A Street Kid's Guide

Submitted By: Fearless_714

Itís hard to get from here to there
If you never get out of bed.
You lie a lot to fool your friends
But you fooled yourself instead.

Itís harder to get from here to there
If you set your goals too high;
Then nothing ever works out right;
Too soon, you no longer try.

But the hardest way to get from here to there
Is when all you ever do
Is count up the years, and miles to go.
Then youíre through before youíre through.

So how do you get from here to there?
Well, you first must believe you can
Let no one tell you differently Ė
Itís your life and itís in your hands.

Then turn your dreams into your goals
And see what you need now
To satisfy the requirements:
The why, the where and how.

At first youíre overwhelmed, of course;
There is so much you donít know.
But keep your faith, be strong and sure,
For you do have a way to go.

Take careful steps and do them right,
Take pride in each thing done.
Donít look too far ahead of yourself,
Just that next step yet to come.

Before you know it youíll be there, friend,
Your dream will then be real.
And youíll be standing where I am now,
Telling others how good it feels.

Youíll tell them not to quit themselves,
To have faith, though itís hared to bear.
So they will know it can be done Ė
They, too, can get from here to there.

Author: Jennings Michael Burch
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