My Ben

Submitted By: Rachael Bennett

these are a couple of the poems that I wrote when my beautiful dog Ben died very unexpectedly a couple of years ago, the grief was overwhelming and I still cant do a scrapbook of him as the photos still make me cry.

as I walk I sense your near me
as i sleep you fill my dreams
when i wake, i try to find you
and my tears begin again.
our eyes knew each others feelings
you were my comfort and my joy,
this love will last forever
you are my special baby boy.
i can smell you on your collar
now your toy lies by my side
my life is feeling meaningless
your loss has left a void
but i must learn from your courage
honour the devotion you showed me
so I'll smile, though my heart is breaking
for I know your spirit is here with me

I would give my all & everything..

I would give my all & everything, to have you here again.
I would breathe my own last breath to be free from all this pain.
I would take the stars out of the sky
to have had the chance to say goodbye
I would climb the highest mountain top
if that would help these tears to stop
I'd walk a thousand miles in skies of black
To have my sweetest baby back
I would leave behind all I adore
to hold you in my arms once more
i would leave behind this earthly place
to hold you close and kiss your face
I would give my all and everything- that's true
to once again say I love you

Dedicated to Ben and all those who have felt the pain of loosing your pet--a very misunderstood grief by so many people.

Author: Rachael
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