Our Shooting Star

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Our Shooting Star

Because of you, our little unborn babe,
We felt joy and excitement and God’s grace.
Our second chance at a miracle, you were.
A gift to us, even though only for a moment.

When did our love for you begin?
At the moment we knew you existed.
Although your life was very short,
You are forever a lasting memory in our hearts.

Only The Lord knows if you were a boy or a girl…
We only knew you as our precious baby,
And pink or blue didn’t matter.
Now we envision streets of gold just for you.

We do trust God’s decision in taking you home to Him,
But we can’t pretend to understand why this happened,
His love surrounds you and protects you now.
You are a bright, twinkling star up in heaven
For us to gaze upon tonight.

We loved you, we prayed for you,
We wanted to share our life with you;
And to make all your dreams come true.
Your big sister had plans to play & sing songs with you,
Of course, she prayed for you too.

Just like a shooting star bursting across the sky,
You’re a bright beam of light
that just passed by us much too quickly.
Our little shooting star…we will always love you,
And we’ll see you in heaven someday.


Mommy & Daddy

Author: Kim McFall
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