Mother in Waiting

Submitted By: All4mygrl

The beginning's exciting, I'm pregnant at last!
but the excitement's soon over and goes downhill fast.
Instead comes the sickness, the aversion to smells,
The aches, the fatigue, the emotional spells.
Will I survive months one, two and three?
I try to remember...
My baby's in me!

The next part is easy, my energy's back.
Morning, noon, midnight seem good times for snacks.
I'm hungry, I'm happy, I'm radiantly glowing.
I buy some new clothes when my belly starts showing.
It's easy to justify all that I eat,
I simply remember...
My Baby's in me!

The novelty's fading in trimester three.
My ankles are swollen. My bladder's a pea.
The many is kicking my insides to bits.'
Seat belts and shoe laces both give me fits.
I'm approaching my due date with much jubilee,
It wont be much longer till

My baby's with me!


Author: Karen Burniston
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