Wonder, to Me

Submitted By: Fearless_714

Wonder, to me, is a good place to be.
It helps you to think, it helps you to see.
Lifeís full of twists and turns will abound,
But wonder and insight can guide you around.
Explore what you may and fill up your mind,
And hold in your heart the mysteries you find.
Wonder is only saying you yearn
To know and select the things that you learn,
And making a choice in which way you turn.
The best path you take will always be right,
Each new step you take when you listen and hear
Will give you more courage and freedom from fear.
So wonder my child, rid of your doubt,
And you will rejoice with how you turn out.
And though you may fall and struggle, too,
Know that Iíve been there, and will always love you.

Author: Jill Thieme
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