At last

Submitted By: Heather J. Landry

At last you're adopted,
We waited and all,
We prayed every night,
And then we got the call.

A very sick baby,
Really needs you today,
Can't you come to the hospital,
Please right away.

I got in the car,
And drove to the place,
Where I would meet you,
And kiss your sweet face.

You were so little,
So tiny and so sweet,
I knew in a moment,
You were meant for me.

I rocked you for hours,
You fell asleep in my arms,
I knew then it was my job,
To keep you from harm.

Through sad times and happy,
We've been here for you,
For the rest of your life,
That's what we plan to do.

We are so proud of you,
You are doing so well,
We love you honey,
I hope you can tell!

Author: Heather Landry
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