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Social Media Stance And Standards's Social Media Stance

We believe that social media can be a force for good and that it can connect people in unique and powerful ways. We also know that social media, used harmfully, can ruin lives, cause depression and anxiety, and can even lead to suicide. We believe that prioritizing kindness and committing to positivity are minimum requirements for businesses that engage on social media. We’ve committed to do that, and more, and we’ve made our standards public.'s Social Media Standards

  1. participates in social media to further its mission, which is to empower beautiful, meaningful, handmade creation.
  2. does everything it can to ensure that its social media posts, advertisements, groups, and comments are positive, kind, and uplifting, and that they help to further its mission.
  3. seeks to resolve issues and handle conflicts with individuals and other businesses in private -- not through its social media accounts.
  4. does not use its social media accounts to comment on politics and other divisive and/or controversial cultural issues or current events, or participate in fundraising for third parties.
  5. may choose to not have a presence on some social media platforms if it feels these platforms are not conducive to's goals and mission.