obvious. The other thing with an off-balck is burnt edges (offerings? joking!). If you examine real world paper with burnt edges it really isn't true black. There are some good demos out there for recreating this effect with Distress Ink pads.

  • Very close to Gathered Twigs (15 August 2014)

    While brushed corduroy is very close to gathered twigs it does have a different color. Brushed corduroy has a creamier base so it's softer and more mellow (but not pastel). It is also a tinge more yellow. If you are a Distress brown fan then this one has to be in there. As I use more of these ink pads to alter scrapbook and found papers I find that I like having a choice of browns to work with. For beginner I still say tea dye because it does on a bit more transparent and has a more stereotypic vintage effect.

  • Pastel orange sherbet (15 August 2014)

    This is a pastel version of spiced marmalade. You can with some work get a pastel version of this darker pumpkin orange, but it's nice to have it on hand and ready to use. If you are a pastel lover dried marigold is a great addition to the usual pink/sky/lavender crowd because it is a nice warm color without being a hard to use pastel yellow. Much to my surprise this is also a great base color for all sorts of brighter and grungier backgrounds. The warmth gives a hint of rust without being dark or harsh. I've built up a real metal rust-look using this pad as first layer. This is not a gotta have color for beginners unless you are a pastel lover, but it does have it's uses for all the rest of us.

  • Verified Buyer

    Fabulous but... (22 July 2014)

    … these little machines are small, easy to store, light weight, and work really well. All the other reviews cover that.

    My only complaint is the slipping and sliding as I use it. It can be really awkward getting to to stay still, shove in the sandwich of plates, etc., and get it to crank at the same time. Anyone with finger, hand or wrist problems is going to struggle with this. I can make it work with my arthritis but fair warning because it can be frustrating.

    Thankfully the results more then make up for the necessary gymnastics. I would not give mine up, especially since the price is so great.

  • Verified Buyer

    Use with my SideKick (19 July 2014)

    Now that Tim Holtz and others are creating these long narrow dies I'm finally using this product more. Works just fine in my machine.

  • Verified Buyer

    Eye glasses and the chalkboard (19 July 2014)

    Trendy as you can get! But super fun anyway. The glasses are simple black fronts with no earpieces. The sizes vary in a compact pseudo-random pattern. I go to studious, '80s style, eye doctors, Raybans (just color in a few!), and cute like "Be seeing you" or some such. The reverse is a tonal shades of black that reads as chalkboard but could easily be transformed into a starry night or a snow storm. Die cuts, stickers, or stamps imprinted on other paper and cut out, could become a Halloween night scene. This is perfect paper for me. Depending on how much use you'd get out of one or the other it might be a good buy for you.

  • Verified Buyer

    Sometimes I do wonder... (19 July 2014)

    …about the folks that decide what goes on the reverse side. But I'm a leather and lace type so what the heck. The lace is totally bridal classic with white open lace on a cream. It's the typical lace cloth you can get in the fabric store. The reverse is this wild almost net-like burlap, very loose and messy. If you have a limited budget and want variety, I guess this takes the cake. I love both of the patterns.

  • Verified Buyer

    One of the best stencils I own (19 July 2014)

    I love this stencil because the design is small, orderly but not fussy, and works with any color or combination of colors. So many stencils try to "say" something important whether it represents something like a butterfly or is super obvious in its pattern like arrows. In this case the stencil design is just an accent design not a to focal point which is a good thing. Tone on tone is super with this. Try a cream paper with white spray or paint. You can jazz it up quietly for a subtle brocade. You can blast it with Dylusions for some wild scrapbook paper. You can suggest stars with silver on black. I could keep going. This is a must have stencil.

  • Verified Buyer

    I know, weird... (19 July 2014)

    …but weird has it's place. Anything teen, '60s or '70s, rock-n-roll, op art… all work. The wavy one goes to water with a smeary misty watercolor treatment. And the right humorous get well card could work with either. I think these texture plates are emotional rather then pretty or grungy. I used a subtle tones rust patterned paper with the wavy one and sanded the raised areas which is very interesting. Tie dye paper is a gimme with this set. How about pink or dark navy sparkles? These plates take some courage and creativity, but I think it's worth it.

  • Verified Buyer

    Useful textures (19 July 2014)

    I had no problems using these plates in my Sizzix Texture machine. The spirals are nice and read very well -- I'm sure I'll use this one a great deal. The burlap is more iffy. The threads are very wide and widely spaced apart. For me this is kind of awkward. I'm still playing with this one. Ripping the edges and grunging it up helps. I tried it on a christmas plaid and it was interesting. Anyway the spirals are really good for folks who love spirals. The burlap… it depends you what you like, I guess.

  • Verified Buyer

    Do not limit yourself to just male uses (19 July 2014)

    Sure the diamond plate is pretty obviously male. It's industrial, after all. But I know women who buy trucks and diamond plate is a practical thing even when it's chrome. But the riveted plates scream crazy quilt to me -- color in the "squares" and add some pen work stitching and patterns and you've got a quilt instead. Another angle on this texture is neon tie dye paper. Weird but it works because the texture become secondary -- sort of a girlz power thing. Back to the diamond plate again. I used Distress ink pads and did a gray background and tipped the diamonds in rust… to die for! Anyway, these are cool textures.

  • Verified Buyer

    Nice thin lace (19 July 2014)

    This set of lace comes on one die. There are tiny holes so expect some tedious poking of unwanted bits. But it's totally worth it. I've been looking and looking for a lace rubber stamp or a die cut that would fit in my SideKick. Unlike the photo these are not grungy. Each design is even just like you'd buy on a fabric store spool. What I love is having complete control over how the lace speaks to the viewer. I can grunge it like the photo, or I can use solid colors or atmospheric patterned paper. You can even paint your own paper. Or for a more exotic look how about velvet paper or frosted vellum? With lace you can go girly or vintage, even steampunk or halloween. The only limit is your imagination. Have fun!

  • Verified Buyer

    A little fussy but a lot of bird wonderful! (19 July 2014)

    I can't believe I'm the first review. This is a super cutting die. It fits in my SideKick so it will fit in anything with a 12" long cutting bed. When I say fussy I'm referring to the very thin connections between some of the birds -- they will rip apart if not carefully handled. I don't consider this to be a problem but some might. What I love about this die is the complexity. The swallows (that's the bird species) are all different angles with full profile as well as half and three-quarters. Their wings are pulled back or spread out so they really look like they're flying. Their tails also show different positions. None of the swallows are clones. This is what I expect from Tim Holtz. And finally you can cut these apart to form smaller groups or even individuals. The only reason not to buy this die is if you hate birds. Otherwise they go with so much: bridal, sunsets, spring, fall, marsh, beach (if you ignore the species), or anything that needs a flight motif. Great die!

  • Verified Buyer

    Much like the old-old Basic Grey (19 July 2014)

    Once upon a time Basic Grey was the hip cool paper. Everyone had some in their stash. I miss those days. Today paper is super bright, super cheery, super the same @#$%* thing! Sorry but look around and you'll see what I mean. Scrapbook paper should be an accent not the focal point. End rant. I love this paper because it is very interesting, the geometry is both scholastic and kind of mystical magic. The black lines are not as dark as pictured but they do stand out. The background is subdued and interesting in ways that make it rich rather then distracting. The reverse side? A really weird plaid -- go figure. Not for everyone but perfect for me.

  • Basically a darker Fired Brick (02 June 2014)

    Aged Mahogany is a dark color. Dark like Chipped Sapphire and Seedless Preserves. But it is still very red. They sometimes stain furniture a "dark cherry" color that is the same as this color of ink pad. You can do Google images to get some idea. My studio storage is stained in this color so I'm biased. Color wise Aged Mahogany ink pad color is closest to Fired Brick -- not a match just close and way more saturated.

    Aged Mahogany is not for everyone. It will stain you rubber stamps, you and your clothes. But there are some wonderful uses for a dark maroon especially edging papers, simulating wax seals, even Halloween blood drips or scatter. Aged Mahogany is great for shifting pink flowers to something more regal or refined when you brushed the flower petals and dye the stamens. And of course certain rubber stamps can only be dark red… hearts! Barn Door red just does not cut it.

  • Perfect match with Peeled Paint (02 June 2014)

    Like Peeled Paint, Crushed Olive is warm but not yellow. Forest Moss is much darker and more old fashioned army green. I like Crushed Olive because is is a much more realistic spring green -- the brand new leaves found on some plants but not brilliant or stereotypical. Some people would call it a light olive but that is a grave disservice. Crushed Olive is a natural color, not drab or gray in any way.

    If you want a pair of greens Crushed Olive and Peeled Paint are a good choice. But look at Bundled Sage and Old Paper first which are lighter and less saturated. It depends on the type of stamping or other that you want your greens to represent.

  • More realistic then others (02 June 2014)

    This is a natural green. Not the primary Mowed Lawn, or the dark green Pine Needles, or the olive army Forest Moss. I think it goes mentally with the olive in a martini but not as… preserved. I would say it is a medium dark shade closest to Forest Moss but not the same shade. Peeled Paint is a warm green without being yellow.

    Crushed Olive is a lighter and brighter version of Peeled Paint. They go together perfectly. Together they would make any leafy situation seem vibrant and full of life.

    If you're looking for the perfect green this might be it. I would choose Peeled Paint over Forest Moss because it's a bit brighter and cooler.

  • Real world herb sage green (02 June 2014)

    If you know the herb sage you know it has a bit of grayish to it because of fine hairs on the leaves. Surprisingly this ink pad captures that cool color really well. I have 9 different greens in the Distress Ink Pad line and this is the most organic and natural looking. (The very different Forest Moss is second).

    Bundled Sage is a medium color, not pastel in any way but not in-your-face saturated either. A good color for leaves, herb bundles, a sophisticated alternative to mint green (ick.!), better then Iced Spruce for a vintage feel… a nice comfortable alternative to the more saturated greens in the Distressed line.

    I'm not fond of Shabby Shutters after buying this ink pad. Shabby Shutters is more yellow but not a spring green. Bundled Sage is a better buy.

    Interesting note: Bundled Sage goes really well with Old Paper (which is green not tan). Old Paper is pastel version.

  • Not Gray! Nice blue instead (02 June 2014)

    I knew I was getting blue from reviews here and elsewhere but I did not know I was getting a close match to the Stormy Sky ink pad. The color are different so you may have a preference one way or the other but until you see real stamped solids side by side you really can't make an informed choice.

    I'm still with Stormy Sky. The color is more open then Weathered Wood and more of a worn denim. Weathered Wood is a bit more gray and somber -- but only a bit. I don't have a full collection of Distressed Ink pads but Stormy Sky goes with more of my 28 colors. See my review on this site for my opinions of Stormy Sky.

  • Not straw colored (02 June 2014)

    Even if you go to real world straw this ink is not dead grass of any type. Nor is is a shade of the photo shown here.

    That said, Scattered Straw is a complex color. It most closely sits next to Wild Honey. It has the same orange tone but absolutely none of the brilliance. Wild Honey almost glows because it has elements of bright bright yellow in it. Scattered Straw is much more laid back, a medium tone that seems ultra flat in comparison.

    What's most interesting about Scattered Straw is it almost is a stereotypic skin tone. It's a bit orange but I think it would work for that purpose… if you don't want the typical pink pastel color.

  • Not the color of old paper (02 June 2014)

    I was unsure if I just got a bad batch but there are others who find this color more green then aged paper. In fact it is a lighter shade of the Bundled Sage ink pad (the two go together beautifully).

    If people really are getting that light aged tan color of real world aged book paper then I must have gotten a bad batch along with other people. I'd be wary of this purchase if you are pinching pennies.

    As an alternative consider Antique Linen which is an off-white with a tiny bit yellow, a tiny bit gray, and a staple for anything vintage.

  • Tiny but cute (02 May 2014)

    This die cuts out at 1-3/4" from carrot tip to top of leaves. Check a ruler. It's small. The die has two parts. One part is the carrot and top combined. Right next to it on the same plate is a duplicate top. The die is not deep -- it cuts scrapbook paper and card stock fine, but just barely does a shipping tag. Do a test cut first. Because of the size and the low cutting profile I've rated this 4 star. But it is cute. A die cut rabbit or some Easter eggs and instant card. If you can find other vegetables or make your own you've got a summer garden card. I plan on "filling" a rubber stamped mason jar with a lot of tiny carrots.

  • Absolute must have ink pad (26 April 2014)

    This is a magic color! That's why everyone loves it. Tea Dye was designed to darken the edges of artwork with a blending tool created by Ranger. Tons of demos on-line. What it does is smear thin misty layers without harsh solid color. The technique takes a little practice but once you have it down you will never never go back. Originally Tim Holtz was going for a vintage, distressed look, and this does all that. But it goes on to do a whole lot more especially since the ink pad line was originally designed around this color. Combining other colors with the blending tool create some fabulous results. Honestly Tea Dye is not for use with rubber stamps because the color is too transparent (tone-on-tone stamping is o.k.). If you like the aged look of paper and photographs this is it (yes Distress Ink Pads can color actual modern photographs!). If you love rusty iron you can get there with a few other colors in this line. If you want a more "dirty" background with other colors Tea Dye will help you get there as well. If you buy only one of these pads this is the one to get.

  • I had specific goal and mostly got there (26 April 2014)

    I was looking for a ink pad that would darken the edges like tea dye does so well but isn't red brown rust colored. Unfortunately I went with the lid color and the extolled virtues of various artists on-line. Antique Linen is a neutral off-white and a little cool (instead of warm like tea dye). It is very light and because of this even more transparent. On the plus side it does knock back white-whites which I love, and I've saved some blending near mistakes with a top layer of Antique Linen… but it is not the edging ink I was hoping for. I've gone to Gathered Twigs for a cooler brown but I have to be super careful not to use too much or it gets really dark really fast.

  • Verified Buyer

    Orange but not the standard orange (26 April 2014)

    Orange on the color wheel is smack in the middle between red and yellow… and Spiced Marmalade is not it. But that's a good thing. The standard orange is like the citrus fruit, super bright and obvious. This ink pad is just a tiny bit deeper and richer. Personally I think of this color as pumpkin which are orange but not the neon citrus version. If you go with that you can see how much of the Distress line goes better with a little Spiced Marmalade. The rusty vintage browns like tea dye, many of the blues (especially Stormy Sky), some of the greens (even Peacock Feathers), and the reds of course. This ink pad is a very good investment because it blends with so much without being monotone -- but it is a strong color so have some courage!

  • Prima makes nice stencils (24 April 2014)

    [Begin rant] But I hate hate that they are bundled together. I cut them apart as soon as I get them. Makes jagged corner but I can't use stencils the way they sell them -- I'd need three hands to hold the stencils still and spray or whatever. Stupid design. [End rant]

    I happen to love wrought iron style patterns and pick them up whenever I find them. The designs are so different then all the background stamps and stencils. More detail and more geometric. Not a big flowers and swirls type. I use these primarily for tags. A nice background of whatever then these over the top in something shimmer, metallic, or contrast. Lots of fun. I'm always certain to get something sophisticated or maybe even sexy -- victorian, steampunk, wedding, vampire.... These are not an all the time stencil set but they are are fun to have around

  • Barn red (24 April 2014)

    In my experience barns are not painted primary red. They use a type of paint that is darker and a bit more maroon. The lid pictured here is NOT the color of the ink pad. The color is not pink or rose in any way. This is more the stereotype of a darkish brick red. I consider this a more realistic poinsettia flower red (which are not bright primary red at all). For all that I don't use it all that often. As strange as it sounds this is a coolish red even though it is so dark. At a glance you might think Fired Brick goes with Vintage Photo but when you put them together they don't mesh. That's because Fired Brick has a bit of blue which pushes it toward the purple side (NOT purple or wine though!). Reds are so powerful and strong that they stain everything given the chance. But Fired Brick does make a nice red apple which are not primary, while Barn Door is for stop signs and fire trucks. This stamp pad in my experience is only for specific projects.

  • Similar to Peacock Feathers (24 April 2014)

    Broken China came before Peacock Feathers but is has the same level brightness just a different shift of color. Broken China is blue blue, a darker shade of Tumbled Glass, and very cool. Its not a classic jewel tone but it fits within that family. Peacock Feathers is a bit more green therefore more teal. I know Peacock is trendy right now but Broken China is a better buy. Once everyone's tired of this sort of teal it'll be set aside and ignored. How many things in the natural world are that color? Not many. Broken China color is everywhere: water, sky, boy stuff, etc. Its such a calming, clean color, that we keep using it in our lives. The Distress line has a number of blues, I'd suggest Broken China for a cool color and something like Stormy Sky for a warmish darker one. But it all depends on what stamps you have and what other colors you want to blend with.

  • Super cool yellow! (24 April 2014)

    This is a high octane yellow. The reason why it works is it has a little little shift toward orange. Most would not see it at all. Yellows are always so transparent which makes it so hard to get a bright color. Mustard Seed is the perfect solution for a yellow that pops, holds its own, yet stays true. The lids on this stamp pad vary wildly -- some are even pastel -- do not be fooled because this is a bright almost neon color. In case you need specifics the mustard you get out of the squeeze bottle is yellower but not by much. I use the stamp pad primarily for blending with Wild Honey, Spiced Marmalade, and Rusty Hinge. If you do Tim's trick of smearing the pad on a craft mat you can paint in lemons, suns, and the like. I also love to make blended sunsets for all those popular botanical silhouette stamps (checkout YouTube). Mustard Yellow is a nice ink pad to have around, maybe not a primary buy since so few things are bright yellow.

  • Pretty much a dark olive green (24 April 2014)

    Greens are a little tricky. The lid pictured here is not the color of the stamped ink. Instead Forest Moss is an old fashioned, world wars, olive army green. Darker and oh-so-slightly yellower then the primary green of Mowed Lawn. Personally I find Forest Moss to be more of a pine green -- not a stereotype Christmas green -- but a real grows-in-the-forest, pine trees overhead in the sunlight, color. I picked up Forest Moss to go with Vintage Photo and Gathered Twigs which make wild, dark blended backgrounds. Otherwise I use Forest Moss for leaves of all kinds when I don't want the usual bright greens and am reaching for a more nature effect. You can stamp the stem and leaf of a pumpkin in Mowed Lawn or Pine Needles just fine, but Forest Moss is more natural looking. Thanksgiving themes are better served with non-Halloween colors as well say Rusty Hinge, Forest Moss and Vintage Photo, even Fired Brick. Bright are not for everything. In my opinion, of course. Forest Moss is a good buy but only if you're looking for a dark, warmer green.

  • Just like it says (24 April 2014)

    This ink pad really does match the pumice stone I've got in my cleaning supplies. It's gray gray but a tiny bit dirty. Most pumice stones sold are actually rock they cut out of the ground (pretty cool) so it makes sense that the real deal has that bit of brown in it. Bit tiny bit. I would not not call it a warm gray. Pumice Stone ink pad is going to be neutral gray to most people's eyes (but we are all artists here and fuss over colors). As for saturation this ink pad is pretty much in the middle, maybe a tinge lighter. I find it a little too dark for shadow stamping, but as a blended shadow it's super. I've also used it for edging lighter paper to great effect… flower pedals and the like. Finally Pumice Stone is a wonder at knocking back colored paper -- when you love the patterned paper but it's just too light bright -- without going to the vintage Tea Dye thing. Good stamp pad color to have.

  • Rusty as a solid color (24 April 2014)

    If you know what I mean rust is never a solid color, has to do with the way the iron oxidizes as a natural process. That said Rusty Hinge is a step toward the brown side from Spiced Marmalade (pumpkin orange). I was less then enthused when I picked up with ink pad but it has grown on me. The blended effects you can get with Tea Dye, Vintage Photo and Gathered Twigs are out of this world. These colors keep going together in new ways even through I've made so many different backgrounds. Fabulous. Rusty Hinge also does edging with some colors and papers when Tea Dye just doesn't work. I also like Rusty Hinge with some of the oranges and yellows in the Distress line -- the vintage feel drops the brights down making the blends less in your face. If you do some YouTube research there are people who show you how to make believable rust patterns and effects with Distress pads -- takes a bit of practice but its really cool.

  • Red Rover Red Rover (24 April 2014)

    This is the primary red of the Distress line. Personally I think it the stereotype fire engine red. Barn red is darker. Red stamp pads are not for everyone. Red ink does stain -- any red ink -- fingers, tools, stamps, clothes, some plastics. It all depends on how freaky you are with stained stamps. If you need the virgin rubber or clear stamps stay away from any red ink pad. That was my community service message. Now about the Barn Door ink pad. Love this red. Strong, no nonsense, stop sign, red light, warning in capital letters, red red red. Only other comment… can't seem to get it to blend nicely. I've got some great effects but none of the usual misty or darker layers. This red is angry and strong which I guess is good enough reason for it to not play nice with others.

  • Sky Blue Forever (24 April 2014)

    Yeah, that kind of blue (depending on where you live, of course). Sky blue and water blue and glass blue (like the popular mason jar stamps). It blends with just about every blue I have, goes with Milled Lavender, Shaded Lilac, Victorian Velvet, and more. Even if you aren't a light blue person this is a color to consider because it makes really good blended backgrounds. Tumbled Glass is light enough to still stay "white" bright so other colors pop out. While not a primary, I still recommend this stamp pad for beginning collectors.

  • Might be a tangerine, might be a yellow orange (24 April 2014)

    Might? This is an interesting ink pad. It responds differently then all of the other Distress pads I own. Every other one is a consistent, solid color. Wild Honey seems to glow as if it were two colors at the same time. Sounds weird, I know, and maybe it's just me and my eyes. Wild Honey is between Spiced Marmalade (pumpkin orange) and Mustard Seed (yellow). Wild Honey is more on the orange side but not by a long ways. These three make super cool blended background with a light hand, too heavy and you loose the color differences. If you were to pick-up just one of these three I suggest Wild Honey because it goes with a lot more colors -- like Rusty Hinge and Vintage Photo -- and you can still stamp pumpkins, suns, and bright flowers.

  • Fabulous Blue! (24 April 2014)

    I love this medium blue! In my review of Faded Jeans I go into why I think Stormy Sky is more of a faded denim -- it has more of a washed many times look. In a way the color is a little "tired" but not in a bad way. You know how old jeans get that little bit of grayish-white thing going? Not when they are torn up and totally bleached out. Before that. When they are at their peak softness and comfort. That's what I mean about Stormy Sky. I love the name of this ink pad but I've never seen a sky this color. It certainly is not the color of this photo here. Stormy Sky is one of my absolute favorite blending colors -- it carries its own without being over powering or getting lost. Good buy even for a novice collector. Must have for a serious one.

  • Classic Rose Pink (24 April 2014)

    Hard to get any more rose pink then this. Not light pink. And not bubble gum. A victorian rose. It is very much a vintage color -- my great aunt had barrel chairs upholstery in this color from the late 40s. It's also a really common color for flowers when you don't want pastel or brights. This is one of the colors men will wear on occasion as a dress shirt to tie. Pink anything usually isn't my thing but I prefer this over pastel any day of the year.

  • This pad is navy blue (24 April 2014)

    I've seen quite a bit of variation in the lid color with this Chipped Sapphire stamp pad. But it is really just navy blue. Not dark navy. Not light navy like denim. At the same time it is not a dark primary blue because there is a tiny tiny bit of red which give it a super slight shift to purple -- which is a good thing since it goes so well with Dusty Concord. Chipped Sapphire is right in line with Stormy Sky and Faded Jeans, together they make great blended backgrounds. As wonderful as this color is I find that I use black more often for stamped images then this navy blue… black just pops more. It all depends on how you're going to us it and whether it makes a good buy for you.

  • An off green (24 April 2014)

    This is a bit of an unusual color. The photo here is way way too yellow. Shabby Shutters is mintier, tiny bit sage, and a bit old fashioned. I'm guessing people are investing in it for certain color matches or to be used for things like leaves with pastel flowers. It's much too light to be a usual floral green and certainly not a spring green. I invested in Shabby Shutters as a blended background color -- it antiques very well with Tea Dye, and I happen to like it with Spiced Marmalade. This would not be a first buy or a casual buy as far as I'm concerned. The color is a little too unusual.

  • Classic grape purple (24 April 2014)

    It's hard to get any more purple then this stamp pad. Not too blue, not too red, just right in the middle. For comparison Seedless Preserves is more red. Less red means that it goes with the Distress line blue like Broken China, I even like Peacock Feathers with it. This pad is a base line, got-to-have purple once you have the primaries of red, blue, and pads like Tea Dye.

  • This is classic pastel lavender (24 April 2014)

    This ink pad fits right next to Dusty Concord just with different saturation. I rarely go for pastel anything… too prissy and fussy for me. But using the blending tool really works great with a base color that is really light. Milled Lavender goes with Tumbled Glass and a smudge of Victorian Velvet. But it's much more fun with medium blues like Stormy Sky or dark like Chipped Sapphire. I've got a lot of stamp pads and this is nice to round out my collection. If you are a more traditional stamper Milled Lavender would be a great pastel for flowers, girly stuff, and anything that isn't quite boy or girl (blue and pink make purple).

  • This is classic Christmas green (24 April 2014)

    Christmas tree and wreath green, but also ivy and holly. If you're looking for a standard green ink pad this one is it. All that said this is not a primary green which is more like the Mowed Lawn ink pad. And it is on the darkish side. Personally I don't think this is a floral green because it is darker and stronger then the usual light flower colors everyone uses (Prima, etc.). But it does look good as leaves with a dogwood flower punch I have because the dark green just makes the white flower pop. I do have a good sized ivy rubber stamp that comes up really nice. Just keep in mind all the things you might use this pad for and you'll know you're making a good investment.

  • Not all that faded (24 April 2014)

    This is an interesting blue. If find Stormy Sky to be more of a faded denim color because it's slightly lighter like jeans that have been washed a lot. I'd say this Faded Jeans ink pad is a light navy color… faded but still more saturated and substantial… and a tiny, tiny shift toward purple (which denim does not have). If you were to put them in an order I would say Chipped Sapphire was dark navy, Faded Jeans next, followed by Stormy Sky. No collection should be without Faded Jeans but if you are just looking for a nice medium blue with some character this is a good choice.

  • Very gray green but not dark (24 April 2014)

    This is a super nice winter color. It's still green but with a lot of gray tones. Google images has photos of Blue Spruce branches that match this ink pad. I like it because it is such a frosty green, not Mowed Lawn primary or Pine Needles dark or even Forest Moss olive. It really is a distinct color. It really makes nice blended backgrounds with Stormy Sky and Faded Jeans. If you are just starting out with a Distressed ink pad collection this is not an early buy because the color is unusual, but for my 31 pad collection Iced Spruce is a great addition.

  • Verified Buyer

    A great alternative to the original (23 April 2014)

    I love using blending tools to create backgrounds and edging. The only problem is I'm impatient and the original rectangle version ends up leaving darker corners all over my papers. I was trimming the pads which helped but did not solve the problem. I jumped on this round version and I'm super glad I did. I still get darker areas but they aren't harsh angular marks -- they're nice smooth rounded, cloud-like, quarter moon puffs. The round shape also doesn't catch on rough areas or collaged edges quite as much. I wish Ranger made this version in a larger size because I'd buy that one too!

  • Verified Buyer

    This is a weird color (13 April 2014)

    I love color and I love Distress ink pads. But this one is a little weird. First it isn't anything persimmon but that's just marketing. Basically it's an orange red and not a typical one. As far as I can tell it was developed to go with specific colors instead of a range like all the others. I've found that it just looks odd when I stamp or use the Ranger tool. I did not rate it lower because I think there are uses for an orange red. It's just not one for me.

  • Verified Buyer

    Glad I picked this one up (13 April 2014)

    I hemmed and hawed about this pad for awhile. When it went on sale and snapped it up and I'm so glad I did. This is the nicest brown. Tea dye has been a staple forever -- I love the rusty tones. Gathered twigs could not be more different. This one is a lovely earthy comfortable medium brown. I find I use it for an entirely different kind of color "feel". It does not go with as many of the other Distress pad colors so that may matter to you.

  • Verified Buyer

    Steampunk trend and more (13 April 2014)

    This clearly an attempt at going steampunk without being exclusive. I choose it because the patterns are small and in rather neutral colors so I can use them as backgrounds for collage. The dots, herringbone, check patterns are very useful for creating texture without being in your face. Paper with words on it are popular but I'm no fan. The gear pattern is unusual and note worthy. The gears float with some in the background and overlapping. I like that there is both a black and tan version. This paper pack is a good choice.

  • Verified Buyer

    Reviewing paper is a little... (13 April 2014)

    …silly since it is only a single sheet. But. I'm doing it anyway because this one is super fun. I love astronomy and all things stars. I usually have a real life nebula photo as my desktop pattern. So I'm always looking for paper that captures my passion. This one is above 90% because the pattern seems random, swirly, and fun. Most star patterns are evenly spaced, same color, boring, boring, boring. Not this one. Pick-up several. You'll find lots of uses for them.

  • Verified Buyer

    Is a more red/purple (13 April 2014)

    This is a logical but unusual color. It is not a straight up purple. It has a lot of red in it without getting to maroon or getting muddy. But when I compare it to the other Distress pads it doesn't have a lot of matches. When Tim uses it in the vid it really pops and goes crazy cool. I love that and the color combination he uses. But. I want my products to work with lots of others and I'm less then happy. Would I buy it again? No. But I'm keeping the one I bought.

  • Verified Buyer

    Not really salty but they had to call it something (13 April 2014)

    The blue is similar to the lid picture above but a little more brilliant without be lighter. It's not neon but it has that sort of energy. I like this blue because it is in the middle, not light, not dark, yet not boring either. I'm not fond of it with most rubber stamps, though. The color does not have enough punch to hold on its own. I suppose you could do something nice with a tone on tone rubber stamp. But I do love to use this pad for creating backgrounds with the Ranger tool or a cosmetic wedge. I think this is a nice addition to a collection but not as a first buy.

  • Verified Buyer

    Shocking Distress Ink Pad Color (13 April 2014)

    Absolutely shocking! Almost neon. Oh so cool! It's like Dylusions cross pollinated. I'm sure the grunge traditionalists cringe when they see this color -- but shaking folks up sometimes is kind of fun. I use this pad for '60 style flowers and for making the psycedellic dye effects. It also goes with valentines and easter if you hate pastels like I do. Watch Tim's vid and you'll get some great ideas.

  • Verified Buyer

    Tiny-tiny brads (13 April 2014)

    These are the smallest brads I've ever seen. In fact they are so small they are difficult to install with my fumble fingers. I needed to use a pin to pierce a hole in my paper because me paper piercing tool is too fat. Also the screw indents are very shallow and wide for the overall size. These are really cute but is cute enough to make-up for these three problems? Not for me. --The larger size screw brads from this company are absolutely perfect. They're sold on this site.--

  • Verified Buyer

    Non-traditional brads (13 April 2014)

    Sure male themes, steampunk -- pretty obvious. How about victorian, grunge, antique, holding down metal name plates or latches, fake state license plates, or even mending a broken heart? I wish the screwdriver indents were a little deeper but that's a quibble. A touch of paint and these age up nicely. Or is shiny brand new fits your theme some super chrome silver or even brass gold paint. I've always got these brads in my storage box to have on hand.

  • Verified Buyer

    Super high gloss (12 January 2014)

    These tab protectors are very high gloss. I prefer matt everything because I like a more natural or grunge look. Hopefully they will hear my plea and make a matt version.

  • Verified Buyer

    Fun & Funky Stamp (28 December 2013)

    There's not mistaking this image. Bugers are icons now. One look and you get all sorts of commercial and family associations… not to mention the munchies.

    The only reason why this stamp is priced as low as it is is because it is not trimmed. The rubber extends beyond the well incised image in a flat plane to form a rectangle. Not trimming this excess rubber saves time and money, hence the savings. I immediately got out my sharp heavy scissors and cut the excess off. As long as your scissors are sharp this is an easy fix. If you don't trim you will sometimes end up inking the excess and stamping it on to the page. Ugh.

    Besides this little factor, this is a great stamp. The image is good and clear, still detailed without filling in. The tomatoes are a little odd but when you color them in they "read" just fine. Note that you don't have to use this with black or brown ink and the usual colors. A nice bright border of different color burgers would spice up a page or card as well.

  • Verified Buyer

    Unusual rubber stamp (28 December 2013)

    While this light bulb has a vintage or steampunk feel to it, it also reads as a light bulb in a modern context. The lines are good and clean. The rubber is fairly deeply etched. The cling foam is trimmed close to the image. In all it is a quality stamp.

    With little effort you can make it appear to be on with colored pencils, a pastel marker, and Pan Pastels. This is an unusual image for mainstream rubber stamping which is part of the reason why I love it.

  • Verified Buyer

    Nice dark cadet blue (28 December 2013)

    This color is not a navy but it is dark enough that it would pass if necessary. But it really is a cadet blue which was once upon a time a military uniform color. The color base is quality in Heidi Swap line but the super fine sparkle is what puts it over the top. The mixing ball inside the bottle makes sure the glittery stuff is well mixed, yet another Heidi benefit. I find Glimmer Mist to not have as uniform of sparkle but it does have a more pearlescent effect, so I think there is room for both these product lines in a collection.

  • Verified Buyer

    This is the classic green (28 December 2013)

    On the color wheel this is the standard green. It's a nice mid-tone nothing fancy color. My lid color is slightly brighter then the pad color itself but that may vary. Compared to the other greens in the Distress line this is middle of the road basic color while the others go into olive, sage, or some other tweak. This is definitely the stereotypic Christmas green.

  • Verified Buyer

    Really cool color (28 December 2013)

    This lilac is on the red side, unlike a violet which is on the blue side. (Red and blue make purple if that helps). If you were to see them side-by-side it would be obvious. The lid is actually representative of the color but might vary with your monitor. I love this version of purple because it's less girly even though it is a lighter shade.

  • Verified Buyer

    Brilliant peacock color (28 December 2013)

    This teal on the blue side of blue/green is a bright happy color. It is a slightly deeper color then shown on the lid of the pad. This is an unusual color for the Distress line and a nice addition to any collection

  • Verified Buyer

    Very nice assortment of neutrals (28 December 2013)

    These papers were created to be used making paper dolls and I can see where they would be great for that. i bought them to increase my collage paper pallet with neutral colors. I love the range from a rich chocolate brown, to several shades of tan, and a pinkish tan at the lightest. This set of colors are great backgrounds for other collaged images or rubber stamps.

    Note that these papers are not uniform solid colors. They all have subtle handwriting on them. In some places on a single sheet the text is almost ghost-like transparent, in others it is distinct. While the text is tonal to the paper this may be a stopper for some projects. I personally like the texture of the writing.

  • Verified Buyer

    Goes with the large hexagon punch (25 December 2013)

    I picked up the large punch when it was on sale here because I thought it would be fun. But I quickly realized that I needed another size to go with it. The medium seems quite a bit smaller but it works together beautifully. It's so easy to get a dynamic tumbling sort of look.

    This size fits in a 1" circle and is easy to use on standard paper and card stock. It will not punch heavier weights like tags.

  • Verified Buyer

    Nice selection of corners (25 December 2013)

    This unusual punch allows you to turn a dial-like knob to select three different corner punches. Cool idea. Mine cut nice clean corners with little fuss but only on paper and standard card stock (like most punches) -- in other words not tags or anything heavy. I'm fine with that. What I'm not so happy about are the different radius curves of the corners. The graphic exaggerates slightly because the difference between the three curves are not that great. I punched each in a different color of card stock and held them up next to each one. There is a difference but it is not that pronounced. I'm still keeping this punch but I would probably have researched other brands had I known I was not getting what is pictured.

  • Verified Buyer

    I got mine free but I'd pay full price! (15 December 2013)

    This little tool is everything Fiskars says it is in the video and more. Smooth, easy cutting. You know how a very sharp pair of scissors can be used to zip through paper without chopping the handles? That's what this does and much easier. Wrapping paper is a breeze even when it's curling all over the place. Same with paper, newspaper, magazine pages, etc.

    Even better is that it works on those awful shipping bags that clothes are mailed in. Those bags slip around and a pain to cut open and hold onto at the same time. Just line this tool up and zip along one side! Easy, safe, fast! Something tells me I'm going to find other uses for this tool!

    Oh. I also does curves, not circles or scallops, just nice smooth organic waves. Kind of cool.

    You can trust Fiskars to make great products. No I don't work for them. I've just used their spring loaded scissors for 20 years.

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect skin tone (15 December 2013)

    This stamp pad looks just like make-up. It's that creamy light tan color without any orange tones. I'm using mine to work with Distress sprays and ink pads for that little something extra. So many times I've wanted an earth tone version of a light cool grey and this is perfect.

    In addition, I think anyone who does paper dolls or mixed media portraits would love this pad as well. I hate color mixing flesh tones!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love them bones! (14 November 2013)

    This stencil is not for everyone that's for sure. But if you love Halloween, dark goth (as opposed to bubble gum), are in the medical profession, have a heart or lung condition… well I can't imagine you won't pick it up.

    The stencil is very detailed. The cutouts are super sharp and clean. But you need to either accept happy accidents or take the time to tape everything down and have a steady hand with the ink spray or paint dabbing.

    Note that this is a stencil not a mask. The bones will the the color you apply, so if you want white bones you have to use white gesso or paint. I just did a little piece with the bones a transparent black for dark misty effect next to some fine green leave skeletons. I titled it "The Fall" after a line in a Mary Oliver poem.

  • Verified Buyer

    This a fabulous stencil that everyone seems to miss (14 November 2013)

    I have no idea why this stencil is not showing up everywhere. Nature scenes are in, especially silhouettes. It is also very versatile since it's super easy to put small pieces of tape over individual birds or sections and get a totally different distribution. They work great tone-on-tone with the birds embossed. They can be any color against a whole host of background colors such as dark pink against a blazing sunset paper or a rich juicy milk chocolate against a solid pine green. A sky full of birds says outdoors, freedom, changing seasons (how about a subtle fall page?), and more. Do not hesitate picking up this stencil, it is well worth the investment.

  • Verified Buyer

    This alphabet set is a steal! (14 November 2013)

    It's a pain to order since you have to pick-up one letter at a time but there is no better deal out there that gives you four different heavy fonts for each letter in all different sizes. Several notes though…
    - This is not a uniform letter set so you have to accept that words may be kind of funky (which I like)
    - When I ordered mine Scrapbook.com did not have all 26 letters. I ended up going to the manufacturers site and paying more per letter to complete my set.
    - Even with the extra hassles this alphabet set is a fabulous deal. Price it out. You'll see what I mean.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great punch! (02 November 2013)

    I've had a few issues with Fiskers punches in the past so I was a bit concerned… but not at this price! You've probably missed the sale though :-( . Even then this is a great punch. Mine cut cleanly and perfectly right from the package. Hexagons are the new circle which were so popular for so long. I like that they can make columns and rows, bee hive patterns, or just a scatter. They work tone-on-tone really well creating subtle texture. You can also put a die cut letter or number on one at a time to date or title something. Tons of uses. I know you'll be happy with this punch.

  • Realistic herringbone basket weave (not mushrooms) (05 September 2013)

    This a super paper. The quality of the photograph on the paper is so realistic you just have to touch it see if it's real! I'm not kidding!

    It works great for summer themes but it would also work for vacations with Egyptian, Morrocan, or even African themes. I'm planning on using with watered down gesso for a white washed look for my next project. I'm also going to try a thin layer of texturized matt medium to increase the realism.

    Great paper! You won't be disappointed.

  • Verified Buyer

    i love this punch! (13 July 2013)

    What I like about this punch is they are an icon anyone can recognize anywhere. Icons have a sort of power in art. They say something in shorthand. A cloud punched out of shimmery white paper says bright happy things. A cloud of dirty grey or black something else. I've got clouds in patterned paper now even blue with white daisies waiting for a pink sunrise on some future page. I've got Basic Grey grungy clouds waiting for create a storm on a dark difficult day. O.k.... wait for it... the sky's the limit with this punch!

  • Verified Buyer

    I love these little clouds! (13 July 2013)

    These are so cute and I do NOT do cute. Well, not normally. What I like about them is they are an icon anyone can recognize anywhere. Icons have a sort of power in art. They say something in shorthand. A cloud punched out of shimmery white paper says bright happy things. A cloud of dirty grey or black something else. I've got clouds in patterned paper now even blue with white daisies waiting for a pink sunrise on some future page. I've got Basic Grey grungy clouds waiting for create a storm on a dark difficult day. O.k.... wait for it... the sky's the limit with this punch!

  • Verified Buyer

    Noisy little critter but I'm fine with that (13 July 2013)

    This cutter is perfect for my needs away from my studio. The size is good and I like the arm action rather then the rolling blade options. It cuts well as long as you use the clear plastic piece that holds down the paper as you cut -- if you forget your cuts might come out a little off straight. It does cut slivers of paper so if you forget you might be able to correct your cut. All this is good and fine with me and my needs. But... it is noisy! The cutting action itself makes a metal on metal noise. Not screeching or scratching that would raise the hair on your neck. But certainly loud enough to wake someone up in the middle of the night.

  • Verified Buyer

    I use this for collage art (09 June 2013)

    I've been doing collage for 20 years. I've used glues, acrylic mediums, glue stick, staples, brads, you name it and I've tried it. When tape runners came on the market I used them with scrapbooking and was smitten. But it's with my collage that I LOVE this tape. No more wet paper. No more unwanted wrinkles and folds. No more ooze around the edges. And it sticks to almost everything! Nothing heavy or bulky, of course. I've even had it work on most slick papers and foils. I've tried other brands but this one is the best.

  • Verified Buyer

    This self-inking stamp works but... (09 June 2013)

    This cute little self-inking rolling stamp is a great idea. You can roll it in straight lines or curvy ones. A cute little retracting cover keeps the ink from transferring when not on duty. Perfect for borders as well as draw-the-eye embellishments (like arrows only a line of dots). I just used mine for some cards and am happy. I know I'll be using it on artist journal pages.

    Now for the but... The ink is not permanent or water proof. It's a nice dark black which is good, you're just limited with what you can use it on top of as well as underneath. This is not a problem if you plan ahead (which I rarely do). A more serious matter is the construction. This stamp is not sturdy. The roller slops a tiny in the housing. The plastic shell is not very high grade. Because of this you will need to treat it with more care then the rest of your rubber stamps.

  • Tiny-tiny sticky dots (31 January 2013)

    I love all of the Zots but these are my favorite. I don't know about you, but my fingers have all sorts of problems with anything smaller than dime. Rhinestones? Thin die cuts? Brads without posts? Ugh. Zots! These guys are small enough that they work everywhere. If you're desperate you can cut them in half before you remove them from the backing. Even better they are a dry adhesive. Me and wet glue are not close friends. What's the absolute best part of this version of Zots? The clear plastic backing squares -- you can actually see where you're putting them! Can't do that with rolls or white squares!

  • Left Handed? Arthritic? REJOICE! (31 January 2013)

    This product made the impossible possible. I spent 30 years using right-handed scissors or poorly made left-handed ones. I love collage but all the cutting, snipping and trimming kept me away from it. Same with scrapbooking. Fiskars made the first trimmer that worked and they made these. If my arthritis is bothering me I can still use them with ease because they are simple to hold and the spring does half the work! The blades are very high quality. They can be sharpened professionally once or twice (I do a LOT of cutting) but keep the edge a very long time. They also have a super sharp point perfect for tiny-tiny snips or super detail work. The quality also allows these to work on more that paper -- I've even cut thin leather. This is the best out there. You won't be disappointed.

  • Verified Buyer

    Here's why this is the best (31 January 2013)

    There are lot of tape products on the market but frankly this is the one I go back to every time. The cartridge fits in the hand well enough, it takes some getting used to just follow the graphic and you'll pick it right up. The real trick is getting to the end of where you want your tape, stopping, and then twisting to the side to end the line of tape. Don't let me scare you off. These two aspects are actually what makes E-Z Runner the best. Most cartridges are too small which means they are hard to hold and run out too soon. And most tape runners are a total pain to end the line of tape. In my experience refillable runner are a rip off! This product is bomb proof with paper, card stock, photos, die cuts and other lighter weight embellishments. I do most of my collage art with this product, as well as my scrapbooking. If you're worried about the weight of something go with Zots or GlueDots. I've got six of these in my adhesive drawer right now, they travel with me, I use these in front of the t.v. (nothing wet or sticky), and I use them in my artist journals all the time. You can't go wrong with all the E-Z runners but the basic one is the best.

  • Verified Buyer

    This is so fabulous! (19 January 2013)

    It's a transparency! How cool is that? The cloud is grey but you can still see through it so it comes across more cloud like. The lightening is a fabulous sparkly orange jag of energy. I just love this! I'm going to pickup a few more. How about a rainy day card? Even a "I hear you're feeling under the weather" get well card? I could see several of these floating around a journal or scrapbook page for a playful dark mood or a rained out event. I wish there were more images in this same vein.

  • Verified Buyer

    Really cute but awfully small (19 January 2013)

    I try to measure out before I buy stamps to know what I am getting but I find these are really small.The books are about 1" wide. Tiny. But they are so cute that I am sure to find uses for them. A back-to-school theme card. I was also thinking that I could use the scissors to symbolize a cut here graphic with tissue pattern collage bits.

  • Verified Buyer

    Fireworks / Flower / Sparkler / Energetic Pop (19 January 2013)

    Loads of ideas for this nice stamp. Prints clean with nice lines and not as heavy in the center as shown. Works fine in black but how about white on dark blue as a snowflake, or tone on tone as a background? This a good buy at this price. And you can't go wrong with all this versatility!

  • Verified Buyer

    Dots maniac (19 January 2013)

    Julie Balzer (the designer) calls these wonky circles because none of them are perfect geometric shapes. I just love this! Like stones on the beach or creek bed they are all different sizes and shapes. Great fun!

  • Verified Buyer

    Very versatile stencil (19 January 2013)

    What I love about this stencil is that you can use just a potion and get entirely different pattern and size of dots. Just a spritz or a dab of paint in one area gives texture and movement without being overwhelming. I also love that the dots are a random spray which gives a more energetic and interesting pattern then stencils with a carefully lined up progression. Cool product!

  • Verified Buyer

    Great steam punk style stamps (19 January 2013)

    I have a soft spot for interesting hardware bits and the latest steam punk trend really works for me. Note that the ruler is really long -- I had to use a very large acrylic block diagonally to get this to print all at once but getting a partial may be just what you need. The lines are strong without being heavy. I'm not fond of the large round gauge because it is so solid but it stamped well. I recommend this set if you have the same hardware gadget compulsion that I do. It might be useful for some male oriented cards and pages.

  • Verified Buyer

    Really love the random polka dots! (19 January 2013)

    What I think is so cool about this paper is the randomness of the dots -- size and placement as well as color. I have no interest in the title so I trimmed it out. But I love the pop of this pattern!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love those dots but... (12 January 2013)

    Washi tape is not completely opaque which mean the white dots are not super bright white -- I happen to like that but others might not. The dots are not grey or transparent, but they are not tiny blobs of gesso either. Otherwise this tape is just like the rest. You can rip or cut it. I also like ripping pieces long ways for a more grungy look. What I really love is the pseudo random pattern of dots because it make the design more lively, sort of dancing dots! Good buy.

  • Verified Buyer

    Nice clean stencils but... (12 January 2013)

    I hated the rivet on the top corner so I used a sharp pointed pair of scissors to cut them free one at a time. I don't like maneuvering all those stencils around at the same time because when the one I'm using gets wet from ink or paint I have to somehow keep the others from dragging, smearing, picking up, or acting as an unwanted image. Super easy fix, though, so I still rate this high. Especially like the leaf pattern.