The Job I Do

Submitted By: Scrapnfor3

You can't understand the job I do.
So what's different, you ask, of me than you?
You see the beauty of life each day
and take for granted the part I play.

You can go home and leave your troubles behind,
but I am who I am, no matter the time.
To carry a gun and not to abuse it,
and praying to God I won't have to use it.

Everyday to be willing to risk my life,
wondering again if I'll see my children and my wife.
In Blue or Brown I'm still easy to see
so there's really never a safe place to be.

When you see danger, you can run and hide,
but I have ethics to which I must abide.
To go to work knowing this could be the day
when some crazed lunatic might blow me away.

To care the injured, to deal with the dead,
is always the part I truly dread.
So what's the difference you ask of you than me?
I am willing to give my life for you...

Will you give yours for me?

Author: Adaptation of a poem by Officer Jody Spurgeon
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