Hey Mama

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Hey Mama, it's me again,
Just writing to tell you how things have been.
I guess you know because you watch everyday,
You love and protect me in a different way.

We can't see, hear, or touch each other,
But in every way, you're still my mother.
I thought when I lost you my life was over,
But now I'm a wife and a loving step-mother.

Adam and Morgan mean the world to me,
Darlene's the best mother-in-law anyone could be.
I just wish they could meet you and see,
Why you mean so much to me.

I did what I promised I would do,
Morgan knows everything about you.
And so will future children of mine,
They'll know about grandma, she's one-of-a-kind.

Love you and miss you more than ever,

Author: Sarah Towry
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