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SBC Fest - Hosted By!

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SBC Fest is back! Our virtual two-day all encompassing papercrafting event packed with card making and scrapbooking tutorials, techniques, and so much inspiration hosted by! Learn from some of your favorite crafty instructors like Carissa Wiley, Ralph Tyndall, Jana Eubank, and so many more!

SBC Fest takes place on March 8th and 9th and begins each day at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET!

Watch the video to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about SBC Fest so that you are ready to craft during the event on March 8th & 9th!


SBC Fest March 2024 Schedule


Day 1 - March 8th
Friday 7:00 am PT / 10:00 am ET

Day 2 - March 9th
Saturday 7:00 am PT / 10:00 am ET

Instructor Supplies
Carissa Wiley

Carissa Wiley - Class Essentials Bundle

Carissa Wiley Class Essentials Bundle

Get ready for Carissa's class by watching her homework video HERE!

Other Supplies Used in Carissa's Class


Jana Eubank

Jana Eubank - Class Essentials Bundle

Jana Eubank

 Get ready for Jana's class by watching her homework video!

Other Supplies Used in Jana's Class


Laura GraffLaura Graff - Class Essentials Bundle

Laura Graff Essentials Bundle

Get ready for Laura's class by completing the class homework! You can download the PDF here

Other Supplies Used in Laura's Class


Ralph Tyndall

Ralph Tyndall - Class Essentials Bundle

Ralph Tyndall Class Essentials BundleOther Supplies Used in Ralph's Class


Meghann Andrew

Meghann Andrew - Class Essentials Bundle

Meghann Andrew Class Essentials Bundle


Other Supplies Used in Meghann's Class


Obed Marshall

Obed Marshall - Class Essentials Bundle

Obed Marshall Class Essentials Bundle

*Please note: while Obed's Class Essentials Bundle is currently out of stock, you can shop the available Partial Kit HERE!


Other Supplies Used in Obed's Class


Angelica Conrad

You can find Angelica's Homework Video HERE!
Supplies Used in Angelica's Class


Adrienne Boese

Adrienne has a helpful homework video that you can watch here!

Supplies Used in Adrienne's Class


Natasha Polite

Supplies Used in Natasha's Class


Nicki Baxley

Watch the homework video for Nicki's class HERE!

Supplies Used in Nicki's Class


Tonya Brooks

Watch the Homework Video for Tonya's Class HERE!

Supplies Used in Tonya's Class



SBC Fest Homework

Some of your SBC Fest instructors have some homework for you! In these homework videos and files, certain instructors will be sharing helpful tips to get you prepped and ready for their classes! They share things like what supplies they'll be using and certain tasks that you can do before their class! These tips may include die cutting, paper measurements, and more, that you can do ahead of time, so that you can craft along with them during their SBC Fest class!

More homework videos will be added, so keep checking back!

Make Your Own SBC Fest Merch

Are you interested in joining? Here's how you can stay informed!

At the bottom of the page, you'll find a pop-up to sign up for our SBC Fest Newsletter! Enter your email address and we'll keep you up to date with all of the latest SBC Fest news! If you don't see the pop-up or if you closed it out, just refresh your screen and it will appear again.


What time does SBC Fest Begin?
  • SBC Fest will begin each day at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET on both days of the event. Friday, March 8th and Saturday, March 9th.
Will SBC Fest be available to watch after the event is over?
  • Yes! You can watch the replay of SBC Fest on our YouTube channel! But to get the full SBC Fest experience and chat along with the instructors, you'll want to attend the event live!
Where can I watch SBC Fest?
  • You will be able to watch SBC Fest right from! You can also watch on our YouTube channel. Be sure to sign up for the SBC Fest Newsletter to stay in the know! To sign up for the SBC Fest Newsletter, look for the pop-up at the bottom of this page. If it does not appear, refresh the page.
Do I need to purchase all of the supplies listed?
  • No, you can use the supplies you already have! If you would like to use the same supplies an instructor will be using, or if you see a product that inspires you, you can quickly find them on the Supplies page!
Are bundles available for all of the classes?
  • For this SBC Fest, we are offering SBC Fest Essential Bundles for certain classes! Other products in the classes can be purchased individually so that you can choose the exact products you'd like to create with or use from your stash!
What if the bundle I want is out of stock?
  • The entire bundle may be out of stock because we do not currently have one of the items. On the Supplies Page, you can find and purchase the in stock items individually!

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