Dreaming of Parenthood

Submitted By: Fearless_714

I see myself as a parent of three;
Fifteen years from now, thatís who Iíll be.
Two boys and one girl Ė the perfect combination;
My pride in life, my ultimate creation.

But going through labour is not a piece of cake
And doing it three times? Give me a break!
Huffing and puffing through the painful ordeal,
Too tired to care, too tired to feel.

Being a parent is not a simple thing.
No more selfishness, no more partying.
I have to be mature, and responsible too
Cause Iím a mother now with a million things to doÖ

ÖLike feed the babies and change their nappies;
Earn extra money to pay the countless fees.
Or take them to the doctor for measles and mumps;
Worrying about their health and the hideous lumps.

My muscles are now screaming for a tiny bit of ease,
But Iím bound to my duty and cannot be released.
So maybe Iíll wait for just a little more
Before I have a baby knocking on my door!

Author: Anonymous
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