Submitted By: Pammy

A spot in the heart was made especially for a friend,
It has no borders nor a beginning or end,
When it is being filled, only joy can be known,
And when it is near empty, can feel very alone.

The soul also yearns for companionship and love,
God planned it this way from heaven above,
He created us to commune with people He sends,
To listen, confide, and call them our friends.

We cannot survive only on acquaintances and neighbors,
Friendship is an essential part of all of our labors,
It manifests itself in every part of our day,
From spouses and work to children and play.

Keep your friendships fresh, nourished and alive,
Only through this can they truly thrive,
Tend to these friendships as it will impart,
A healthy fill of that special spot in the heart.

by Pam Callaghan

Author: Pam Callaghan
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