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^ Article Head Jobs is a unique and special company. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than most. Our team members are expected to embrace the mission and embody our company’s core values. Before you apply, be sure is right for you.'s Core Values

Team Play

  • We are a team, we do our best, and we trust each other.
  • We understand our roles and make our contributions within them.
  • We lend a helping hand and are flexible; no work is beneath us.
  • We respect each other’s time. We resolve issues on our own first, and then if we need help we go through the appropriate channels.
  • We do not undermine one another. We do not gossip. When conflict arises, we address it directly, in a healthy way.

Problem Solving

  • We fearlessly identify issues and solve them with innovative and creative solutions.
  • We understand that the primary reason we are in business is to serve customers and help solve their problems. We work to create frictionless, delightful experiences for them.
  • We solve problems within our functions. We continually review our processes to find ways to improve.
  • We ask the right questions because the right questions draw out the right solutions.
  • We have the patience to get it right.


  • Humor makes us resilient during challenging times and keeps us grounded during good times.
  • We laugh together and understand that good-natured humor is healing.
  • We understand that when humor is healthy, it never demeans our customers, each other, or ourselves.
  • We are warm and friendly with each other and with our customers.


  • We do the right thing, especially when no one is watching.
  • We are honest and consistent in our dealings with ourselves, our customers, our suppliers and our partners.
  • We make promises and guarantees to our customers, both explicit and implicit, and we honor and fulfill those promises.  
  • We give our best effort and do what we say we will do.
  • When we won't keep our word, we keep integrity by immediately telling those affected, revising our word, and remedying the impact.'s Mission

To empower beautiful, meaningful, handmade creation.


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