The Teacher

Submitted By: Rebel Kuti

She is a special person, I’m sure you’ll all agree
She’s the kind of person, I wanted her to be
She is very responsible, in caring for your child
She won’t let them be rowdy, and they can’t be wild
She teaches the class they go to, each and every day
She makes sure they are careful,
On the playground when they play
She does your job for you,
When you send them through the door
They are her's to care for,
Until they are home once more.
Do you ever think about her, and the job she does for you
Do you ever say Thank you, for watching all this crew
She’s not in it for the pay, there’s not enough for that,
She wants to teach and take care of them, and that is where its at
Do you put yourself in her place, as you send them through the door
Do you know she worries, until they’re home once more
That is your most precious possession, she is holding in her hand
She knows this and she wishes, someone would understand
She is your child’s School Teacher but don’t sell her short
She is caring for your children, and she’s doing it from her heart.

Author: Carolyn Henry
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