Christmas Time

Submitted By: KAISER

Christmas is a time of
cold weather, and
warm traditions: When
special decorations are
brought out of the attic.

Smells of favorite family
recipes fill the frosty air.
When families take time
to sing holiday songs and
tell the stories they loved
the most.

Christmas time is a time
of many things: Plus
Our saviors birth.

By Michael

Before Christmas Dawn

Before the breaking of dawn.
Before the cock crowed.
Jesus our savior was born.

Born in a stable, to his
sweet mother Mary.
A manger where he slept.

Born a poor boy though,
he had all the riches of
the world!

This little boy so peaceful
and serene. No one know
what he would bring.

He, Jesus Christ saved us
from sin and thus we
are free from evil.

Author: Unknown
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