The Day I found Happiness

Submitted By: Miss Perfect God Given

The day i met the only person who understands me. the one who i know will always have my back no matter what...He's more than just a friend he's a lover as well. Words cant describe how much i love him and i can only hope that he knows. I question myself on how it got so serious so fast and i don't have the answer..who cares..the only things that matter is that i love him and he loves me. i know i do things that question my love for him but he knows..the time we spend together its like he looks beneath me. i don't have to put up a front around him. Even though my age is young in years its like i found my soul mate..I'm I'm letting anybody come between and try to mess that up for me.even myself. his feelings mean to much to me...i guess you all were right when ya said i was Sprung. but oh well if sprung means being with somebody who i really care for then I'll be that any day.. i love you so much baby and i don't want nothing to come between us.

Author: ME
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