Submitted By: Fearless_714


Black cats, broken mirrors and a ladder
Are all forms of superstitions that make you shudder.
Sometimes evil may fall upon you most unexpectedly
Like the next story I’m about to tell you, so listen carefully!

This happens annually on Halloween
Where hideous creatures are unafraid to be seen.
So, as night approaches and toddlers sleep,
Witches round their cauldrons creep.
They wait patiently for the children to appear,
Dressed in splendid costumes, looking somewhat queer.
Armed with magical potions and spells,
Witches dance to the jingle of the bells.

Delighted, O they most certainly are
To hear the words “trick or treat”, their eyes sparkle like a star.
Smiling secretly behind hidden masks
Satisfied with the outcome of their tasks.
There is no doubt at the witches’ success
Because at dawn, all mothers are quite distressed.
It seems that every child in town
Has taken up a painful frown
For most of their teeth are decayed and rotten
Due to the huge pile of candy they had eaten.

Now, you might believe this or you might not,
Just don’t blame me when your teeth start to rot (like hell)!

Author: FearlessChing
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