" True Friend"

Submitted By: FROGGY 2U

When you are hurting.

And all it seems to do is rain.

When your heart aches.

I wonít leave you in pain.

When your world is clouded over.

And you donít know who to turn to.

When all you do is cry .

Come let me help you.

When all you troubles and fears

Seem to bring you tears.

And all you need is a shoulder

My shoulder I will lend and dry your tears

When your world is out of control.

And your life no longer a straight line.

And the strength you can not bare.

I will give you hope that it will be fine.

When you just want to share

Your hopes and dreams to be.

Or the guy that moved in next door.

You can trust me.

For I am here for you cause I am your true friend

Author: CindyLee
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