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Mama Of A Monkey's Reviews

  • They are OK (12 April 2010)

    They are just okay. I can't say that they are awesome or anything extra special though. I bought a pack of them thinking they would hold up better than the cheap ones I buy at Pat Catan's ($0.20 each - and you can buy 1 or 2 if you want you don't have to buy 5 or 10)

    They held up about the same as the ones from the Pat Catan's.

    I will mention this though... if you are using any foam brush for the same project and have to stop in the middle... put them in a freezer bag (don't worry about rinsing if you are going to repaint in the same color paint) freeze them until you need them again and thaw them out.

  • Perfect! (16 August 2009)

    I LOVE these rub-ons...I've used all but one strip!

    They are soo easy to use, they go on smooth and aren't difficult to get them to transfer on to the paper. I love the variety of little borders the pack gives you.

    The other great thing about this pack is that if you need a longer strip of border than the individual strips are you can line them up and continue with another strip!

  • Loved it! (02 May 2009)

    This is a very FUN book. If you are wanting ideas of how to scrap outside the box and get out of your comfort zone this is the book for you! Lots of bright, pages... several takes on each challenge (which is nice to see -- not everyone has the same style)

    I think this is a great book for a scrapper who feels like they are in a rut... or are bored with their pages!

  • Verified Buyer

    Spiral album (25 March 2009)

    I received my order of the Rusty Pickle Spiral Album super fast after ordering it! I love it, I've already started working on it. It was exactly as described in the product details and would suggest it to anyone else who loves doing mini albums!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love it!! (17 January 2009)

    I got this for christmas, my mom ordered it from and I LOVE it!! I've only gotten to make a few things since christmas and I think I have used it on everyone.

    I had a little bit of a hard time getting started with it as far as lining it up.. but once I got the hang of it I loved it!!