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Cdsqueen's Reviews

  • Wonderful (06 September 2008)

    I never used this before until about a month ago when I made a chipboard book and painted the outside of it. Then I put mad podge over it to make is shinny. This stuff is wonderful and I haven't even used very much. I must have coated it 3 times. I have a little pill size bottle that is 1/2 full from a class that I took and I haven't even made a dent in it. I guess I better go alter some more things!! This is the best product ever.

  • oh sooooo (28 July 2007)

    This is oh so worth the purchase. I wasn't so sure at first until some ladies at a crop let me try it out. Oh gosh i fell in love with it and bought it the next week

  • Not sure (28 July 2007)

    I did not like this. The blade moved around too much. It might have been just me not using it properly

  • Not easy for other eyelets (28 July 2007)

    I didn't find this easy to use. The only eyelets that it set easily were the ones it came with or other "soft" ones that I did not find easily. It was silent but not easy.

  • Bulging (28 July 2007)

    Even though mine is buldging at the seams it still can hold all that I keep on buying.

  • I love these (28 July 2007)

    Paints are a whole different level to card making or scrapbooking. I love them!!