When The Time Was Mine

Submitted By: jette

Lord, let it be as it always was,
When the time was mine.
May my child hear the sound of the
Woods' stillness in winter time.

Let him see the flash of whitetail
As the autumn leaves fall.
And know in his heart,
God created it all.

Let him feel the pull of a bowstring
When the gobblers call in the spring.
And see the flight of an arrow shaft
As he follows along in his father's path.

Let him see all the wildlife
That You have put in place.
Help teach him respect, taking only
What he needs, and never waste.

Let him hear the wind as it
Sings through the pines.
And know the creatures that
Made each sign.

Let him always remember,
Be it June or September,
Each one is a gift from You.
And if abused, his privileges
Here will be revoked too!

One last request, Lord,
If you would be so kind.
Protect him, as You have me,
When the time was mine.

Author: based on "A Hunter's Prayer," by Paul Meek
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