Submitted By: Gr8babegurl

Your mamma's been planning she's never uptight
buying and buying everything in sight.

Many anxious prayers made, while trying not to worry
you finally arrived in this world in no particular hurry

A precious little girl so perfect and sweet
born on my birthday what a real treat

I see your mom's face when she was really little
even down to the curly ear which causes a giggle

Daddy so busy with his chisel and doing his thing
showing his love and the joy that you bring

God's all around you and your angel is here
watching and caring ever so near

As time moves along we'll be excited to see
the creeping and crawling, how fun it will be

The smiles and the sounds only babies can do
and grownups acting all silly just because of you

The bond of Love is a gift from our God
I pray you will love him and not find it odd.

This poem was made at your Mom's request
and I hope that you'll realize how much we've been blessed!!!


Author: Judy Bouchard
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