The Legend Of The Wedding Ring

Author Unknown

In a far off country many centuries ago,
A kind young king was married to a princess he loved.

Together they lived happily
Until they learned one day that duties were to force
The king to journey far away.

One night, before he left,
He tossed some pebbles into a moonlit pool
On the palace grounds
As he sat thinking of his lovely Queen.

Something wonderful occurred to him
As the lovely ripples widened,
From where the little pebbles had fallen.

The next day,
Remembering the glistening circles he had seen,
He had a gold ring made
To fit the finger of his Queen.

"There is no ending or beginning
To the circle of this band",
The King said as he slipped it on her finger,
"And that is why I have chosen this golden ring
To be a pledge to you-
My love will last through all eternity."

And so, since that time,
A golden ring has been a symbol
Of the beauty of devotion
And the beauty of the endlessness of love.

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