Venting " You call yourself an American "

Submitted By: Laney8586

They call me the Silent Rank, The left behind
The one who holds the house together
The one who has to be both mother and father
The one who sleeps alone, crying herself to sleep

I'm sappost to be strong when i know i'm week
I'm tuff as nails, hard as a rock
Not because i want to be but because i have to be

So when you protest and hold those signs of anti-war,
Remember those who are left to be alone Because their SOLDIER
Is fighting so you can be free

The soldiers are the ones who leave their families to answer a call of duty
Putting their lives on the line, just for you people who don't appriciate,
Don't appriciate the fact that the reason your aloud to hold those signs
Is because soldiers are the ones who fought for your right to

So while you stay judgmental and comfortably secure in your homes
Just remember there is a soldier who died tonight
Fighting for your freedom, Fighting so you can be safe

So go ahead and laugh,
Go ahead and hate,
Go ahead and say it's wrong
Because i know your the one who is weak
You stay at home sheltered
While our soldiers fight with Pride,
Putting their lives on the line

I hope you feel better, you proved to the world how cowardly you truely are
So grip that sign with all you got, hold it tight
Because you know that the soldiers are the reason you have that RIGHT!

Author: Atlantis Spears an angry army wife
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