Chicken Pox

Submitted By: JenButler

A spot. A spot. Another spot.
Uh - oh! Chicken pox!
Under my shirt. Under my socks.
Itchy, itchy chicken pox.
Don't rub - don't scratch.
Oh - no! Another batch!
On my tummy. Between my toes.
Down my back. On my nose!
Lotion on. Itching is gone - just for now.
It comes back - Owe!
One and two and three and four.
Five and six and more and more.
Daddy counted my itchy spots.
Lots and lots of chicken pox.
Itchy, itchy
I feel twitchy!
I rest, I read, I eat, I play.
I feel better every day.
And then . . .
No new spots. Hooray!
I'm okay!

Author: Unknown
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