The Leader

Submitted By: Fearless_714

If only they knew how hard it is for me.
Iím turning 16, the world I begin to see.
My friend began to change, right before my eyes,
And now they seem to laugh, and tell all sorts of lies.
They hang around together in groups of three or four;
The language they useÖit isnít gentle anymore.
The kids that seem most lonely wind up in their pack,
And those that stand alone, they talk behind their back.
Somehow I feel rejected because I donít conform.
Those that step to their own beat donít seem to be the norm.
Iíve watched a few just fade away with drugs and alcohol;
And many more have given up, too many to recall.
Alcohol is an option for everyone in my school.
Iíve lost a friend to booze again; I will not be a fool.
And sex. Ti seems so open, for everyone to explore.
Three girls I know that came to school donít come here anymore.
If only I could make a difference, what could I do or say?
I would go to school and try my best each and everyday.
There is one thing Iíd like to do before I graduate.
Iíd like to touch them one by one before it is too late.

Author: Tony Overman
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