Daddy's little girl

Submitted By: meganlanai

The one in my life that i remember the most
is the one who told me there's not any ghosts.
He has always been one of my biggest fans
and has always offered a helping hand.
He is always there when things go wrong
but is helpful,caring,loving,and strong.
The biggest hero i I've had in my life
and will always be even after the day i become a wife.
The day will come when he walks by my side
and gives me aways as a beautiful bride.
I appreciate all that he has done for me
and that he will eventually see.
The time has come where i have to be strong
and take care of things on my own.
Since the time i was little and wore the smallest curls,
i want you to always remember I'm daddy's little girl :)

Author: Megan Forshay
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