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Quin's Reviews

  • Crop-A-Dile? (18 August 2008)

    Benefit- It is stronger then you average hammer eyelet tool and it doesn't make noise.

    I still can not figure out what the things on the side are for. I know it is to adjust a setting but for what? And I have read the insert and it still does not make sense. But that has not prevented me from using it.

    It takes some practice and if you use too much pressure you smoosh your eyelet or snap.

  • Classy Paper Stack (18 August 2008)

    These subtle colors all blend together nicely, and have elegant detaling.

    It even feels silk, kind a smooth, and is a nice heavy card stock.

    Not only will this paper stack work great with Weddings, but it would also look wonderful with formal heritage photos.

    I bought 1 pack for my mother-in-laws wedding, and liked it so much I ended up buying a second one just to have in stock.

  • Every one should have this!! (18 August 2008)

    I find that I am alway reaching for my mounting squares. I love these.

    I use these to mount all my photos, large dies, journaling blocks, etc. . .

    What I also like is that I can prep all my photos by applying the photo mounting squares, then try different layout placements before I remove the backing. It saves me time to go thru and apply these to all the photos and accents that I know I am going to use before I start working on the layout.

  • Not the Best (30 September 2008)

    I got 3 different Therm O Web Adhesive runners including the Vellum Runner.

    The adhesive it's self is great and truely doesn't show on vellum, but there has got to be a better delivery system.

    The adhesive is on a thin plastic film and if you are not careful the film can get off track, and then it becomes difficult to get working again.

    This is the only adhesive runner that I have had to throw out because I couldn't get it working again. Because the film that the adhesive is on is so thin it gets crinkled easily and breaks with the slightest pull.

    I will not purchase a therm o wed adhesive runner again.

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect fit (02 October 2008)

    If you own an American Crafts 3 ring album (which I HIGHLY recommend) then this is the perfect fit.

    I like that the area on the side where the holes are, is thicker and wider then most page protectors. being a bit wider means that your pages don't get bent up when you are flipping through your album.

    I tried using other page protectors with my album, but found that American Craft page protecters are the best fit.

  • Best Album EVER (20 February 2009)

    This is by far my favorite album. I was able to personalize the cover to fit my personality and decopage.........
    It holds everything!!!!!! I was able to condense 3 post bound albums into this one album and I still have a lot more room to grow.
    It holds a lot with out feeling over sized or too big. The fact that I was able to free up quite a bit of space on my bookshelf is also a bonus.