How Do You Know It's Love

Submitted By: AuntieLaLa

for years I've wondered, how do you know if its love?
relationships I've been in, those words have been said...
"I love you" - "I love you too"
the doubt has always been there, is this real love?

is this the love i have been waiting for?
is this the love they sing about in songs?
is this the love that will carry me through the rest of my life?

how do i know for sure?
does anyone really know what is real?
is there anyone who can explain how it should feel?
how can a feeling be so confusing and complex?

i believe that i understand it now...
even though its not something that is comprehendable
it's truly a complex and confusing feeling
but its also simple in many ways

there are no questions and no answers
true love just is and you just know without doubt
you feel no need to ask any of those questions

when you see your future but you don't see the details
you just know its there and your excited over everything and nothing
and you don't need to explain why? why do i love... you just do.

love is irrational and unexplainable and illogical
it doesn't stop or slow down it is as fast as your heart can handle
don't try to comprehend it just let it live
accept it for what it is and it will grow and last forever

Author: Laura English (me)
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