Lonely Nights

Submitted By: AuntieLaLa

the busy work day turns to night and i have nothing to do but wait
the air begins to cool with each passing hour, as i shiver in my bed
silence creeps in as i lay beneath the covers
dizziness remains from the half bottle of wine i shared with myself
nothing can be heard other then the loneliness in my breath
i stare off into the emptiness of my room
nothing happens with each minute that slowly tick by
eyes close, sleep please sleep, too many thoughts overpower
frustration takes over and only adds to the sleeplessness
i get out of the bed only to pace the cold floor
I'm so tired of waiting and wanting
something needs to be done to calm the anxiety
i turn on the TV - same late night shows - shut that off
maybe a book will change my thoughts, the words just blur and nothing sinks in
exhaustion seeps in and i start to see things
i finish the bottle of wine and return to the bed
rational thoughts are jumbled as i cuddle up with a pillow
i smell your cologne and soothing memories flood in
snuggling closer to the pillow i drowsily imagine it to be you
i concentrate on the whispers of the wind as it sooths me to sleep

Author: Laura English (me)
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