Submitted By: Fearless_714

When I resolve into the essence
That I most truly am,
I feel a deep connection
With every living thing.
For that which most imbues me
With my identity
Is somehow in the other, too,
So that when I look around
I see myself reflected.
Hidden in this union
Is the wonderful discovery
That if indeed the angels
Have wings
Then so do I.
And if the essence of a flower
Drifts out on a gentle breeze
Then so do I.
And if the midnight sky
Is radiant with light
Then so am I.
And if the silent mystery
Somehow becomes revealed
In tiny dewdrops fair
Then so will I.
For every lovely thing
Manifests the essence
Of which I am a part,
So beware, my soul, beware,
And move with gentle heart
Throughout this mystic veil.
For if Love has left its imprint here
Then so have I!

Author: Donna Miesbach
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