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    Aged Paper (20 September 2012)

    I love the stains for their ability to cover large surfaces quickly with the distress pallete, all while keeping the layering and blending properties I love about the distress ink pads.

    This color in particular, though, is AWESOME at adding that aged look to any paper--patterned or not. I go through this color more than any other in the line.

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    LOVE this paint!!! (21 January 2008)

    I tried this paint for the very first time this past weekend and OH MY!!

    I've used the crackle accents before, and its ok, but this paint ROCKS!! Its soooo cool to watch it crack right before your eyes as it dries!! You can also use your heat gun to speed up the process.

    Use a thin coat for a subtle look, paint it on thicker for a more pronounced cracked look. Oh--and the brush is attached to the cap!!

    One suggestion, though. If you're using it on a piece that will be handled, I'd suggest protecting it with lamination, diamond glaze, modge podge etc. just so the cracks don't start to flake off.

    I'm definitely going to be collecting all the colors they have!!

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    Handy Machine (12 August 2007)

    I received this as a gift last year and honestly wish I had tried it sooner. What a lifesaver when you're trying to adhere those little die cut shapes and alphas especially!! Of course it works for everything else you can fit in it, too.
    The replacements come in Permanent and Repositionable and they are sooo easy to replace!! Just slide the old one out and pop the new one in.
    This machine is always out when I'm scrapping.

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    Awesome Anywhere Ink! (12 August 2007)

    This ink is great for everything!! You can stamp on any non-porous surface and get a clean image with no smearing. Dries quickly, too! Should be a staple in every crafter's tool box.

  • Perfect Pen Storage! (05 August 2007)

    I love this pen caddy for many reasons!!

    1-It holds 75 pens!!!
    2-It holds them horizontally so the ink flows evenly
    3-It stores flat and neatly on the inside of the top of the XXL tote
    4-It pops open (as shown) when you want to use it and have all your pens in front of you.

    Its great for permanent storage of your pens and markers, transporting them, and keeping them within reach while you're working.

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    Gotta Love the Duck!! (28 July 2007)

    This is an awesome disposable adhesive runner!! Not just for paper to paper, but I've used it to adhere fabric and ribbon to paper, too!!
    Haven't had one break yet, either!!

  • Disappointing.... (27 July 2007)

    I'm a huge fan of Fiskars products.....even before I started scrapping, I loved their tools.
    That's why I bought this without hesitation....and without reading any reviews.
    I purchased the kit that came with the circle and oval cutter and the mat for $40 (of course I used my 40% coupon).
    I was so excited to use it and being a Fiskars product, what could go wrong? Right?? Wrong!! After ruining a picture and some cardstock, I tried a thinner piece of patterned paper and ruined that, too.
    I ended up with a mess of jaggedy edges and circles with tails where the cuts didn't meet.
    I tried selling it at a yard sale, but even at $20, it didn't go. Now it makes its home in the bottom of my craft box.
    I do use the mat, though, so I guess its not a total waste.
    All that said, I still love Fiskars products, just not this one.

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    Versitile!! (27 July 2007)

    I've used this as a stencil by placing it on my project, then filling in with different types of paint or patting an ink pad over it.
    I've also used it with embossing ink in the same way.
    I just run it under water to clean it off when I'm at home. When I'm at a crop, I wipe it off with baby wipes when I'm done and its good as new again!!

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    So versatile!!!! (27 July 2007)

    These powders are awesome to add color to anything you may be working on! A little goes a long way with these, so only take out a teeny bit at a time. You can always add more for a richer look and you can put the extra powder back into the pot.
    You can use them dry :
    Take your favorite stamp, load it up with Perfect Medium and stamp it on your paper. Then dip one of the brushes into the powder and brush the color over the Perfect Medium!! A slight mist of water will set it!!
    You can use them wet :
    Using the back of the paint brush, I spoon a teeny bit of powder out onto my nonstick craft sheet. Mix colors if you'd like! Then I squeeze a drop of water directly on top of the powder pile. Using the brush tip, I mix the powder and water together. Add more powder at this point if you want a richer color or a thicker paint. Lighten it (or thin it!) with more water. Dip your brush in and you're ready to go!!
    Use it free hand or with stamps or with stencils or with masks!!

    Each color set comes with a different insert that will give you different recipes to try and different ways to use that particular set of colors.

    Try them!! They're too much fun!!

  • Sturdy!!! (27 July 2007)

    I love my XXL for many reasons, but the best of all is that it really stands up crop after crop after crop!!
    Aside from the huge amount of room inside, the partitions are removable - they attach with velcro - so you can customize the interior storage.
    I only use one divider to hold my PSB in the back and then I loaded up the rest with stuff and more stuff!!
    I've also never had the leanining/tipping problem that I've seen other totes have. The XXL stands straight up, even totally full.
    All the extra pockets and loops that are in the fold down panels on the sides and front are really helpful for organizing your smaller tools, embellies etc.
    The pen caddy tucks neatly underneath the cover when you're not using it. When you need it, it opens into a triangular shape and holds together with a velcro strip so you can stand it on the table in front of you.
    Great tote!!

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    Try them once, you'll love them forever!! (27 July 2007)

    It started out with one little cool shaped dew drop. Then another. Next thing you know, I bought the set of 4, then another set of 4!!
    These ink pads give you the softness of chalking with the richness of inking....all in an easy to hold container!!
    The drop shape is perfect for inking those chipboard letters....even the normally hard to reach spots like the middle of the A!!
    They're awesome for stamping, too!!
    I love these (maybe more than my Cats Eyes Chalk Inks!)

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    Excellent Disposable Runner!! (27 July 2007)

    I love that the adhesive comes out in teeny little rectangular strips (they also have one that comes out in squares) and that you can use it to adhere circles, waves and things that aren't straight.
    I've never had a problem with it jamming or the tape breaking, and its disposable, so no refills to fiddle with!
    I use different adhesives for different things, but for paper to paper, its awesome!