Ode to Scrapbooking

Submitted By: Princess_Erin_Jo

Once upon a time I lived an ordinary life--
I worked and cleaned and cooked just like an ordinary wife.
And then by chance or fate, or maybe prompting from Above,
A scrapbook fell into my hands-- a precious work of love.
The memories within the book caused laughter and caused tears
I sat in wonder at this lovely capturer of years.
And then I thought, I'll try this! I think I'll make one, too!
I did not know the truth of what I was about to do.
It started with some cardstock, and some stickers, and some glue,
And then a paper trimmer, corner rounder, templates, too.
And then, I found a scrapbook store, and then, the trap was set,
For within those walls were tons of things that I just had to get.
Inside this wondrous shop were Patterned Paper. by the score;
I could not stop! I just kept going back for more and more!
Shelves and shelves of stickers, die cuts, eyelets, Brads, and wire--
Fibers, pens, and layouts by the dozen to admire.
I couldn't help it! I just filled my basket to the top!
And then I got another-- I just couldn't seem to stop!
The dishes piled in the sink, the laundry went undone,
The dust grew thick; I didn't care! I was having so much fun!
Layout after layout marched before my hands and eyes
And then, one day online I came across a big surprise--
A website just for scrappers! Full of ideas, tricks and tips,
And lots of awesome people! My jaw dropped to my hips.
For hours I was in heaven as I surfed the site in glee;
It seemed as though someone had made a website just for me.
So many new ideas were there upon the screen,
I could not rest until I had tried all that I had seen.
And that is why I say I live no ordinary life,
I'm no ordinary person, I'm no ordinary wife.
I'm no ordinary friend, I'm no ordinary mom,
There are no ordinary members at the site scrapbook.com!
And so I share these thoughts with folks from all over the map,
'Cause just like you I have to say I really love to scrap!

This poem copyright 2003 by Erin Kilmer. For private use only.

Author: Erin Kilmer
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