Blessed be

Submitted By: Tiphini

Blessed be innocence, smiles from the heart,
Small dimpled fingers that take things apart,

Noses that wrinkle at spinach and such,
Eyes filled with wonder for they see so much.

Blessed be questions with no easy answers,
Bubble-bath swimmers and mud-puddle dancers,

Climbers and diggers and builders and bakers,
Dreamers and gigglers and up-at-dawn wakers.

Hearts that are gentle, wills that are strong,
Minds learning left from right and right from wrong

Blessed be hugs that wrap around your knees,
Sweet angel voices that sigh "Once more, Please?"

Blessed be, "Read me a story" and then,
Blessed be each whispered, "Bless me...Amen."

Blessed be sleepy eyes, each little yawn...
Blessed be childhood before it is gone.

Author: unknown
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