Mrs. Bean's Reviews

  • Golden Pearls (16 April 2013)

    This product creates pretty golden pearls that add a classy appearance to your elegant projects.

  • Ruby Pearls (16 April 2013)

    This product creates pretty ruby red coloured pearls and adds a colourful, romantic touch to any layout.

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    Fun Fire Fly (20 April 2012)

    This colour is bright, bold, vibrant, and commands attention. It is a fun colour choice for a child's layout, for adding pops of colour to leaves, or just for a shot of boldness.

  • Shabby Chic Shine (20 April 2012)

    Distress Stickles are chunkier than regular Stickles. This colour adds just the right distressing to a flowery or femine page.

  • Fantastic Frosted Lace (20 April 2012)

    This colour has more white in it than some of its comperable counterparts. It has a classy, winter look to it and would look great on winter layouts and heritage pages. This shade is suitable for layouts in any colour and just about any style.

  • Magnificent Magenta (20 April 2012)

    This is an attractive, feminine shade of pinkish-purple. It looks great on flowers, stamps, and feminine layouts.

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    It IS Easy Being Green (20 April 2012)

    This shade of green is a soft colour with a touch of elegance. It looks great as edging on leaves, stems, and other greenery in a layout.

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    Pretty Colour (02 January 2012)

    I love this fun, tropical coloured choice for Stickles. It's great for sunsets, vacation, summer, or picnic layouts, among other things.

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    Love it! (17 April 2010)

    Stickles are one of my favourite scrap items. I love glitter on a layout, and the fine tip allows me to easily direct the Stickles in circular shapes, curves or straight lines. However you use them, they look great. This colour is particularly nice.